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Gross gas question

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  • Gross gas question

    Hiya People,

    So I was scheduled to have another Aneros session tonight. But it seems that I'm having a bit of a temporary farting problem. I'm reluctant to try a session as I'm frequently passing large amounts of gas. It appears that my embouchure is quite good, but I can hardly stand being around myself. :lol: Sorry, I couldn't find a farting emoticon. So you will just have to imagine what it is like. LMAO

    Anyways, the question is...
    Will this problem make an Aneros session a failure from the start, due to the discomfort of not being able to release the gaseous pressure?

    Thanks for having the courage to read all the way through this.

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    I had minor gas once on session definitely was NOT comfortable. Let it pass =P


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      Originally posted by TacoKing
      Let it pass =P
      You're funny.


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        Thanks TacoKing. That's pretty much what I suspected.
        I skipped my session tonight. But hopefully tomorrow night.
        As I'm down right horny! Going from masturbating almost daily, to not at all is quite a change.
        And it leaves me rather charged up a lot.

        But you missed a great opportunity to use another appropriate line...

        All things must pass! :lol:


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          Hey Guys!


          I'm with Taco on this one!!!

          Pass the gas session!

          Very uncomfortable and frustrating . . .

          Later, Hlaser99


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            Boy I hope I can have an Aneros session tonight. So far so good, no gas this morning. Although the air quality in my apartment could very well qualify for the Environmental Protection Agency superfund list. LOL

            Honestly, I can't remember the last time I felt this aroused/horny. Even more so than last night. If I can't have a session for whatever reason, then I'm getting a good ole' fashioned tug job! You've got to get the poison out you know? LMAO


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              To all,

              Gas can be a bit of a non-starter when it comes to an Aneros session. It's uncomfortable and can really mess up your rhythm! Yes, there's a bit of a downside in the olfactory department too. Besides that sharting is a real possibility. lol

              All kidding aside, being bloated and gaseous can be very distracting. I look at this way, if I was really gassy, I would probably pick another time to have sex with a partner. I think this holds true in pleasuring myself as well.

              If this persists a change of diet may be in order!

              BF Mayfield


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                Hiya BF Mayfield,

                Thanks for making me laugh my ass off tonight! No Really!
                I had to look up what "sharting" meant. I'd never heard of it before.
                After reading the definition at, I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while.
                And I'm still chuckling a bit now.

                Fortunately, everything is alright tonight. Just a freak occurrence that has thankfully passed in more ways than one. :wink:
                No diet change needed here. I'm not sure how I could eat any healthier than I already do anyways.
                I feel my butt buzzing already. And I'm ready for a session tonight.

                See you on the other side!