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Slight burning sensation?

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    Wow that would suck!!! Might as well be alergic to orgasms then

    I'm scared of the Progasm....I struggle to fit the MGX when I'm in a hurry...aint no way that monster is going to fit lol!


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      Hi, Try a different lube. I had a similar situation using ID. It may not meet the habenaro hot test but it could be uncomfortable and chemically sort of astringent for my tastes. The other lubes I tried were Astro Glide, Probe Thick and Rich, Pink, and Boy Butter. Probe is very neutral in its ingredients but could have a small amount of the astringency I experienced with ID. Astro Glide was similar. But either one is fine and a step up from ID. Pink requires very little but is entirely silicon, a much-debated subject on these pages. I liked it a lot and no burning but I reserve it for topical and partner use now. It just seems safer. Boy Butter (the yellow tub) is my favorite. B Mayfield in a post says that it is ‘silicon lite.’ True enough. I looked up the ingredients and then cross-referenced them with toxicity data from reputable sites. What I came up with is that the silicon component is broadly used in the cosmetic and personal care industry. BUT (but, but, but!!!) from what I saw it was almost entirely used in topical (read external) preparations. Within those uses it was considered non-toxic. What that means for those of us who use it as an anal lube is that we are using it in an apparently nonstandard way and the toxicity data might not be accurate. However unlike Pink it is very easy to clean up and seems to last longer then most of the others. As a personal decision it is what I use.

      I looked at the other posts and want to warn you about olive oil. Not that it is bad in and of itself, but I eat a lot of it but some of the varieties I get have a very peppery taste. If you are sensitive to any kind of hot food I would suspect that you are likely to have some kind of reaction to almost any but the most neutral lubes. Wikipedia has a good section on Xanthan gum: . You may have an allergy to its use internally but not be bothered by it topically.

      It seems unlikely that you are having a reaction to the plastic in the Aneros, it is an FDA approved material.

      Perhaps it just as simple as inexperience. If you are new to anal play it may be simple anxiety creating some static in your response (along with other things already mentioned.) Anal play for men in the U. S. is considered gay by a lot if not a majority of people and being the receptive is almost universally considered gay. Brazilians can have male on male sexual contact but only the catcher is considered gay, the pitcher is considered straight. However in America the whole topic is loaded: top, bottom, pegging, dom, fem, butch, and on and on and on.

      Between that and lube questions one other thing occurs to me. It does not sound like you are using it a lot. Try using it more, but a little less intensely, if you get my drift. I had a few painful sessions (boarder line pain/pleasure) where I was really pushing for the O and just drove myself off the track. Took a break and it is better again. Try getting use to having it in without a goal. Good Luck.



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        Hi Crimsonwonder,

        I agree with much of what gabial has posted...his coments are well thought out.

        I would like to suggest you look at a thread I started, "The REAL question of the Aneros world" -

        I mention it because there is a lot of good info there about silicone...enough to give one pause before using it...

        Also, I think it covers some of the issues that you may be wrestling with on lubes. I think that while many think that the majority of lubes are safe, given the long history of use, we Aneros users, are using it in a unigue and totally different manner that may be harmful. I know some think I am "off-the-deep-end", but what if I am right...

        One has to really think critically about this process...

        I once thought water-based lubes were fine. If they were broken down by something as safe and "neutral" as water, how bad could a water-based concoction be? Well, water breaks them down to be washed away and down the drain, not to be absorbed into the bloodstream!

        I found a non-pertroleum jelly and felt good about that until BF Mayfield (thank you, BF) pointed out the issues with the replacements ingredients.

        Food-garde silicone, which is used in many restaurants to lubricate equipment but is pure enough to get into food, would seem on the surface to be ok..., but a film of food-grade silicone getting into food is different than you putting teaspoon(s) of it in your rectum, which absorbs everything directly into the bloodstream! Also, consider that that film of silicone that MIGHT get into food goes through the digestion process, which helps to break it down...

        And, while I recommend olive (with reservations) and coconut oils, I still have concerns... If we can eat it, it should be ok, logically speaking, right? Again, same issues as above, digesting small amounts of it with food is one thing, but bypassing the digestion process is another matter. In the Aneros process, we use it in large amounts, relativily, AND it goes directly into the bloodstream, hence, no digestion process to break it down...

