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My First Super Orgasm...

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  • I had one yesterday on my 2nd try with the Helix. I bought it 3 days ago and was excited to give it a go. I was super disappointed on my first try because, although I did feel p waves and other great sensations, I didn't hit that crazy ass Super O everyone is talking about. Yesterday, I wanted to give it another shot and not put so much pressure on myself. To me, the hardest part is clearing the mind and really tuning into where you need to focus. My mind can easily wander, so I covered my eyes with hands to not look at anything and just visualize desires and fantasies.

    I decided to give poppers a shot because they relax me well. Because I was sick, I had to majorly blow my nose to inhale them. Well, blowing my nose hard unexpectedly activated some ab muscle I wasn't using, which set me off right away. I blew my nose again to pinpoint the muscle and started to isolate it. I laid back down, contracted that newly discovered muscle and BAM, it hit me. I realized what was happening to me and gave myself no judgements. I let go and let my body react. Oh my god, I cannot describe in words how that felt. My mind went to some really weird places in terms of imagery, but it was all really hot and making the sensations stronger. It probably lasted 10 minutes and my abs felt like the had a work out. I backed off to give myself a break and started laughing because I really did it! However, the laughter just set it off even more and had another orgasm. The vicious circle of laughing at the O was funny, mind-blowing, and super weird. But I loved it!

    I feel so lucky to have it work for me so quickly. I do understand everyone's frustrations when not getting it. I had that today when I wanted to feel those things again and just could not. But I really had to not judge myself and enjoy whatever I was feeling. What worked for me was recognizing what I was actually feeling and trying to specify how to get there. I can still feel where it was hitting me when the Helix isn't inside. When you body knows, just let it happen. I know that won't work for everyone, but the mental state is really the hardest part to master. It's hard not to get fed up, but keep with it and notice things. And if worse comes to worse, blow your nose and laugh


    • Yesterday I had what I think was my first super o. I have been using the maximus for about 2 months with pretty good success. Then I got the helix and maximus trident series and tried the TH last night. Things began normal and I felt really good. But for the first time, I started to feel pleasure in all my extremities. In my mind I thought about my toes feeling pleasure, ankles, calves, thighs etc. and worked my way up to my neck and face. My face felt numb and then I started to think of myself as an observer. I imagined watching my body from above. I tried to go higher and higher until I couldnít ignore the sensations. It felt like electricity was pulsing up my spine. Not all the way to my brain but most of my torso. It felt fantastic. Then it felt like I was ejaculating inside of my body. I imagined chemicals pouring into my blood like sparkling glitter. Then I physically ejaculated and it was over. I honestly donít know what category this falls under, but I donít even care- it was amazing. Afterwards, and still today I feel very happy and positive. Iím normally cynical and annoyed. Next time I get to that point, I will avoid ejaculating and see how long it goes on. I never felt weird or ďout of body,Ē it was all meditation or mental imagination. But it sure felt great. Now it makes me wonder, is the super o really a physical thing as much as it is mental? Iíve had violent muscle spasms at times but those werenít always accompanied by equally intense pleasure.


      • Had my first super O this morning! Actually started last evening before I went to sleep. Lubed up and inserted my Peridise, the smallest one, hoping for some late night activity. Woke up this morning not aware of anything happening during the night. Came downstairs feeling a bit disappointed but started feeling a bit horny. Decided to try a new position doggy style, with knees and feet on the floor and supporting my arms on the sofa cushions. Slowly started doing Kegels while breathing deeply. The Peridise was sucked in to the max and began feeling subtle waves beginning to surface. Slowly Peridise moved out a bit generating twitches in my anus which in turn, generated more in out movements. After a few minutes I could sense something was building as my whole being was starting to generate feelings of pleasure. As I rocked back and forth my whole body started to shake generating even more movement in my rectum. My anus twitched with glee and then out of nowhere the big O started and continued for what seemed like five minutes or so. What a feeling as everything seems to contribute the most pleasurable feelings I have ever experienced! After relaxing a little, I wanted more and the whole scenario repeated again, even more intense this time! Sadly I had to quit after the second O! After this experience, it opened up the world I have been waiting for after a year of sessions! Can't wait for the next session!


        • Ok so here goes...

