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Why is it not reaching my prostate?

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  • Why is it not reaching my prostate?

    Hi everyone, I just received my Helix and was eager to try it out after reading all the good things you pros have to say. By the way I'm new at this and have never used a prostate massager before.

    Here is the problem, I lubricated the Helix well, inserted slowly and tried to relax as much as possible but for some reason the Helix never touched my prostate and I have no feeling that it's reaching it. I tried to stay on the side, on the back, on the stomach with my bum, but still nothing.

    Am I doing something wrong? By the way I'm 6 feet tall (if this helps). Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    It almost surely is... I am also 6 feet tall and the MGX and Helix simply wreck me. It took me a combined total of about six months to figure out what I wasn't feeling. When I first started, it was a neutral experience and I had no idea what everyone was talking about.

    Patience is important. Understand that your nervous system isn't used to reporting sensation in that area yet and you need to train it to do so. You'll see posts here refering to a re-wiring process and I can tell you from experience that it takes a while. Some take longer than others.

    Keep reading and find the BeeLine posts which will give you tremendous guidance. Don't worry about the goal, just enjoy whatever sensations come to you and learn from each attempt. It gets a whole lot better later on.

    Now I'm to the point where my prostate calls out to me and throws waves through my nervous system when it is ready to have a go. When I started, I was convinced that the Aneros wasn't coming close and came close to quitting or whining.


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      don't fret man..i've had some wicked sessions with both my progasm and helix...last 2 progasm sessions..absolutely nothing..pfftt..who happens...helix session before these 2 got me off..hell if i know..will keep trying..i never give up...once the super-o with the progasm..very close several times with the with twitching...aww..its all good...i luv it


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        Hi Anesis,

        I'm 6'3" and a large guy 300lb. My Helix is most definitely hitting my prostate so, Iím sure yours is as well. To me, it feels like my prostate is a (and I know this sounds dumb but,) ravioli. A nice square and pillow like pleasure zone. This is just my 2 cents worth. Anyway, just have fun and enjoy.