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Strong pain around the prostate's area when Aneros is i

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  • Strong pain around the prostate's area when Aneros is i


    I have a strong pain when the Aneros is inserted, insertion is not a problem, but I think it just simply press too much on the prostate (not to say crush it) or some organes around.

    In the past, I nearly enjoyed Super-O just by anal contractions with out anything else. And I am able to have a penil orgasm just by teasing my prostate.

    When I first heard of the Aneros, I told myself that it was exactly what I needed, it seemed obvious, and still seems ! But I can't explain why the pressure is so painful. I tried many times but it always end up by 3 days enjoying a sensation who remember me a good kick in the balls except it's located inside

    I was wondering if the little leg supposed to press on the accuponcture point, is just too short hence an increased pressure on the internal organs.

    Any comments, suggestions, experiences ?


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    Hard to say what might be causing this. I'm assuming that you have used copious amounts of lubrication, i.e., prelubricating first with 4cc of a water based lube (like KY liquid or WET etc.), followed by plenty of lubrication (KY Jelly) on the Aneros itself. I'm also assuming that you've given your body adequate time to relax and become accustomed to the unit before starting with any large scale contractions. Failure to do both of these can account for considerable discomfort for some individuals.

    I'm curious, where it is that you feel the most pressure/discomfort, on prostate or on the perineum? Some initial discomfort may be expected, but outright pain is rather unusual. You may want to consider trying the SGX which is the smaller model. The SGX has a somewhat shorter and narrower body, so there is less overall prostate engagement. The abutment tab and arm length are pretty much the same for both the MGX and the SGX.

    I am concerned that you're reporting that the pain persists for several days after using the Aneros. Have you ever had any history of prostatitis? When one is in flare-up mode with this condition, contact can very often be painful and result in persistant discomfort as you've described. Just a thought. Again, if you've had no other symptoms (or you don't think this applies), you've allowed adequate time inbetween insertion and the onset of contractions and you have lubricated the unit liberally during use, my suggestion would be to try the SGX. Give the manufacturer a call and tell them what's going on, I'm sure that they'll be glad to help you. (Contrary to the thread by asdf, I have always found the manufacturer to be fairly responsive!)

    B Mayfield


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      Dear Chelou:

      We are concerned if you are experiencing any strong pain, especially if it lasts for some time affter usage. As noted by B Mayfield, lubrication,relaxation,and possible prostate infection could be factors in your situation. Please contact us directly with a full description of your symptoms.

      Also, the position(s) that you are using could have some impact, as well as the strength of your anal contractions. If you are already accustomed to doing these types of exercises, perhaps you are exerting too much pressure when performing contractions. I wonder also if you are not experienceing some negative effects from too much lubrication (if not too little).

      As for the acupressure leg, it IS designed to exerrt pressure, but it is possible that this is not exactly ideal for your body size or type. Although the perineum tab on the SGX is the same as on the MGX, perhaps the smaller size would be a better fit.

      Please contact us to let us know how often and how long your Aneros usage generally lasts.

      Best wishes,