          For many years I've been experimenting masturbation occasionally inserting the handle of a toothbrush or similarly smooth object to attempt to discover my prostate and achieve the mystical Super O - I'd often attach a vibrating device for increased sensation. Now, I have experienced great ejaculatory orgasms this way and occasionally managed multiple by contracting my PC muscles and using great concentration - but never felt that I'd experienced the legendary prostate orgasm. I've definitely experienced feelings of pleasure, mainly by manipulating my perinium or taint. Inserting a foreign item like a toothbrush handle can give feelings of pleasure but can be painful if too forceful and I'm sure would not be recommended by medical professionals.

          Anyway, I recently started researching prostrate massagers online. My original intention was to get something that vibrates, but after reading reviews about the Helix and how it works through contractions I decided to opt for non vibrating - I could always attach an external vibrator right?

          I decided on the progasm ice - great reviews and descriptions of intense orgasms, bigger than the Helix but what the hell - lets go for it.

          So 5 days ago it arrived. I've taken the week off work - turns out to be fortunate given the journey I was about to embark upon. After unboxing i lubed up and began inserting. A bit of patience required and not easy, but relaxed as much as possible and took it slowly. Eventually it was in. Uncomfortable at first and initially couldn't detect any ripples of pleasure. Concerned and disappointed at first thinking I'd wasted money and time, however I'd read some of the forums and knew you had to relax and give it time. I had a strong erection early on and then felt warm sensations emanating from the prostate area and my abdominal region. Within moments I knew something special was happening and the pleasure kept increasing. I got to the point were I thought I would ejaculate and because of my inexperience I would pull back because I didn't want the pleasure to end. My first session was over 3 hours and amazing but had to finish off manually achieving ejaculation.

          I couldn't wait to try again but tried to rest my intimate parts as long as possible. I couldn't wait too long though and was soon back on the ride. This time though I decided I wasn't going to hold back on coming if the desire came along. This was when I discovered my first flavour of what must be a super O. Intense waves of pleasure and my dick feeling like it was going to explode - but no ejaculation! Eventually gets to the point were I can't maintain an erection but the pleasure continues. I had to manually finish myself off as was at this point not used to ending a session without ejaculation.

          The most mind blowing experience happened yesterday. I returned home from a night out and had to get the Progasm inserted as soon as possible. This time I had a very definite entire body orgasm, it felt like my inner energy was transcending and separate from my physical self. Even my head felt like it was orgasming. Wow. Why had it taken me until my 40's to discover this? Better late than never. Anyway this time I resisted the urge to manually finish myself off and ejaculate and just let the feelings subside. I removed the aneros and settled to watch the end of a movie before bed.

          That should have been the end of a satisfying night right!? Wrong.

          I started drifting to sleep in bed but could feel my body starting to tingle. The sensations were similar to feelings I had with the whole body orgasm. Curious I thought, I did not have anything inserted but I decided to relax and go with the feeling. Sure enough I got an intense stiff erection. The tingling sensations continued and I could feel my anal muscles contracting and ripples going up and down my belly. I felt like I was floating, but my body was also melting into the bed. This continued into an amazing all body orgasm - no ejaculation and the progasm wasn't even in me!

          This was great however I couldn't get to sleep. Every time I tried to drift off the sensations would return. It wasn't until about 6am that I managed to drift off. Thank god I wasn't working the next day. I never thought I'd reach a point were I wanted pleasure to stop.

          What a journey. I've opened a door to a whole new world. The previous night I was actually worried I'd reached a point of no return and I wouldn't be able to stop orgasming until my head exploded. I definitely need to have a rest for a few days - although writing this makes me want to go down "the rabbit hole" again.

          I haven't experienced hands free ejaculation yet, I need to abstain from ejaculation for a while if I'm going to achieve this but find it hard to resist.

          Anyway there's more I could say but I'll just leave you with this.

          Thank you, thank you, thank you.

          I feel I need to tell everyone I know but of course this is still a bit taboo. At least I get to share here for the moment.
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          • Hello all, I've been lurking on these forums for a few months now. After reading a few of these posts and going through the wiki I bought myself a progasm Ice which was the best toy I have ever owned. I experienced my first super-o just yesterday, I was just sitting outside in a camping chair with my feet planted on a cooler and angled so the progasm could move freely if it wanted to. I was just relaxing and enjoying the sun when I started to feel some involuntaries going on. So I stayed relaxed one focused on the feelings I was experiencing. It kept increasing in intensity until it finally reached a boiling point, it felt like my rectum expanded along with the progasm being drawn in and scraping along my prostate in a come hither motion at first. The feeling was intense and caused me to giggle because I was so ecstatic. The laughing actually increased the pleasure I was feeling due to my abdominals causing the progasm to flutter against me. It lasted for about 30 mins in all and was my best experience with the toy this far. I can't wait for my future sessions knowing now that the hype is real and incredibly intense once you reach it. For those that have yet to experience it it's worth it just relax and enjoy the sensations as they come and just fall into it.


