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Journey from Beginning to End - Super Orgasm (VIDEO)

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  • Journey from Beginning to End - Super Orgasm (VIDEO)

    Hey everyone, after many requests I have decided to do another video of my super-orgasm with my Aneros Progasm. Only this time I am showing everything from the beginning to end. Come along with me on a journey from the beginning of p-waves and watching my body's reactions to a full-blown body super orgasm.

    I hope this doesn't scare anyone off, but I understand that it looks completely unnatural, scary and pretty funny at times. However, I assure you it was so pleasurable and I really can't find words to describe what it feels like. Notice that I am using the stomach technique (it works the best for me; everyone is different!). I have completely relaxed my mind and body even though it looks like I'm forcing things. I can assure you I am not and I am basically letting my body take over and do whatever it wants. Kind of scary? Letting my body control me... Shouldn't it be the reverse??? :lol: :wink:


    - Ron

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    My support ArcticWolves.

    This can be helpful for many.


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      AW, good video!!

      I never use my stomach, and like to use the back, but can relate to the movements. I also am very, very, verbal....I have to use a pillow to shut my big mouth up..

      What no socks...



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        That settles it. I HAVE to get a Progasm! It looks like it has a mind of it's own and has taken control. I haven't tried laying on my stomach with the Helix. That may provide more prostate contact.

        That's a great video that I found helpful too! Thanks for sharing that.

        You lost the dirty socks too. :lol:



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          Thanks for viewing. I'll try recording more often, but I am more tense when I record myself. I guess I just have to forget about the camera. Yes, I lost the dirty socks. Long story short, I go through many pairs of socks because I love walking all around the house and outdoors with them.


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            Hi ArcticWolves,

            What I was really noticing in this video is that you are moving your head around a lot. I do the EXACT same thing. Seems as though I am trying to find a position that was more comfortable to get to even higher plateaus. It can get frustrating some times but I still have my best sensations while on my stomach. Maybe a massage table with the padded circular cut out for your face?

            Besides that movement, I tend to not move around a lot. Great video though which I am sure will be helpful to new guys.


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              It was hard to see the Progasm's movement but it clearly had the right effect. I have never personally had a flailing orgasm like that but it gives me something to shoot for.

              The head movement looks to be the body seeking comfort or relief from something that cannot be had. I assume it is an odd bit of human physiology that manifests in some people. When I am in a session and the Aneros starts to cycle out of control, I find it next to impossible to keep my eyes open. The initial seconds of that wave of pleasure just slams my eyes closed.

              You're thoughtful to provide a video so others may learn.


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                yes Car_01 you do want a progasm...its the shit while on ur stomach... :twisted:


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                  Yes the Progasm has a memorable feeling, just looking at it gets me in the mood.


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                    Awesome video! Really shows how intense it is.


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                      Cool Video! I enjoyed watching it and others on Xtube. I taped myself once. I rather enjoyed it so I might try it again and upload to X. Take care!


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                        I found your first video unbelievable. I thought that you were putting on a show or making a joke. Especially because of the socks. I totally thought that you would turn over and show us the words "SOY BOMB" emblazoned on your chest with a grease pen. The second video makes me feel like- DAMN- I want that shit!

                        I just hope that I don't wake up everyone in my house with my violent tremors. I can totally see it now- someone yells "EARTHQUAKE!!!" and everyone runs outside...

                        Thanks for posting your vid.

                        As a side note..Xtube was filled with gay vids. I am not gay, but I found myself on the Xtube site checking out gay porn. Gay porn used to make me sick. But now I look at it with some curiosity. It makes me wonder...Is the Aneros the gateway to homosexuality?

                        The curiosity must come from knowing that a molded piece of plastic feels pretty good up my ass. Just pondering here. Please don't respond with invitations.


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                          pnoman....the gateway to gay? wife of 24 years has been doing anal things on me for years...its just an expanded part of our sex life...its ok to look at gay stuff...i do sometimes..just intrigues me...knowing how good the helix and progasm feel to me anally..i wonder how it feels for man on man...not going there..happily married.. but it does make me wonder...


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                            Pnoman, I can understand that doing things anally might lead you into the belief of this being the gateway to gayness. It's actually just the curiosity of the male sexual instincts and sex drive that leads us into looking at things like this.

                            I know I was so ''horny'' and wanted to feel what it was like to have something up my butt (My finger). From then on I always wondered what it would be like to have other things up there (sex toys, real thing, etc...) For me it was just the curiosity and sex drive. :\ I really can't explain it but that is what led me to ultimately getting into this thing.

                            I'm sure it's different for everyone and I'm only commenting from my perspective. The cool thing is everyone has their own unique perspectives and beliefs on things.

                            Don't be worried Pnoman. We are only human man and we should enjoy life's pleasures here on earth!!


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                     video. liked the 1st one too. it was really intense, watching you go through the super-o because i knew EXACTLY what you were feeling. i almost had one myself just from watching! it's wild to actually see it live!

                              with regard to the aneros and anal stim, i think that there has been a long misplaced taboo on men and anal stimulation. because of societal propaganda, people have been led to believe that if a man engages in any activity involving touching his anal area, he is "gay," or has gay tendencies. the interesting thing is that when you look at non-western cultures, the notion is quite different. it is only within the last couple of decades that more information and experimentation with anal stimulation as part of sexual gratification, has been openly discussed and had information more widely disseminated on this subject.

                              no, i don't think that anal/prostate stimulation inclines one toward homosexuality. as humans, it's only natural to seek understanding about things we find curious. in this case, because of the intensity of the aneros, it may cause one to wonder if this is the same type of enjoyment men receive when being anally penetrated by another man. the curiosity does not always necessitate experimentation to find the answer to this question. it just is simply a curiosity.