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My personal best (Helix and Nipple Stim)

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  • My personal best (Helix and Nipple Stim)

    I have been learning my way through the pathway of Aneros for the last two years and today I hit a personal milestone.

    I posted several months back about pushing through the Super O barrier and it was a tremendous experience for me. Once I did that, I couldn't get back to it until today. I guess I'm a slow learner. I was able to enjoy the p-waves and some really good sensations but I felt like I had taken a step back.

    I decided to take a break from the Aneros or at least use it less often and spend some time learning the ways of nipple orgasm as posted by wuerstchen1. I subscribed to his mailing list and read about it while I allowed my brain to digest my previous Aneros learning.

    My first attempt at nipple stimulation was right after a couple of hours of reading on the subject, I was tired and not up for a Aneros session so I decided it was time to put my new learning to work. I honestly didn't think I would be very successful so I stripped off my shirt while laying on the couch and watching the 11:00 news. It was hardly an optimal situation for erotic stimulation but I wanted something and this would be an interesting test.

    I slowly circled my right index finger around my right nipple for around 20 minutes when suddenly... There was a floating feeling in my legs. I felt strong buzzing in my prostate and very ANEROS-LIKE sensations in the lower half of my body. Needless to say I was completely stunned and wanted to continue to see where it would go. I started to breath harder and an erection began to grow which is unusual since the Aneros doesn't usually do that for me. A few minutes later and I felt an ache in the soles of my feet followed by a wave that began in my feet and ran like a lightning bolt to my prostate.

    The sensation was a strong mini-o and ejaculation that was throbbing for nearly 30 seconds before it ended. I was amazed that I had done this entirely by running my finger in circles on my chest. I am really beginning to understand what the human body is capable of doing. Wow. Upon further inspection, there was no ejaculation but it felt every bit like there was... dry orgasm! I was just shaking my head in amazement.

    True to form, I haven't been able to do that again and my nipple play has sparked great 'desire' in my prostate for the Helix. Today, I wanted to indulge myself and had a session that was immediately positive. My earlier nipple play made the involuntaries come quickly. I had the Helix in before I was done with my work for the day (working from home) and took a call 10 minutes after I slide it in. I had to stop the conversation and complain of a back spasm while I dealt with a huge and unexpected p-wave as I sat in my office chair. I got my co-worker off the phone and laid down on the bed to see where things would go.

    I was an above-average Aneros session with strong movement which has been uncharacteristic for me. What I normally run into is that the involuntaries stop and things just lock up and I'm done. This time I used nipple stimulation to warm up the prostate and pelvic floor - I couldn't stand it for more than a couple of minutes and the involuntaries started up again. I used this technique twice to keep things going and ended up with the following about 90 minutes into the session:

    - Major Super-O with rapid deep breathing, uncontrolled vocalization (o-face) and a slight sensation of leaking pre-cum.
    - Major Super-O with rapid deep breathing and I was literally screaming with everything I had into a pillow. Screaming!
    - Minor O with some panting and that happy floaty feeling
    - Major Super-O with rapid deep breathing, good moaning and what I was sure had to be a quarter of a cup of pre-cum. There were a few drops but that was it.

    I had things to do and decided to quit and take a shower. On my way to the bathroom, I had a mini-O on the way out of bed, leaning over the mattress and another in a standing position next to the shower. Before the next wave hit me, I got the Helix out and ended things.

    I wish I didn't have things on the schedule or I could have been there for hours. Happy days are here again!

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    Sounds very cool! I'm going to try it! I like the idea of stimulation by such means in conjunction with the aneros!


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      Hey mobilesub!

      Congratulations on your success!

      Your story is Great too!

      I serve "nipple-play" with ALL my practices! (Ramps-up
      just about every sexual session I do, or by itself, too!)

      Keep it up Man!

      Later, Hlaser99


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        Very similar to my own experiences. Nipple play has absolutely enhanced my sessions. Last night's session was awesome! Each time I felt like I was "disconnected" from my aneros, I would stimulate my nipples. I would immediately get back into rythym and a Super-O would follow.


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          Nip-Stim works for me too. I am fairly new to the aneros (8 sessions and counting) and I try to leave the nips out of the equation for as long as possible. But when I feel like the aneros is losing it's momentum, I connect everything back up with some nipple play.


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            Hey yeah that nipple stim really works. I posted awhile back about my experiences with it and how it can enhance a session or even work as an Aneros free session. I've kind of stopped using it, because for some reason I have this underlying worry that stimulating my breasts a lot will make them grow and I don't wan't women's breasts. Anyone with knowledge here on that? Other than that it is great. I've read that your breasts are connected directly to your prostate so it is like a short cut way to stimulate them. For women I believe it is direct connect to the g-spot or somewhere thereabouts and why it feels so good to them.

            Sounds like some good sessions keep it up.

            PS: For any of you that keep up with or remember my exploits I should mention that with more experience using the Aneros the more reliable my orgasms are. Now I super O every session if it is long enough. Usually that happens at close to 1 hour give or take. Also, I used to have a lot of long sessions such as even 4 to 8 hours but now I get by with anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours pretty commonly. My body just learned what it is looking for and now knows how to get it. Keep in mind too that the fish oil I really believe helps keep the brain primed for orgasm. So that is the difference likely between a session where you have a big bang versus come up against a road block. Take all the fish oil mentioned elsewhere with emphasis on DHA - as that is the more orgasm oriented ingredient. I highly recommend Ginko Biloba too. Ginko increases breathing ability and blood circulation to the brain which believe me from my experimentation really seems to help orgasmic ability as well.