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My Aneros experience, so far...

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  • My Aneros experience, so far...

    First of all, hello to everyone!

    I have been reading these forums for about a month, and after a lot of careful perusing through all the various sticky topics, purchased and received my Helix late last week.

    My first session with the Helix was uneventful, but positive. It felt fine, and after an hour or so practicing breathing, contractions, and concentrating on the feelings provided by the Aneros, I brought myself to an erection and finished off. I could feel my prostate contracting a lot while I came, which was a great feeling, much more 'full' than just a pure penile orgasm.

    My second experience was much like the above, but I felt what I believed were the beginnings of very faint involuntary contractions. I could not fully concentrate due to outside noises, but was satisfied at the progress.

    These two experiences were, although very positive for me, were probably not ideal, as the lubricant I used (KY Warming Liquid) was too thin and didn't allow for the fluid environment the Aneros really needs.

    So, last night with my Aneros lubed up with plenty of newly purchased KY Jelly, I got to work. Immediately I could feel the difference in fluidity (shame about the 'urge to purge' :? ). I could not concentrate as well as I would have liked, as my heart was racing a little bit from the anticipation.

    I practiced deep breathing, and trying to relax. After maybe 15-20 minutes I started contractions, and a short while later while holding a contraction, I hit my next milestone: involuntary contractions. It was amazing! They were strong and fast, and my heart was pounding from the excitement. A truly wonderful, and new feeling for me.

    In my previous sessions, I never experienced an erection, and could only maintain one if I stimulated my penis. This time, though, I could feel my penis throbbing with the involuntary contractions and becoming erect. However, I could not keep the state for longer than a few minutes, as I became distracted.

    After a while I could once again bring on the involuntary contractions, but my concentration was shot, so I finished off.

    I did not come close to orgasm from the involuntary contractions during that session, but I think that if I managed to relax properly (not easy!) and concentrate properly I would have moved to a new level.

    Hopefully I will keep progressing with every session, but I learned from reading this forum, that patience is crucial with the Aneros.

    I'm very, very happy with what I've accomplished so far, and really have to thank the many experienced Aneros veterans here who have taken the time to make so much helpful information available here. It's been an invaluable resource. Thank you all!

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    good start. keep us posted.



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      I had an experience last night fairly different from my previous so far.

      Not long after insertion I started holding a contraction at maybe half strength. I began feeling very small pulses which for some reason caused me to have a very, very strong erection which radiated 'pre-orgasmic' (the build-up before a penile orgasm) feelings at the head of my penis. I could keep this state for a couple of minutes only, unfortunately, before I lost the erection and associated feelings. I wish it could have gone on for hours! Hopefully as I progress that will be the case.

      I did not have the strong involuntary contractions in this session that I had in the previous. Only very subtle rhythmic movements that felt as if the Aneros was somehow gently circling my prostate. Very pleasant.


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        I believe I had my first Aneros induced hands-free orgasm last night. After an hour or so relaxing, contracting etc. I began to feel a 'tightening' or drawing in of the Aneros to my prostate, which was a sensation I'd never had until then. This 'tightening' came to a peak which resulted in a feeling all over my body which I can only describe as an orgasm of some sort.

        Whatever it was, it felt almost transcendental. It was a gradual, smooth build up, with a clear peak. Much different from the 'pulsing' and contracting of a penile orgasm.

        I'm almost a loss as to how to explain the feeling properly, and I'm not sure I did a very good job above. Does it sound like the kind of experience others have had with the Aneros?


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          Congratulations upon reaching a mini-O, I have felt a number of these through my use of the Aneros. You are certainly making rapid progress. I can empathize with your inability to adequately articulate these types of orgasmic experiences; they are definitely different from a penile orgasm, but every bit as sweet! Keep up the good attitude of being open to all the feelings and not expecting any particular result. It will get even better as you tune into yourself and allow the feelings to grow.

          Good Vibes to You !


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            First of all, thank you for the feedback, rumel. It's most appreciated.

            My sessions (half a dozen or so) since have been uneventful, and it seems that I have hit a wall of some sort.

            I still experience pleasurable feelings from the aneros, and occasionally I feel like I could reach orgasm, but I can't seem to intensify, or carry the feelings to 'conclusion', which in turn leads to some slight frustration, and impatience -- not good! I suppose I've fallen into a bit of a trap now, in chasing that mini-o. But, at least I'm conscious of this trap.

