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My First Super Orgasm...

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  • Thanks to the help of some herb, I've had my firsts Super O, since most of it has become so blured in my memory, this won't be an extensive description.

    After a day of anticipation I readyied myself, and smoked a bit ( it's been 5 years since last time.).
    Puting my aneros in and getting in my favorite position I ended up having a Super O almost imediatly, a very active one.
    After an hour of full body enjoyment I decided to wrap things up and masturbate to ejaculation. Which I promply started, it took some time, some edging and ended up being very very powerful as it being combined with my previous feeling which, had not vanished.

    After a few seconds rest, my whole body started vibrating with what I perceived to be waves of energy. At this point I had to lay down and my body did almost not move for the rest of my session.

    After an hour or so of the most awesome feeling, I was getting a bit scarred, I was feeling all the wave in my body, I was feeling heat from my abdomen to my upper leg, and it started to burn. It was way too much for me to handle and it just wouldn't stop.
    Almost unable to move, I gathered as much strengh as I could and managed to remove the aneros... But, as someone who almost have the same stimulation aless, I had a few involontarie and everything started again.
    As I was getting used to the feeling it was becoming less and less scary.

    An hour or so of pur bliss after, and with lessning sensation, I decided to try putting my biggest buttplug (7cm diamater, it basicaly is so big that I can't even ejaculate with it in), and it was another mindblowing orgasm which didn't last quit as long, but that wasn't far.

    So after 4 hours it was time to stop everything, I still had a lot of orgasmic sensation while I cleaned, readyied myself up for the night and got to sleep.

    The next day I had a pretty similar session, except for the fact that I started playing with this wave feeling, changing it wavelenght, frequency, making it echos etc... Most awesome thing ever.

    It seems like masturbating during my sessions just break the barrier that is holding me back and send me in a pleasur overdrive mode. Being unable to do anything but feel pleasure is quite fearful at first, but it's quite an experience!
    Strange thing i've noticed is that when I try to move a muscle, it just start jerking mindlessly, it's a total loss of control for me.


    • Holy crap... IT...finally...happened. I have been messing around with devices for the past 12 years. Over the past year I had been pretty close, close enough that I knew I had to keep pushing on. Over the past month I began doing kegels more frequently. I have a multitude of aneros devices, mgx, maximus, progasm, eupho, helix, helix syn, but what did it was I am also into estim - BUT, I used this on it's own w/o stim. It has a very aggressive head on it. I had been very close before, but didn't realize it due to my own expectations. Last night I went into the session w/o any expectations, I just let myself feel. I started off with a little mj, lubed up, and began insertion. This thing gets right up on your prostate, you can feel the pressure immediately. I sat down in my computer chair and leaned back. I did nothing. Before I knew it, my heart started beating faster, every 30 seconds or so it would kick up a notch. I used very slight muscle control to hold the device on the sweet spot. Again heart was beating faster and faster, my muscles were moving involuntarily, and were picking up the pace. I started to chub up a bit, which has never happened with a device inserted, everything was still picking up faster and faster. I began to feel like I was dribbling, and still the pace picked up. I began having HARD involuntaries, as if I was shooting a load, this continued for a few minutes, slackened off, then the process began again, after the 2nd time around, I "lost" the feeling, I expected I had made a big mess, but hadn't dribbled *too* much. When I went to get up my legs felt like jello. WOW. what a feeling.

      Thanks to all on this board who have shared a plethora of knowledge, if it weren't for you and your posts, I'm not sure I would have made it here.


      • Back to the Basics = Success

        After six months of trying everything, having some wonderful A and
        A-less sessions I was frustrated at not really getting the big O. I
        decided to regroup and go back through the Wiki to see if I'd missed
        something important. I carefully reread each section (which was
        painful). When I got to the Contractions Exercise section I realized
        that I had not really tried the constant low level contraction with varying
        stronger contractions since starting my journey. I have rarely had any
        involuntaries and have never gotten anywhere fantastic using the "Do
        Nothing" method. So, I thought why not try it again.

        After a relatively short relaxation period and almost zero arousal, lying on my back with my knees up, I began with
        a couple of full contractions then started the constant low level
        contraction. I focused on the feelings of the interior area behind my PC
        muscle. I did a few mid level contractions while holding at least the low
        contraction. I was surprised that I started feeling a little movement of
        the device. That quickly progressed to my legs gently shaking. Getting excited, I
        let the involuntaries do their thing while I focused on holding the
        minimum contraction. For the first time ever the device began to move
        quite a lot on its own. That was new and I was now definitely aroused. Serious P Waves began and I just let myself enjoy them. I didn't try to force anything
        but did not let go of the static low level contraction. As I played with my nipples, I could also
        feel an obvious strong arousal of my prostate, slowly growing with warmth and
        vibration. My legs were shaking rhythmically and I was on a
        continuously rising ladder of pleasure. Nothing I was doing was forced or even conscience except the continuous, low level PC muscle contraction.

