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    Using the coconut oil softgel as a suppository may have the advantage of ease of use and being a rather benign oil but I question its value as a lubricant as you will have to wait for the softgel envelope to dissolve before it can release the oil into the rectum to actually function as a lubricant. The gelatin capsule was designed to be thick enough to readily dissolve in the high acidity, high moisture environment of the stomach. I have no idea how long it would take to dissolve in the dryer and lower acidic environment of the rectum. I tend to be rather impatient, waiting 15-20-? minutes before I can start to enjoy myself would be a real turn-off. I find it takes less than a minute to slather natural jelly on my little toy and gently insert it to get me going quite nicely. Cleanup is pretty easy because the jelly doesn't tend to migrate everywhere, a simple wipe with toilet paper and you're good to get back to the rest of your day with an anus that feels like it got a chapstick massage, soft and supple.


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      Originally posted by Badger
      Would these work, or is the softgel a problem?
      I'm no expert, but I think the gel capsule itself has to be digested to get access to the oil... in other words I'm not sure if the capsule would just dissolve in your rectum, or even if it did dissolve, how long it would take to do so. Maybe you could buy some, and try dropping one in a glass of body temp water and see what happens?

      Heh... I think Aneros should build a lab somewhere, and staff it with a cadre of Mad Butt-lube Scientists, all working on developing the perfect natural lubricant for the perfect Aneros session... ;-)

      Mwuh hahahahahaha!

      (Mad Butt-lube Scientist laugh)


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        Big Guy...If we could just be ssooo lucky!


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          I recently tried and session with Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening and was surprising disappointed with the results. Even though the texture is very similar to Crisco, it is fluffier, and appears to not stick as well to the surface. It just felt like the coconut oil did a better job, even though there was visibly less remaining on the surface after use.


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            Hi All,
            We have been doing some experimenting over on this discussion topic.


            It may be something worth trying. I have added some coconut oil and shea butter (All natural)
            together with much success.


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              here is the latest update on my experimentation w/ coconut oil...

              i went up to 5cc injected.

              seems to work fine, at least for the 3/4 hour peridise sessions i have been able to squeeze in.

              an important indicator of the effectiveness of the lube, to me, is if i pull the unit out and change models, say, at the 1/2 hour mark, if the new one slides right in. and, yep, that happened.

              coconut oil (refined) seems to turn liquid somewhere near 76 degrees, which is convenient for getting it into the syringe.

              so, at this point, i am assuming this will be my lube going forward, and feel reasonably confident in recommending it to those who are wary of the water based lubes.

              one thing to note: with the water based lubes, they seemed to disappear inside me (ie, get absorbed eventually). with the coconut oil (5cc) sometime later i'll have a mini-poop in which it seems to come out. i consider that a good thing, as the absorption of the water based lubes is what makes me want to avoid it.



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                I have the same feeling about the water based lubes staying inside. I am more comfortable with the coconut oil leaving the system.

                I have also instinctively switched to different models within a give coconut session. It seems like I am getting longer session using that method.


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                  I've been having good success with the coconut oil as well, although I measure out about 3-4cc and then put it in the refrigerator. As it solidifies I mold it into a ball and let completely firm up. Insertion into the anus then melts it and coats the inside just fine.

                  When I'm done I usually take the syringe I have and fill it up with 10cc of water, inject that then repeat once more. I sort of swirl it around so to speak then evacuate on the toilet. A lot of the oil comes out that way.


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                    The little ball idea sounds pretty good. The coconut oil in the form of an icecube can be a bit jagged at times, even though it begins to melt on contact. :lol:


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                      Yeah, it's not too bad. I usually form it together at room temperature, and it slowly starts melting in my fingers, so that sort of smooths it out. Then let sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes or more and it is quite solid. It does start melting as you grab it and insert it, but that is a good thing. Sometimes a little extra lube down there already helps insertion if you are extra sensitive.


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                        Hi I am vary new to this, although I have had the SGX and MGX for about two years, with very limited success. However this morning, have read about cocconut oil, I looked for some in the kitchen, found none, but decided to try olive oil. Extra virgine of coarse. I inserted 10mls and started on my side, then onto back with knees bent, then over onto front. This is when it started. I tried to relax and let it take me over instead of tensing up. It worked better than ever before. Not the super O, or even an O, but very nice for about 20 mins.
                        I know this works, although it hasnt happened for me yet, but I will keep trying. I am off on a course for two weeks soon, and plan to take my Aneros and try every night. Sleep with it in and see what happens.
                        Must try that coccont oil.



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                          That is a lot of oil, especially for the SGX or MGX (smaller units need less oil unlike the Progasm).

                          Try for 4 or 5 mls, maybe even less...

                          Olive oil is thicker and too much may impede the contact/pressure of the Aneros.

                          Besides, it is a high concentration to be in an area that absorbs fluids into the bloodstream...

                          just two cents...



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                            This coconut oil thread seems to have a life of its own!

                            I stumbled across a cigar tube this week. I got to thinkin' which is generally dangerous. I melted some of my virgin/unrefined coconut oil and filled up the tube a bit (I did not measure) and I closed up the tube and put it in the fridge. After about 15 minutes, I put it in the freezer for about 5. It was pretty solid. I then warmed the tube in my hands until the oil came out in a piece. I was able to insert that bad boy right on in without any fuss. I left a piece in the tube so I got that out and with the rounded end was able to fire that right on in as well. The rounded part was what I had in mind for an easy insert, but I did alright without it. I am sure I was WAY over on the amount of oil, but what the heck. I had a pretty decent session with it. I went from the smaller Peridise to the Maximus then back to the larger Peridise. A triple header!


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                              I just Googled "suppository mold" and found these:


                              Disposable molds come in 1.3cc to 2.4cc in 100 count packs for $8.00, just the job for making coconut oil suppositories to keep in the freezer. Just warm up the oil and fill a few molds using a syringe and pop 'em in the freezer.

                              I'm going to order some ...


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                                So I looked at getting a syringe to fill the molds and found these:


                                At 100 for $10.85 I could just use one of those to give myself up to 3cc of liquid coconut oil and then chuck it away.