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question about aneros mobility/contractions

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  • question about aneros mobility/contractions

    I just recently got a helix after stumbling across the site, and although I've had a couple of interesting sessions, they never amounted to more than "nice " feelings. but im not here to complain, i know it takes time, i just had a question...

    How much is the aneros suppose to move? and is there an easy way to distinguish between pc and sphincter contractions?

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    Hey apodyopsis!

    When you start to have involuntary contractions and the Aneros magically starts moving in-and-out on its own, it seems like you are actually being fucked by it, but the actual distance it moves, is very little! (Who cares!...Right?)

    Don't worry about PC/Sphincter or other definitions right now! Just use the muscles used when you finish urinating and squirt the last squirts of pee out! LOL!

    When you squeeze properly, you should feel the P-tab push on your perineum (which feels good!) and if the tip of your Aneros is lined-up on your prostate properly, you WILL feel that "sweet spot" feeling too! (When I squeeze in this way I can feel it hit my prostate and then pre-cum drips out of my cock head! . . . NICE feeling too!)

    Anyway, exercise these muscles every day at work, while driving or watching T.V., until you can easily hold different degrees of contraction 10% - 100%). . . for different periods of time, without having to strain any!

    Now, my body takes its own contractions automatically, without me making any mental or physical effort at all! (It becomes more or less an automatic muscle response...)

    Have fun!

    Later, Hlaser