        Within 10 minutes of lying down I began to have tons of dry orgasms that forced me to fully contract and my legs came up off the bed. At this point, while in a feeling of complete rapture, I decided to relax and let go. As I let my legs slowly fall to the sides, spread eagle with my knees bent, I went willfully and joyfully into the freaking stratosphere. For the next 45 minutes I drifted in and out of full body orgasms that left me breathless and panting. My penis was only slightly erect a couple of times and I didn't ejaculate, but man what a ride.

        My stomach and hip flexor muscles really started to ache so I finally decided to end the session. I removed the device and sat down on the toilet. As I began to urinate, boom outta nowhere, another strong orgasm shook my body. Wow, heavenly.

        To all who have not experienced something truly special with the Aneros, don't give up. Go back and carefully review how you've progressed. I thought my body was lacking something and that was going to keep me from a Super O. I was wrong and now I can't wait to do it again. Cheers


        • Greetings fellow Orgasmonauts

          Today is my big day. Today I managed to enter the realm of Super O in my third session. Well, at least speaking of prostate-induced sensations, since I have already once experienced similar level of ecstasy some time ago, but wasn't really able to reproduce it, until now.

          Theoretically, this wouldn't be the best moment for an Aneros session - I just came from a party, however without alcohol or any drugs, so I was only a bit tired due to the lack of sleep. And also very horny, so I felt it might be a good time after all. And, oh boy, it was.

          I first tried laying on my back with knees up and after few minutes my Helix hit the spot which resulted in waves of heat radiating from my prostate which already felt pretty awesome. And of course that was a sign that it's working which further fueled my excitement. Then I switched to my side (basically fetal position). I used some mild breath control to enhance arousal (not asphyxiation or any like that, just held my breath for like a minute, but getting some little grasps of air). Then my prostate emitted another waves of heat, and within a few minutes I just drifted silently into the Calm Seas of Orgasm.

          First Super O lasted for like a minute or two. After that I switched to on-my-back position and put on my headphones with this:

          I love this recording and use it by opening it in three tabs with different timing. So I did this same way now, also watched some of my favourite sexy photos and videos, and didn't have to wait long for results as the next wave of orgasm hit me. And that was one hell (of rather Heaven) of a ride. This might be already my strongest orgasmic experience ever, and there were already some amazing ones before. And what makes it even better is how little effort I actually nedded to achieve this.

          After several minutes or so - not sure how long it lasted because I went to some other dimension - the mind-blowing-cosmic-full-body-orgasm ended and the session too, since I felt really tired (but energized at the same time).

          I feel my life just got much more exciting. I love it.


          • I have had the MGX for a couple of months , but probably only spent three or four real sessions with the device. For the most part, I have used a towel on the floor with pillows supporting upper shoulder and my head. The previous 3 or 4 attempts were spent predominantly on my back with my feet planted firm on the floor. Just for the record, i am late 40's, also regularly engage in prostate play using fingers (usually one) with my partner.

            My routine for my early sessions involved inhaling my breath and drawing in the device for a count of five and then exhaling slowly. usually i can feel the device on the prostate and then an abatement of the pressure as i relax. I generally go through about 10-12 cycles to warm up. Most of my time on my early session was spent trying to achieve the "20% clenching with anus and internal" to draw in MGX. Usually, i left the session, tiring out after an hour.

            Today - a totally new experience. Full disclosure of things done differently. I smoked a little medicinal medicine, enough to be buzzed but not stoned. i performed my usual warm up of 10-12 "warm up" reps on my back, but then felt inclined to turn on my side. Since i didn't know the internal clenching percentages, i experimented a bit going up to maybe 80% which for me was the magic formula. Within the first 10-seconds of turning on my side and pulling into 80%, i knew that i had "touched something different" with a different sensation. Tickling and small amounts of pleasure were noted that i had never really quite felt before on my back. For some reason, the head of the MGX seemed to float a bit better on my side. Right away, my hips got involved almost thrusting back and forth (or at least sideways on the ground). It was like by the rocking motion, they had better stimulation of "THE spot" and it seemed my ass wanted to pull the MGX even deeper. I concentrated on having my clenching focus the head of the MGX almost to a point inside i'd like to describe as a fulcrum point in a see saw. When i could focus the head of the MGX near that area, it was like a push button for launch for me. Within a few seconds time, the swaying of my hips grew in intensity, my breathing immediately went into huff and put mode very quickly. I could feel involuntary contractions - like "shooting blanks" going through my semi-rigid member. By the time, i got four or five seconds in, my hips were spasming uncontrollably quickly back and forth, my breath gone into mode like I had just run the 100 yard dash and the sensation was so intense and prolonged I was whimpering in all sorts of strange tones. At times it felt like i was crying though i wasn't. Honestly, it was the best thing i have ever felt in my life. The intense sensation and bucking probably went on for 45-60 seconds until i was able to slightly release the pressure. Even then, my ass unconsciously was trying to pull it back into position as I eased up. There is never any need to directly touch yourself for stimulation - this is different in how it feels anyway.