        I am currently trying to get my hands on a medical book about the rectum and colon but it costs $600 and is hard to get through the public library. I have also located a surgeon that specializes in this area and is willing to sit down and talk with me but they are 800 miles away and scheduliing is a problem.

        There is no perfect lube, except to not use any at all, which take me back to your problem...

        When I started, I did not use any lube for the reasons above and I would get a burning sensation, which may be the same thing you are getting...maybe. You may want to try more lube, in increasingly small amounts, and see if the burning sensation goes away. If it does, use "x" amount during your sessions and then start to lessen that amount, because, as you sure the Aneros, your body will get used to it. Right now, it may be reacting to the "foreign-ness" of the Aneros.

        Also, try more sessions but not too long...45 minutes to a 1 1/2 hours. I think 30 minutes is too takes that long just to fully relax for the good sensations to start... Right now, your sessions may be so far apart that your system ALWAYS sees it as "foreign", and the burning starts..., if that is source of the burniong...

        I am still going to recommend the coconut oil but that does not mean there is not something better out there, but, compared to issues of water and silicone based, it is safer, I believe.

        I hope this helps



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          Well that was no fun.......just had another session pulled short last night as I just couldn't take the burning anymore.....demmit.....Heres what happened:

          Thought might as well try process of elimination so decided not to change anything cept rinse as suggested before inserting....used my higginson rectal syringe and cleaned twice with warm water....interesting feeling but not exactly pleasant....
          Anyway pre lubed as per usual with my xanthan gum lube, and covered the helix with vaseline.

          Inserted it and everything seemed fine for a few minutes and then the burning started...very slight but it was there....Ignored it and continued to just try to relax and get comfortable.....about 10 mins into the session, I'm feeling the burning abit stronger now and thought lets see if I can make it go away by doing some mild contractions, to take my mind off the uncomfortable burning.

          Did a few of those and no such luck...if anything it now slightly worse....changed position(was on my back with knees up and feet flat on the bed) to on my side with one leg drawn up....its amazing how you can feel it shifting inside you as you move around....cant wait to get rewired properly and see where that takes me...but I digress hehe....
          So relaxed for another 10 mins in this position.......getting there but the burning just isn't going I bring my other leg up and now I'm lying not quite in a fetal position on my side with my legs up. Still nothing and the burning is getting slightly stronger....ignored a comment from gf when she came into the room and called me a fucking weirdo...but in a joking sort of tone....woman!
          Anyway by now I'm just trying to feel any sensations or twinges or tickles...any sign that I'm going to start generating some pleasure from all this lol but nothing...and the burning hasn't gotten worse but its not going away I decided to end the session as now my rectum is burning and I'm abit time = about 40 mins. I am so buying some coconut oil today!

          Virg: Yeh I don't use any silicone lube, wouldn't mind trying out boy butter tho....heard some good things about it on the fleshlight forums.

          Umm no lube... not good! hehe I tried that last night actually, about the increasing the amount of lube? Cos I used the rectal syringe to put more than normal lube in....and as you can see didn't work... You might be onto something with "foreignness" hey....That session is only my umm 12th I think, and hmm yes quite far apart, last session I had was over a week ago.

          Gabrial:Thanks for the warning! I have no intention of using olive oil so thats that!
          Another boy butter fan I see...going to have to try that sometime when the cash flow is a little stronger hehe......I fully get what your saying and I think more is always better than less! I'm trying to stay away from the pain aspect too!


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            Hi Crimsonwonder,

            Sorry to hear you had another poor seesion. A couple thoughts...

            Try quitting the Vaseline for coating the Aneros. Coat it before insertion with whetever you end up using as an internal lube. That will at least remove the Vaseline/petroleum jelly as the source of your burning. Maybe you should have another session without the Vaseline and see if the burning starts see if that is the problem...?

            My gut feeling is that you need to start trying more natural lube possibilities...oils, mainly, because they are edible and not foreign to the human body...

