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My MGX smoother than my other Aneros?

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  • My MGX smoother than my other Aneros?

    I currently own a Helix, Progasm and a MGX and noticed that the MGX is so smooth that it's almost like glass while my other Aneros almost have a satin finish to them. Has anybody else noticed this? In fact if you look super close my Progasm has a texture that appears to almost be a simulated wood grain.

    I've been gently sanding my Helix and Progasm for the past half hour with the finest grit sanding spong I was able to find at the hardware store but I'm still not able to achieve anything close to the glass smooth texture of the MGX. However, they are a bit smoother than before so that's a plus.

    What's up with this?

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    same for me too, MGX is super smooth, helix has more of a rough texture in comparison.


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      My MGX is definitely polished more than my other models. Although I'm no expert, I would advise against sanding / using sandpaper on your Aneros ( at least on the main body ). By doing so, you could be creating micro pits for bacteria and such to form in. I'm guessing that at the end of manufacturing, these devices go through a lengthy polishing - something that I doubt you will be able to recreate with even the finest of sand paper. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.



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        There was a post some time back with the name of a firm that sold a package of sanding pads used in guitar production. These will polish you aneros to a very high gloss.


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          As catchmeup says, there was indeed a thread some time back. A very interesting thread it is too with lots of info re polishing and the name of the polishing/sanding pads. In spite of the title the info is applicable to any Aneros. Enjoy:

          Progasm Mod.

          Immafishy, worry not re "micro pits", polishing to a gloss will only remove any texture applied in production. Yes, "applied". The above link will inform. Besides, one can get too OCD about "bacteria". The bacteria remaining on a washed Aneros will be minimal and, after all, ones own. It is said that the human mouth is more of a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that the gut...

          Old Wolf


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            Old Wolf,

            Thank you so much for finding this thread! I'm in the process of purchasing this:


            I'm looking forward to seeing how the performance of both my Helix and Progasm improve with a nice glass like finish! Thanks again!


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              I simply went to the drugstore and bought the finest emery board I could find - I can't even feel any grit on the board - it is much finer that 2000 grit sandpaper. It cost me around $3. I polished the Aneros with the emery board for awhile and now my Helix is a lot smoother than before.