            I'm not really sure if there is anything I could actively do to progress... I am generally not aroused or feeling horny when preparing for a session. I simply relaxed, practiced deep breathing, concentrated on the feelings generated by the aneros, and let the experience carry itself. It did get me to a mini-o, so I think it is a sound method. The thing is, I always use the aneros in the evening, before I go to bed. It's the only time I generally have a number of hours in total privacy. Initially, the excitement of the new experience was enough to keep me completely alert and fatigue free, but now that I am more used to it, those sleepy feelings begin to creep up, and I think we all know how much sleepiness can kill the mood. Dilemma!

            I have tried viewing erotica during my last few sessions, and although it was nice, this didn't produce any new feelings of note. I have also briefly tried changing positions, lying on my left, and my right side, since I usually lie on my back with my knees up, and feet flat. This hasn't produced anything of note either, but to be honest, I haven't been too patient in these positions. I have been tempted to try and fall asleep with the aneros still inside me, mostly because I really like the feeling, but also with the hope that maybe utilising the aneros in this way can lead to new feelings while my mind, and body are dormant. But, with safety as a concern, I'm not sure how much of a good idea this is?

            As a note, I have isolated some key feelings I experience from the aneros. The most significant being the tingling or vibrating of the prostate area, I believe I have seen mentioned in other threads. I think I have read about this being a signifier of impending orgasm? For me, it doesn't really lead anywhere. The other is a 'swelling' or feeling of 'fullness' which feels much like an involuntary 'bearing down'. Again, this feeling doesn't really seem to lead to anything.

            Unfortunately for me, I cannot seem to reproduce that slow, intense feeling of contraction that preceded the mini-o. Also, I can't seem to be able to bring about involuntary contractions anymore. Not sure why this is. I can occasionally feel a very faint rhythmic pulsing, in tune with my heartbeat. It comes and goes without much significance.

            Anyone have any general advice? I sure could use some... I have the feeling my best course of action for now is to give the Helix a rest for a week or so, and maybe abstain from masturbation in general during that time.


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              Patience, patience, patience, the “re-wiring” process is not necessarily a linear progression, it can be erratic with “one step forward two steps back” sometimes occurring. You may have reached a learning plateau wherein you will cruise for a number of sessions before a minor breakthrough occurs.

              You have already formulated a reasonable approach by your decision to abstain from Aneros use for a period of time and also abstaining from masturbation. This will allow your body to recoup some of the energy you may have dissipated by too frequent prior usage and will also allow for mental and physical arousal build-up (which is crucial for the super-O).

              My suggestion to you is to try ‘Mayfield’ s “base level” contraction technique to re-induce the “involuntaries” and give some different body positions a chance to work for you. Since you are receiving pleasant feelings, the Aneros is obviously massaging your prostate.

              You are correct about the trap of trying to force the feelings to intensify. Remember that you need to allow the feelings to grow, reinforce their validity with your thoughts and aid their amplification with gentle nudges to your prostate via the Aneros and other body stimulation (like your nipples). Enjoy the journey for the sensations you DO receive, it is when you expect more that the body losses the freedom to express its joy to you.

              Good Vibes to You !


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                Thank you, Rumel. Your input is invaluable!


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                  Well, last night I felt 'right' to try another session. My mind was in a good state, and receptive to arousal.

                  This session was, to put it simply, amazing. I lay down on my back as usual, feet up, and this time used a pillow to support my lower back and keep the handle free from any unwanted friction with the mattress. I practiced deep breathing, and relaxed.

                  After a short time (maybe 5-10 minutes) I started experiencing orgasmic feelings building up, which then plateaued beautifully over the next few minutes. From there, I knew this was going to be a special session. The Aneros was moving non-stop the whole time, and it was pure bliss.

                  I should note that I did not use contractions at all until well into my session. Not even a 'base level' contraction was necessary. I used contractions very sparingly, very carefully to coax feelings out.

                  I don't know if I experienced a super-o (likely not), but over the 2.5 or so hours this session lasted, I had 4 distinct orgasms. The initial one I described above, a mini-o as described in my 3rd post, and 2 other quite intense, 'spiking' (peaking, then cascading) orgasms I induced back-to-back through strong contraction. In between it was all pleasure waves, and feeling the internal interaction between my body and the Helix.


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                    Hi Geist!

                    You are just burning up the mattress, aren't you??? (allot of people would love to have your rapid success!) Congratulations!