            Boy Butter is GREAT stuff, but it is 1/3 silicone. It may be called "silicone light" but it is still silicone. It may be raved about on the fleshlight forum but that is all external...internal usage in the rectun is a whole different deal...

            Personally, I will be shocked if the coconut oil does not eliminate this problem...

            Hope this helps...



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              I used to have that same sting that you are talking about.
              I honestly dont know what causes it only that I had to insert the progasm very slowly at first for quite a while to avoid the sting. It's totaly gone now for me...just went away months ago.
              I'm guessing that you are prob like me as far as pain sensitivity goes. Don't care for pain.


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                Tiphereth: Hmmm that has sort of been hinted at.....that maybe me being too forceful in my insertion of the toy...but its not like I'm ramming it in or anything....will take it perhaps 1/2 the speed I normally insert it and see how it goes on my next session.....thanks! Yeh definitely not one for pain...

                Virg:Ok...will try not applying any vaseline, as I have already tried only vaseline and no lube and still get the burning.....

                So....went out today and bought Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil!! Please tell me its the right stuff! lol
                The lady at the health shop said if it remains refrigerated it can last almost indefinitely?? So I'm thinking only take out a bit at a time to use on a particular session and warm that up? Or should I leave some out and let it warm to room temperature for awhile?


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                  Yeah, I'd say you should definitely lose the Vaseline. I mean it's based on petro chemicals for gosh sakes! :lol:

                  I doubt it's insertion speed. If it were then likely it would go away fairly quickly after insertion.

                  I still recommend a glycerin free water based lube - just because I have good luck with them and never a problem. I've tried about 6 to 8 different ones and no problems. Some were better lubricators and lasted longer than others though. I tend to like the thicker ones. But also as someone mentioned you don't have to use something separate to lube the Aneros and your insides. Actually that too could cause a chemical reaction. Also, I've found I really don't have to rinse with a syringe or douche first. It seems to really not make a big difference - which I believe is reflected by others in one of the polls. The extra rinsing can actually disturb your internal flora and potentially cause irritation IMO. I've found just a reasonable covering on the Aneros using a good lube is all it takes assuming you had a complete bowel movement an hour or so previous. You should generally be fairly clean in the rectum when not actually having a BM.

                  As for coconut oil... I haven't tried it. It could be good. I know it is a saturated fat oil, but unlike other frowned upon saturated fats it stays liquid at body temperatures and is not a trans fat and is not hydrogenated. Dr Mercola (Google his site) is big on it for health benefits, but I don't think the whole med community is in agreement yet. That doesn't mean Mercola is wrong though. I may try it one of these days just to see how it fairs compared to the water based glycerin free lubes I've tried. It does seem to be a natural substance that the body should accept fairly well - with possible exception of the issue with it being a saturated fat.


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                    OH!!: Hehe ok...well now that I got the coconut oil I will do away with the vaseline....Will try schedule a session tomorrow night and see how the coconut oil does and if there is any burning!

                    With regards to water-based lube...I dont put glycerine in my xanthan gum mixture....and I havent felt the urge to purge once even with using so much vaseline so I guess I'm lucky!!

                    Yeh everything I've read on the coconut oil seem good and from what other guys here say (specially Virg hehe) swear by it and its absorbed easily by the body with no harmful build-up of toxins or the sort...

                    Thanks again guys


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                      Quick Updateue to back problems I've been out of commission this whole week and so haven't even looked at my Helix Will attempt a session sometime over the weekend!

                      Virg: Still waiting for ya input man! Is the Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil the right stuff or am I barking up the wrong tree?? And what is your normal procedure when using it?? Thanks!


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                        HA! the man! Tried the coconut oil this morning, no Vaseline, no xanthan gum....just my MGX and some melted coconut oil...and guess burning! Woohooo!! hehe

                        Altho I had to cut the session short due to time constraints(was only 30 mins) I felt it was much easier to move around inside? But I struggled abit to insert the MGX as I didn't pre lube with the oil, I just dipped it and inserted it....I think it will be much better when I pre lube and dip the Aneros with the coconut oil.....


