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Helix doesn't fit all the way in?

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  • Helix doesn't fit all the way in?

    I've had the Helix for quite awhile not, over a year now. I've just been a lurker for awhile reading, just never had anything to really post...Anyways, I've had a little success with it but its only been recently I've been researching more and that I've come to the conclusion that either the Helix just doesn't mesh well with me or something. I'm mostly convinced that it doesn't actually fit all the way which rather "hinders" some.

    Without an erection, the P-tab just barely touches, its not until I have an erection that is actually makes any decent contact with the "sweet spot." From what I have read, I am under the understanding that the P-tab should be "firmly" pressed against it under insertion which it isn't.

    Is this normal or am I not getting it in properly?

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    My helix only makes good contact with my perineum when I am holding about a 50% contraction. Try the Eupho or the MGX these two should make better contact with your perineum without any difficulty. IMO not all perineums are created equally. The company knows this and provides several different models to help a variety of users.



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      I was about to post just the same Question.

      I have a Helix and an Euphoria (accidentally bought MGX clone with a rounder p-tab contact surface). The Helix gives me the least sensations of both. I have the same problem with the p-tab that barely touches my perineum when relaxed, and only starts to make some contact when I have an erection + I squeeze real hard. At first I thought that the helix should be deeper in my anus because the base still sticks out about half an inch when I'm relaxed, but that just seems to be the case with the helix. It is my understanding that decent p-tab contact is crucial to start this ping-pong effect between perineum and prostate nerves. So after a lot of tries (almost a year) I seem to be stuck as well.

      The Eurporia's tip/shape seems to make directer contact with my prostate compared to the helix, but the tap is really big and round (whereas the MGX has a flat sharper p-tab), so I can't really say I feel decent perineum stimulation with either models. I also have the feeling when I scan for my sweet spot it is a but further away from my anus compared to both models p-tab anus distance.

      So shape-model wise, I'm inclining to the MGX, but p-tab wise, I'm more inclined to the Eupho. The shape of the eupho is again something different, and besides that it's the most delicate model for advanced users as well.

      Any help or advise would be great. thx



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        Hi z284pwr!

        I have to agree with luvinaneros on this one!

        The tab on the Helix, to me, isn't as aggressive as say the MGX or Eupho either! For me . . . more Super-O's
        with the Eupho than any, and the long P-tab probably helps!)

        I ended up doing a "tail-less" Mod to my Helix and do like the Angle and movements it has now
        since the Mod! Different strokes!

        Later, Hlaser99


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          That's one thing I'm not totally certain of. Do you slide it all the way in until it stops? My Helix slides right in no problem. But I thought I read somewhere that you slide it partially in and use contractions to pull it in the rest of the way.



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            About The Helix and how far it should stick in/out:



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              I had to tweak mine a bit with a lighter before I made good contact. Before you toss your Helix out at least try heating the tab and bending it a bit.


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                Originally posted by Helikz
                About The Helix and how far it should stick in/out:

                Thanks. I tried that and it did make a difference. It felt noticeably better than the previous night. I had it in for about an hour. Finally I had some pre-cum too!

                The first night or two it really is better to spend a lot of time just relaxing and getting used to the Helix being inside you. Like others have said you can't force things.

                Toward the end of my session I was getting a little aggressive with the shincter contractions and was a little sore. There was a very small amount of blood on the tip but no problems since than. Everything is fine. Already I think that I am getting re-wired. It is a gradual process though.