            • I went without for a few years & recently bought the eupho syn to replace my old helix. Tonight, sitting in a lawn chair on the pation, squeezing, I find myself rocking & shaking, holding my breath... fantastic. Once with my helix I went on a trip. My ass had a mind of its own, contracting involuntarily. I don't know how long it lastest. I was gone. Looking forward to more of that... Feels so good...


              • Iím no stranger to anal play and have used the Aneros Syn massager in various capacities during sex and my solo sessions. Although it enhanced these experiences , I had never experienced ďthe big O.Ē I really donít know why but I purchased the Progasm last week. I take care of people for most hours out the day so I was excited to set aside a few hours of ďmeĒ time on Friday night and had no expectations. I came home, opened a bottle of wine, trimmed my pubes and ass crack hair , cleaned my bowels , took a shower, and placed a few towels on my bed. I shut out the outside world with my Beats headphones and some down-tempo dance/trance tracks. I massaged my nipples, cock, balls and anus with a vibrator until the pre-cum started flowing. All the while taking sips of Pinot noir . I lubed up my crack and massaged my perineum with the progasm. After about 20 minutes, I took one small hit of Jungle Juice just to relax and not cramp and slowly worked the Progasm in . I felt full but it was easier than I thought . I laid down on my right side and got into a rhythm of contracting the muscles around the Progasm and gyrating my pelvis and left leg. No porn, no visuals. Just music. At this point, there was a copious amount of pre-cum. Although I didnít masturbate with my hands, I let my cock and balls do what they wanted between my legs so there was some stimulation of my cock head . I alternated between my right side , back, left side. I dry humped the bed . The texture of the towels felt great on my circumcised dick and hairless balls. . The whole time , I was gyrating my pelvis and contracting all the muscles around the Progasm . All the micro movements were feeling great and I focused intently on where the Progasm was and how it felt in relation to my prostrate. This session became all about me as I lost myself in the the music, the taste of red wine alternating with the mild savoriness of my Precum and the aroma of my manhood mixed with lube and the mild ripeness of my arm pits. I was sweaty and alive . I got my Swiss exercise ball and let some of the air out so it wasnít so firm. I laid my back on the the bed with my hips and legs over the medicine ball and gyrated my hips. I kept squeezing the Progasm and my penis got very limp . I let it flop wherever it wanted and felt the energy in my perineum build. I lost control and was probably screaming at that point as the pleasure and energy rose from my pelvis to my chest . Wave after wave of pleasure perfectly timed with the rhythm of the music . I didnít want the pleasure to stop and as long as I concentrated on what was physically happening, it didnít. I was laughing and screaming and singing . Iím a pretty sexual guy but I have never felt that type of energy before. I turned over and rode the ball (cowboy style ) and Built up to another Big O wave of pleasure . So many different sensations by making very small position adjustments on the ball. I challenged myself to get the Progasm deeper inside of me and contracting on it. This lead to a very powerful super O that left me crying (good tears, not bad). It was a well needed emotional release as well as an important moment of realization about someone very special in my life. After a brief pee break, I positoned myself on the ball as if I was fucking missionary style. I let my mind wander and imagined fucking like a pornstar with the Progasm in me and this led to a very powerful erection and copious release of precum on the balI that I savored with my nose and tongue. I didnít want to ejaculate so I breaked to refill my wine and realized that I had been lost in ecstasy for 2 and 1/2 hours. I crawled on my bed and passed out on my stomach, legs spread eagle with the Progasm still in. I awoke after an hour and spent another 4 hours pleasuring myself . This truly is an amazing physical and emotional experience and Iím glad to be a part of a community that shares and appreciates these types of journeys. Enjoy yourselves !


                • New here had my first Big O last night. OMG felt so good it hurt


                  • After some months of disappointment with the devices, the switch finally flipped and I had a super-O. There is a bit of a story behind this if you care to read on...