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                          Hey Crimsonwonder,

                          That's great news! I hope the coconut oil continues to work for you. One thought I had about the xanthan gum is I wonder if you use grapefruit seed extract to keep it fresh. If so, I wonder if that ingredient might be the source of your irritation. It may be worth a shot to make a small batch without it and see how it goes.

                          Let us know,



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                            Onthepath: Yes I do mix 3 or 4 drops of GSE into my 8oz batch to make it last a month or two.....I thought it was only supposed to irritate after like maybe 6 or 7 drops which is why I only put 3 or 4 in...

                            Just finished another session like 15 mins ago...and it took me 20 mins to insert my Helix!! The coconut oil just wasn't lubing enough even after putting loads of pre lube oil in.....eventually I had to resort to putting a bit of vaseline on the tip and then....slides in no problem....but I felt abit of burning afterwards...cant be sure if its the vaseline or that my ass kinda hurts from trying to insert the Helix so many times....Gave up and called it a day lol...Will try tomorrow hopefully....


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                              Hi Crimsonwonder,

                              Sorry I did not get back to you sooner...really busy...

                              I do not know about the "cold-press", per se... I just buy the best I can..."extra virgin"...

                              I am really glad to hear the cocnut oil has worked for you and allows you to enjoy the journey!

                              I will grant you that the Vaseline works better for intsertion. It is thick and more of it stays on for that reason...

                              My suggestion is that when you are pre-lubing with the coconut oil, put a little extra in your applicator, pull it out slowly before you put all of the oil inside, so, as it passes throught the anus as you withdraw it, keep dispensing lube, so the anus gets lubricated as the applicator is taken out. It takes a little practice but works quite well. Granted, some will be forced out as your applicator comes out but that helps lube the outer area. I do use Vaseline on the outside where the P-tab hits because it stays nicely lubed during the session.

                              Another idea, chill your Aneros a bit, then dip it into your coconut oil. It easily goes from liquid to solid form below 70 degrees. This way your Aneros is coated as it is inserted but it will go back to a liquid quickly once it makes contact with your body. If it takes you 20 minutes for insertion, this method is worthless, and messy. I suspect as you get further along, a speedy insertion will not be a problem... We have lots of faith here on the Forum...

                              Also, no matter what method you use for insertion, if you can not RELAX, it will take a long time and no lube will save you from discomfort, damage to those sensative tissues, and a LOUSY start to your session.... Your posts indicate, I believe, that you are not relaxing enough and that is your biggest problem to being comfortable for easy insertion. Try practicing relaxing those muscles, then try to relax even more. And,"barring down" to open up is NOT the answer! The anus will be more open but the muscles will be "in use", so the muscles will be hard...not flexible and relaxed.

                              Back to the coconut oil...

                              For me, I relax more knowing that the coconut oil is safer (I think). I do not have to worry about biazze man-made chemicals being absorbed into my bloodstream. Having said that, remember, too much of anything is not good. Determine what amount works well for you and try to reduce that amount as you progress.

                              Don't throw a bucket full in there! Drinking too much water will kill you and what safer liquid is there than water! Use as little as you can...

                              I hope this helps and, again, I am glad you are able to enjoy youself now...



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                                Virg:No problem man! To be honest I just walked into the first health store I could find and bought it! hehehe

                                Yeh I just need to find the time for a session during the week now, cos its crazy with work and the lil one and the ball and chain.

                                I did try lubing the rectum as I pulled out my medicine dropper but sheesh its difficult! Will try again!

                                Hmm as for the chilling...thats a good idea but at room temperature the oil is almost solid already and if its a cold Aneros trying to go in...all the relaxing aint gonna help! lol

                                The 20 mins insertion was me dipping my Helix into the jar of warm oil...cos it was quite runny...only slightly thicker than water but splippery as hell! Again...and again....and again.....and it gets half way up there and then just sticks and starts to hurt if I try to push it any further...and I'm dipping and relubing and dipping and argg! Frustration finally makes me go and get the Vaseline and just slides right on in....
                                But like I said now my ass is sore from all the attempts.....*sigh*

                                Thanks Virg for all the pointers! Will try the relaxing thing and not to put too much pre-lube in!

                                Thanks Will update you guys later on during the week if I get a chance for a session!