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Progasm Staining Issue

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  • Progasm Staining Issue

    I remember someone mentioning a different plastic being used on the Progasm. Now, I love that device but about a month ago after a long session I had some bad darkish / yellow stains on it that wouldn't clean off. Apparently I had something odd in my diet that caused the problem, and not enough lube / long session but still it seems it should be more resistant. I tried soaking it for days in bleach, and Oxyclean, laundry detergent, etc. That helped some but the deep stains were still there. It still had a fecal smell too. I finally got some sand paper and sanded it all off. This took a bit of effort and my last paper was 300 grit. That's really not smooth enough and nothing like what it was before.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a fool proof method of cleaning these things and taking out any stains? Of course I never used to have these problems with I douched first, but once I learned the lack of it didn't affect orgasms I stopped and went straight to insertion.

    What grade of sand paper do you recommend to make it silky smooth?

    Finally, Anerois HIH may want to reconsider the plastic chosen for the Progasm.

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    Bump because I'm having the same problem, moreso with the odor than the stains. Does anyone have a solution?


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      So far I haven't had this problem. I After use I wash them off in Palmolive dish washing soap and then then soak them in hot water and bleach for a couple of min and then wash them off again and dry.......


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        I have read that certan parasites cause acid staining within the intestines along with unusually foul smelling stool.
        Just a thought.


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          I don't have any issues with staining (as of yet...), but I do have issues will odor lingering on the Peridise.

          This isn't an issue with the SGX or MGX. As for the others (Progasm, Helix, Eupho, and Aneros Classic) I can't say for sure either way.

          :?: Does anyone know if it is possible to "seal" and/or smooth the surface of the aneros through buffing & polishing without using chemicals that would be toxic?

          Enjoy the journey,


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            Hello MartyB,

            My helix has some staining issues. I suspect it is because it is not polished well. I can see the sanding marks on it from the factory. But so far, no lingering odor issues. Check out the following link for dealing with odor problems. Perhaps it will help you.


            Does anyone know if it is possible to "seal" and/or smooth the surface of the aneros through buffing & polishing without using chemicals that would be toxic?
            This link talks about how to do that.




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              Stains? Mine's Black and ignorance is bliss. :lol: Looks like high density Polyethylene-HDPE (although some advertising has said these were polystyrene).
              -- Cleanup: scrub with Dawn anti-bacterial dish washing detergent (the blue stuff). Regular soak in dilute Clorox -- no clue what peroxide might do.
              -- For a nice sheen I used: 'shop/red rags' with TurtleWax T-415 rubbing compound followed by TurtleWax Polishing Compound T-417 on a soft cotton hankerchief. These remove the scratches left by 2000 grit emery paper.

              If you want a finer finish, consider a 'rouge cloth' or use a "Cadie Cloth" (Jensco) intended to polish scratches out of plastic eyeglass lenses. 8)

              Anyone have experience with either 2% or 20% peroxide ??


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                To remove discoloration: Place washed Aneros on a paper kitchen towel in the washbasin or sink. Pour bleach on it, wrap paper towel around it and leave it to soak. Then rinse in cold water. Finally wash with soap under warm running water.

                To remove odor: After each use, wash with soap under warm running water. Dry and place on paper tissue. Pour on alcohol, wrap in tissue, squeeze and rub and leave in tissue to dry.

                Use of the enema toilet seat will help prevent discoloration and odor:


                I polished my devices using jewelers rouge. Hard work but got a super gloss finish.

                Have fun



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                  There was an early run of the Progasm that seemed to be producing some of these problems. In so far as I know, the current run Progasms have worked out pretty well in this regard. That said, some of the methods discussed for cleaning can be quite effective.

                  I will also mention that the Progasm ICE should have none of the staining issues either.

                  BF Mayfield


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                    I've found arm and hammer toothpaste with baking soda helps take the stain out and makes it minty fresh. I added it to an antibacterial wipe and polished it clean.