                    I acquired the helix classic in February and had no noticeable sensations. After reading the very helpful posts here, I got the eupho trident. Sadly, this had no impact either! In desperation, I bought the Progasm a few weeks later. Nada! I had been practising with my models regularly every two or three days, and tried all the advice I could find on here. Position, breathing, lube, you name it; I tried it.

                    I had begun the SR exercise a week ago, and I am really enjoying the heightened horniness. However, on Friday evening after the usual blah session, I removed my Eupho and dropped off to sleep. In the morning I thought 'what the hell' and began to wank, when I suddenly had this sensation in the pit of my stomach. The sensation sharpened dramatically, even as my dick went limp. I diddled my nipples and flexed my PC a few times and suddenly I was twitching madly, and the sensation was everywhere! And this was with NO DEVICE!

                    The sensation is hard to describe, and I had been searching for some clue as to what to expect. Well, I will now attempt to explain what I experience, and you helpful chaps can validate this (or otherwise!).

                    So the sensation is a thrilling behind my dick. Its almost like the stomach lurch you get when you drop on a rollercoaster. But its much more intense and spreads throughout my body. Every touch suddenly has erotic effect. I get this sensation from doing the following: Twitching the PC muscle, diddling my frenulum, diddling my nipples, rubbing the soles of my feet or my palms on the carpet or bedding, stroking my sides with my fingers from chest to hips... I break into a sweat and have involuntary muscle spasms and groans.
                    Other have described it a 'electrical charge',and I can see why.

                    Well that was a brilliant Saturday morning. I have been practising every opportunity since, and the sensation has strengthened.

                    What I have learned:
                    1. Its as much a mental activity as a physical one.
                    2. Being horny and enjoying some porn to warm up helps. Edging helps.
                    3. If I touch my dick, even if soft, it is thrilling. If I get hard, I back off, so I don't break my SR challenge.
                    4. My body becomes alive to touch. My nipples are super-sensitive.
                    5. Porn can be a distraction so that I end up ejaculating because I'm not paying attention to my responses.
                    5. I don't need the Aneros devices to achieve super-o.

                    For a lark, I tried the Eupho this morning (Wednesday), and it was as before: no sensation to write home about, but when I remove it, the tingle/lurch/electrical surge can be summoned at will. I even had some seriously erotic dreams last night - no doubt the effect of the SR kicking in. I'm going to set myself the target of a 42-day SR challenge. Why? Because I work away from home and will be back with my beloved in exactly 42 days. I will save myself for her, but I can have dry fun in the meantime. And anyway, 42 is the answer to Life, Death, the Universe and Everything, not so?

                    So have I wasted 150 quid on three devices and other appurtenances (lube, etc)? Maybe not. The Aneroses provided a means to bring to my awareness the sensations that trigger super-o. If my current status continues, then that is money well-spent, even if I never use them again.

                    Even as I type this, I can summon a pleasant tingle. It makes my working day so much more pleasant (but my colleagues are giving me the steely eye!).

                    So after all that, I acknowledge that this is a real phenomenon, that anyone can do it, and it takes practice - but you've heard all this before.

                    I feel honoured to be inducted into the Aneros Super-O priesthood, whose secrets are now being revealed to this Initiate.


                    • First session with the Helix Syn yesterday. Ended up giving up in frustration.

                      Tried again today. I read all the advice. Took a hot bath, spent ten minutes or so just relaxing in front of some light porn. Inserted, then just relaxed and did nothing. Waited a while, then whenever I felt a wave of arousal from something on the TV screen, would do a gentle squeeze.

                      After a while I got so lost in what I was watching, that Iíd managed to forget what I was doing. I did check the position of the perineum massager, and switched it from the left side to the right. Very quickly I noticed a sensation inside. Not a pleasurable one, just something. I soon became aware that my knees were trembling slightly. I kept breathing deeply and focusing on what I could see. After a while I got a sensation of intense warmth in my groin that would intensify further if I deliberately focused on an erotic mental image. My heart was pounding and it felt fantastic. The muscles in my groin had tightened and the entire area was shaking. A clear, very sticky liquid was leaking from my tip.

                      As to what happened next, iím not sure. Either, the realisation that Ďití was happening caused me to lose the moment, or, Iíd actually had an orgasm and it passed naturally. The feelings subsided. In the moment, I decided I hadnít quite got there and settled back to keep going and try again. It didnít happen - I was now too self conscious and with every squeeze of the muscles I was searching for a sign of the pleasure coming back.

