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  • Beginner questions

    I am a pretty tall guy, with limited experience "down there".

    Which model is easist for the beginner?


    Which model "does the job" most quickly? :lol:


    when using any of the items, is it likely that one unvoluntarily will get "noisy" spasms and moan and groan a lot? :lol:

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    Hi bokazoe and welcome to the forum.

    I'm 6'3" and my first (and currently favourite) Aneros was the Helix. I've posted a thread myself that I feel as though I don't get direct prostate contact but the whole body waves of intense pleasure that I have received are phenomenal. The Helix definitely worked right out of the box for me but I'm not quite at Super O. To quote others on this board I believe I'm edging.

    I also own a Progasm and a Eupho, both are very different and Aneros themselves consider them not best suited to beginners.

    Previous to my Aneros Helix (which I bought about 6 weeks ago) I too had limited anal play experience but a whole new world of pleasure has been opened up to me by a small piece of plastic!!

    As for which does the job most quickly, I'm sure the experts here will agree that is not the Aneros mind set. You need to relax and enter a tranquil state of inner peace. To expect to shove it up your behind and reach a super O in 5 minutes will never work. My first ever session lasted over 2 hours and I was stunned, I would have guessed it was half an hour or so. The main thing is relax and let Aneros guide you rather than you try and manipulate or control the Aneros.

    If I may, I would whole heartedly recommend you purchase Rumels HypnAerosession. This can be downloaded from CDBaby here: for $24.95. I downloaded it before my first session and would recommend it to anyone starting out with an Aneros. You might want to read my testimonial here:

    I found that although I'm a silent guy when it comes to sex, the Aneros is a different experience altogether. I grunt, groan and shout like never before. I'm not saying this would be the same for you but Aneros really does bring a new dimension to your sexual emotions.

    My advice: Buy a Helix and download HypnAerosession. Don't try and experiment with your Aneros until you can safely put a couple of hours aside without anyone disturbing you.


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      I too am tall 6'1". What about the mgx classic? Who here has used the classic on a regular basis? Would it be a good beginner toy for taller guys? I know it is only sold in the volcano pack from the Aneros site or one could buy the PS new from the High Island Health site. I ask because the High Island Health site specifically states the the PS New is better for men 5'11" and taller.


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        According to the description on the web site, the Helix is the bestselling and most aggressive on the prostate:

        The Helix is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It requires less patience and practice to realize benefits.

        Good luck!


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          Thank you guys!

          I ordered the Helix, should get it by next wekend :P