                    One thing . . . when you hit what seems like a block of some sort, it is just your body assimilating the new feelings and knowledge!

                    Every time I have one, it is followed by a breakthrough to a higher level! (This is a good thing!)

                    Enjoy your Journey...

                    Later, Hlaser


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                      Thanks, Hlaser! I have to say that the Aneros has probably been the best purchase I have ever made. It's a very enlightening, and humbling journey.

                      Every man should own one.


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                        I hadn't used the Helix for a number of days, so I decided to have a session last night, and ended up with a somewhat interesting experience.

                        As soon as I inserted, I was immediately being stimulated. I could not even get my breathing in order. My heart rate started to rise and pound through my chest. The sensations were building up very, very quickly. Too quickly, even, and I was caught completely unprepared. It felt like a very strong build-up to orgasm, but too strong for me to properly ride or take to some conclusion. At times it did feel like I was on the verge, but I just could not make that jump.

                        It fizzled out over a few minutes as I gradually got control over myself, and from there the session was generally unremarkable. Most likely because I was quite tired.

                        I'm just a little taken aback by this initial experience. I'm sure if I could somehow 'control' myself, I would reach a new plateaux.

                        Has anyone else come across something similar?


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                          I did have a similar experience the other night. I've been using a Helix for about two months now. I've experienced many of the milestones listed in B. Mayfields "Keys to the Backdoor..." post. These include:
                          -Involentary movement of the Aneros (aout f*ck)
                          -Moaning/extreme pleasure waves
                          -Anal orgasms
                          -Pleasurable sensations outside Aneros use
                          -Leaking copious amounts of pre-cum
                          -Ongoing pleasure "shocks" running down both legs (as occur in a penile orgasm but with less intensity)
                          -Tingling/tickling/buzzing sensation in the prostate/anus during and after use (sometimes continuing for a day or more after use)
                          -Increased sense of well-being/energized after sessions, even as they've reduced my sleep hours.
                          -Increased, pleasuareable skin sensitivity (scrotum, thighs, nipples, back, arms) while using the Aneros and reinforcement of Aneros anal and prostate sensations while touching these other areas during use and continued pleasure when touching these areas after use.

                          It still amazes me to discover our bodies house this latent ability. It's really a shame more men don't know about the pleasure available to them. Were scientific research conducted on use, I'm sure it would show activation of the brain's pleasure center as well as relase of endorphens (sp?).

                          In any case, on to answer your question...

                          The other night, I was driving home from another city and inserted the Helix at a gas station on the way home. I like to do this for trips involving several hours of driving as I see it as a good way to Aneros train, it makes the time pass very quickly and it is extremely enjoyable. You do need to keep your eye on the road as well but this was late at night and very few cars were on the Interstate. I have modified my Helix by removing the curly rear (butt-crack facing part) handle, so sitting is more comfortable. Prior to this, sitting pressed the Helix into one side of my anus too much and I would experience discomfort and soreness after about an hour. Now, I can go for hours while sitting and it's not a hinderance.

                          During my drive, after enjoying numerous pleausre waves, leaking pre-cum, moaning, activating the tingling/buzzing sensation and going into my third hour of use, I was relaxing (not contracting) after a mini-orgasmic wave and period of sustained, rapid trusting contractions and began to immediately feel the build up that occurs right before a penile climax with ejaculation. The Aneros wasn't moving in and out, it was just sitting in me doing nothing. Unexpetedly, it was like a small electic current had been switched on in the device and my insides were automatically being stimulated. My penis started to swell in anticipation of orgasm and I felt right on the verge of ejaculating disappeared. "Hey, what happened?" I thought. More than a little fustrating.

                          I recognized the complete relaxation of my body after a sustained period of contraction-activated thrusting must have had some link to this next step in the activation of these sensations so I focused on complete relaxation again and the feelings started to buid to climax and then, just when I felt of the verge of cumming, fluttered away again. Dang, these are fickle trying to have a humming bird land on your hand.

                          I think if I had not have been distracted by needing to keep an eye on the road, I could have focused my relaxation to the point of truly crossing over to the Super O.

                          The good part of this is, I have now come to the point in my experience where I can see light at the end of the tunnel and that light is the amazaing Super O others report experiencing.

                          In any case, that's my experience so far. I'd be intereted in anyone's comments regarding my experience and this fluttering away of the impending orgasm.