                      I eventually gave up and decided to finish off with a normal wank. My god. I have never felt so in control while jacking off. When I could feel I was about to cum, I was able to hold that sensation while continuing to jerk. When I finally did cum, there was three times as much fluid (and it was much, much thinner than usual) and it came out with a level of force Iíve never experienced.

                      So, iím now inclined to think that I did, in fact, experience a Super-O - just my expectations were set too high. I expected the pleasure to build and build to a point where I broke into some sort of euphoric release. It actually just faded gently.

                      So, questions:

                      1. can this be done without being aroused? I think trying to focus on staying aroused was what caused the orgasm feelings to subside. I would rather just focus on what iím feeling without that distraction.
                      2. Does it sound to the more experienced like I actually did experience a Super-O?
                      3. Whatís the best way of making it last longer?
                      4. Whatís the best way of being able to go again?

                      Thanks for reading!


                      • I experienced something this weekend. Can anyone say what it was...? What's my next step?

                        I've owned an Aneros for only two weeks now, with no previous experience. My first two sessions were interesting, and arousing, but unremarkable. (Both were on my side, per user manual.)

                        On Friday, only my third session, I took ample time for arousal and exploration prior to inserting the Aneros. I explored the stimulating perineum especially and found it quite pleasurable. After inserting, the P-tab felt very stimulating on the perineum. I also found that sometimes contracting the sphincter would create a sensation like fluid was in the urethra. I took this as a good sign and contracted the PC muscle, which increased the fluid sensation. But most of the feeling and stimulation was in the perineum.

                        Holding this contraction triggered some involuntary spasms in the muscles around my pelvis and legs. Now that was new and interesting, but I couldn't sustain it.

                        So I flipped onto my back with a pillow beneath me. This increased the stimulation of the perineum on the P-tab and almost immediately another wave of spasms started in my lower body. I relaxed into them, allowing them to propagate into my entire body. My eyes rolled back, my heart started pounding, and my body convulsed continuously. I was sweating and short of breath. After the first onset, I could trigger another almost as soon as I caught my breath. Just wave after wave of full body, bed-shaking spasms.

                        Very, very cool. Very interesting. But they felt almost more like benign seizures - not painful, but not really that pleasurable either. Maybe a little bit of pleasure, but mostly the unusual sensation of losing control and muscle spasms.

                        The following day, yesterday, I could trigger them with only stimulation of the perineum - no Aneros needed - to the point of exhaustion.


                        This seems like a major stepping stone, only 3 sessions in. But it wasn't really that pleasurable? I didn't feel anything really orgasmic or much sensation involving the prostate. I've found that, with some effort and focus, I can create a slight warm feeling in the prostate - but nothing associated with these spasms. But I sure as hell woke up my perineum.

                        Anyway, I guess I'll just keep experimenting. But interested if anyone has any similar experience or feedback.

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                        • Itís exciting to read all of these experiences, even a little erotic. Iíll admit my prostate swells just reading some of these ! My first time happened just this past week. Oddly, I bought my first Aneros Mgx toy about three years ago... when I first attempted my brain was too acutely focused on achieving the big one so I psyched myself out each time. I had watched a pornhub video of a guy losing his shit with multiple orgasms and I was obsessed for like a week. I got a little stimulated but ultimately didnít have patience or the right frame of mind.

                          So I gave up and put the toy in a box. Years later ( just last week) I was super horny and remembered I had the Aneros mgx hidden away. So I pulled it out and decided it was time to go for it again. I read a few more articles, watched some porn and then lubed that shit up. I laid on my back and let my feet rest just below my ass. After like 20 min I noticed myself getting more turned on then what I had remembered during my first attempts. This time I was really just relaxed and my body was aching for the pleasure to take over me. So I surrendered to that feeling. As more time passed I got all the expected responses: hips and legs quivering, pee sensation and a rapid heartbeat.

                          After about 30-40 min something hit me hard, I felt an enourmous rush of pleasure run up my stomach into my chest and my legs just started lifting up off my bed. I thought it wasnít real and then it just kept going! My legs become like noodles and my prostate was taking full control of my body. There was this sudden rush of panting and a desire to moan and scream at the same time.... I stopped and caught myself realizing it was happening. So I went deeper into that feeling I kept getting each time my ass and prostate pulsed and before I knew it I was in full orgasm mode. Yes! Fucking unbelievable guys, like you read all these posts but until it hits you... I was in total shock. Iím a healthy 35 year old male, I thought I had all the sex things figured out...then this! My entire body was shaking and I could feel the waves of pleasure from my groin up to my neck and to my finger tips, all over. I let the Aneros do its thing, my prostate was sucking it in and pushing it out so fast i couldnít process the back to back orgasms. Ahhh it felt so so so good. I screamed and gasped. All the while my dick was soft but leaking out so much cum.

                          I kept going for another 30 minutes. Then rested. Then went back an hour later for more !!! I literally felt like an adolescent discovering masturbation... I was hooked. I spent my whole weekend sneaking away before bed time to get off more and more. Fuck it feels so damn good and I hope it just gets even better with more practice.

                          I will say I pulled some muscles in my neck and legs from the intensity of the multiple orgasms. I am Tall and slim in decent shape but... the nature of these uncontrollable body orgasms really slams your muscles. Four days later and Iím still sore! Itís kinda hot though right? I never thought Iíd have this experience. I feel I turned a switch on because now even without the Aneros mgx inside me I can feel my prostate response. If I pulse my rectum and already feel that butterfly horny sensation in my gut itís a recipe for more dry orgasms. Iím still learning but feel like Iím lucky to have such a quick bodily response...

                          I would say that it really does help to just be free, relaxed and super horny. Donít focus too much on the orgasms just feel the prostate do itís thing when you start the session. It will lead you to a mind blowing explosion that keep coming as you let go.


                          • Well. I just had my first Super O and then I followed it up with 20+ more over the next 5 hours.

                            And all Anerosless!!!

                            Mind you today I started the day with the Helix Syn and the Progasm session before I left for my flight to Atlanta. About 6 months into my journey and I was getting pwaves and like micro mini Os. Justvsome light pulsating and I can feel the involuntaries but up to this point nothing more than 10-15 secs. Nothing changed with this morning session.

                            For the last 4 days I have been reading and practicing the exercises from The MultiOrgasmic Man. No jacking off for 4 days...Sharpening the Knife every morning. 300+ Kegels a day. Using Cool Draw starting on the 3rd day.

                            I get on the plane and as I am on there I decide to do some kegels. I was shooting for 100. I got to about 50 and something strange happened. I was getting the pulsating I get with the Aneros but this was without. I stopped....did a few Cool Draws and then I was done.

                            I met up with my friemds and we got to the vacation home. All was well. We were just enjoying each others company. After Dinner we went home and I layed down on the couch. I fell asleep. Woke up like 30 mins later and decided let me finish todays kegels.

                            By number 20 I was feeling what I now know to be a clear pwave. It felt like a small thimble I could control and it made my anus pulse. I was able to identify my prostate as a well defined ball that i could apply the thimble to one half of the ball in my rectum. It still didnt feel better than a normal orgasm but it was lasting for minutes at a time.

                            All my friends were up at this point but with every passing moment the pleasure would increase. I was wondering how far it would go. About 30 mins passed everyone went to bed. I moved to my bed and turned off all the lights and decided lets just see where this goes i dont think it was even 5 mins when literally it was like I gun shot me in the head. My entire nervous system was overtaken and my head was shaking uncontrollably. My entire body seized up and trembled with pleasure. That pleasure was radiatimg and it was increasing. How is this Literally this lasted longer than I can even recall easily over 5 mins. I muzzled myself with the pillow over myface. And it felt Like I was falling...and it kept increasing...i actually started to tear up. My brain felt pure extasy. There was no plataeu...I was motioning the thimble against my prostate like striking a match then hold the thimble in place like a lit match under or over point on my prostate. It drove me wild the pleasure was so intense I didnt think it was real and when I thought it couldnt go any higher it did.

                            This then happened another 20+ times over the next 3 hours. Yes. 20. In fact my prostate barely allowed me to sleep last night. Any time I would relax the thimble would come back and send me convulsing in pure delight unlike I had never experienced.

                            I've literally had my life changed


                            • In my recently fulfilled journey more than a year and a half had gone by and I had tried almost every Aneros model with no success. I read many forum entries and got great information from the likes of Max Mayfield and Rummel and itís all good stuff. Every attempt was nothing more than a few sensations, but, there was one exception. There was the one time I got blind-sided with a single Super O using the Helix but I could never find it again. That moment was breath taking and I think I cried out from being overwhelmed with pleasure. It was insane ! Trying to get that feeling back became very frustrating for months on end. Nothing worked again. I was sure I was trying too hard so I followed every suggestion especially about being relaxed, but still nothing. Then I happened to read about a model from High Island Health called the PS NEW that they describe on their website as for anyone over 5í11Ē. I never, in all my reading, had read there was a model for taller men, but it makes sense. Aneros does not offer this version but they should. I am 6í exactly so I ordered one with a little more hope and tried it the day I got it. Well, well , well.......

                              So here are the results of that day and every time since - a Super O with no exceptions. I will go through my steps that I derived for me.

                              I use a coconut/walnut oil blend for lube - 5 - 10 ml injected. Then I coat a layer of Vaseline over the PS New and then dip it into the coconut / walnut oil blend and Insert it at this point. I then lay down on my right side with left knee up and do a few small contractions. Now I do a deep ďdouble contractionĒ (PC and anal together) and hold for twenty seconds. Take a deep breath and relax begin listening. You should be ďlisteningĒ for flutter feed back from your prostate. Now and then I squeeze very slight PC contractions. This waiting and listening can take a while- maybe 30-60 minutes in the beginning. I also learned the difference from PC contractions from anal contractions. They are different but so close that some people on the forum ask ďwhatís the difference?Ē Learning to exercise them and isolate the two helps greatly.

                              Feel for slight flutters from the prostate, then a small buzzing, and then a gradual swelling feeling in the anus - this is the beginning! Roll a little more to your right to open your butt checks so the device can move and is not restricted. Let it take you. The swelling should keep expanding and taking charge of you anus. I think Mayfield speaks about this as ďgiving inĒ to being penetrated and relaxing so it can happen. Relax, Let it take you. Try to hold onto the swelling feeling by relaxing the anal muscle as you gently contract the higher PC muscle. This causes a ďtug of warĒ muscle conflict and (with a little practice) almost immediately the anus will feel like itís being penetrated (wonderful feeling) and the Prostate seems to swell, this can be a very overwhelming feeling and it varies each time. The first time it happened was so exhilarating and overwhelming I didnít know to laugh or cry again because I got it back!. I was gasping and moaning for it to not stop. I buried my head in the pillow wanting to scream. There is no doubt when a Super O takes you over! They can last for 15 seconds or many minutes. I have learned how to keep them going by relaxing the anus while contracting high up in the PC area. Nothing too hard or I lose it altogether. No worry though because once the ďwell is primedĒ the contractions can be brought back. Nearly to the point of exhaustion. I just had at least two dozen superOs in a two hour session and thatís with nothing really happening until almost the second hour. Be forewarned this took over a year of searching for the Super O and reading everything from Mayfield. Another big influence was a post from 2010 from Caveofmystery titled Quick and Dirty path to the Super O found here:


                              Thankfully it all came together for me recently because of good information out there and perseverance. If you are struggling donít give up because you will miss out on something magical.

                              PS- Donít hold back telling your wife about it. Honesty is the best policy and hopefully you shouldnít need to hide it. I was very worried to bring it up and yet my wife was all on board with this and even shoots the lube and inserts the device a lot of times. I get a giant boner just having her do this. No touching though until after my ride. To her, this toy is no different than the many toys we have tried for her. And there is nothing like this for men that will produce these extreme sensations.

                              I was skeptic that almost missed out! Good luck.


                              • A helix syn user for about a month now. Up until today, I guess I had a number of what would be termed dry-o's or mini-o's. Pretty intense experience producing a fair amount of clenching and radiating tingling feeling with inability to focus or remain in a relatively still position. But nothing that I would term as a 'super-o'.... that is until today. I watched some of the video's others posted on their super-o experiences, and I really thought...that is until today.....that all the uncontrollable thrashing about was likely little more than theatrics for the viewer. Well, I hit the familiar dry-o today and just kept the rhythm moving throughout the experience. About 3-5 minutes into it I was thrashing about the bed uncontrollably and nearly fell off of it. The whole thing felt like an out of body experience. Heck, words cant even begin to describe what happened. Last night I was wondering what would happen if I tried the helix while in the hot tub with jets hitting the right places. But after today, I am no longer going to entertain that idea as I don't want to be the first helix user to drown. Although it would make for an interesting read on a death certificate!!!