            Needless to say, i repeated this process over and over again for the next 45 minutes or so. Nothing really 'leaked out" in over abundance more than just a lot of dribbling out of pre-cum, but the intense portions felt like that sensation when your are coming during sex - like a minute long orgasm. Super-O, without a doubt. Multiple Super-O's strung together. Didn't think it really existed until this AM. Some were on the order of 20-30 seconds and other up to 2 minutes long. Some rated 8 out of 10 or others were 15 out of 10 in terms of intensity. Length didn't always correlate with intensity. Some of the rocking was so intense that I think I wound up with carpet burns on my hips.

            i was dazed literally, as others mention you have no concept of time at that point. For me, working into a new series of incredible pleasure episodes could be anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute. It was difficult to decide not to "just go one more series". When I did slow down, I cleaned up and went and relaxed for an hour by web surfing. After watching vids of other Aneros users to confirm that i probably looked "that spastic", i thought what the hell am i doing wasting my time watching videos of others when THAT COULD BE ME!! So i went up for round two . Another 30 minutes of sheer pleasure in as much intensity if not more.

            To be clear, I am not a shill for the company. In fact, up until this morning, i was a hard skeptic who wondered if I wasted my money. It is real, it is amazing and honestly I haven't been able to think about not going back for a third session. Seriously, when you get this to work for you - you will understand how special the multi-orgasmic process makes sex an amazing experience for our wives and girlfriends.

            My advice to all, is definitely get in the right frame of mind. Sexy, horny, buzzed, whatever. It makes concentrating easier on the one magic point in your body and nothing else, all that easier. Second, try experimenting with different positions, hardness of surfaces. For me, relaxation and warm-up is most comfortably performed on my back, but when i turn on my side , it's game on - and game on quickly. Thank you Aneros. Really, Thank you. This has been an amazing day and an amazing product. I look forward to wearing this sucker out.


            • I can hardly beleive im posting in this thread finally, but here goes.

              Just had a week off, did a lot of stuff and was kept busy but was very horney (something i rarely get these days) and adopted my usual tool and position, tempo and lying on my front and focusing on the heat and weight of the tempo. Immediatly i was having pwaves and small orgasms rising and falling, then stronger ones and stronger again, lots of moans etc before subsiding after about 15 mins.

              Then i grabbed my porn and get really turned on (naked pics of hot women etc) and this time its different, i can feel the anus muscles internally begin to contract like im going to blow a huge amount of cum but then came the moans. I cannot beleive how much it felt like i was orgasming out of my penis, it lasted a good minute but oh my was it intense! just as intense as a normal ejaculatory orgasm would be, my level of arousal was through the roof, penis rock hard and i could feel precum dripping out.

              So yeah. Wow. Feels incredible. Im now too exhausted to carry on!
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              • I had half a mind to simply post “IT’S REAL!!” and leave it at that. But I guess a bit of explanation is in order. Maybe a lot of explanation

                I bought the helix syn last Sunday night (five days ago) and couldn’t resist experimenting with it every night. My girlfriend has been out of town, so I have plenty of opportunities for solo, uninterrupted sessions. I wanted to take a day off as aneros recommends, but it’s just too tempting to explore this little world every chance I get.

                I don’t know where to start with the details, so I’ll just give a list of variables first. Everyone’s bodies are different, there’s no perfect recipe, and some things I’ve read on this forum did not point me towards the feelings I eventually felt. But this is what worked for me:

                Lube: an eyedropper full of coconut oil inside rectum (staying power of silicone lube but without destroying the toy), Pjur 'analyze me' water based gel on the toy

                Chemical state: I take prescribed adderall for ADD issues, so that was going on. When I get focused on something erotic, the adderall can increase my body’s sensitivity and keep my mind focused on sensations/fantasies. I also took half a caffeine pill before starting the session, and took two of these crazy male supplements that I get from a local sex toy shop ( I honestly think that they are black market viagra, as they produce the exact same combinations of side effects in the same amounts that I get from taking straight sildenafil (acid reflux if I don’t take an antacid, stuffy nose). The deal with pills like those is that they increase blood flow to everything and makes your erogenous areas a bit more sensitive. I really want to work towards having super-o’s without the pills, but I think they helped me start to get a feel for the re-wiring.

                Last semen ejaculation: I have been edging for the last five days. I’m usually a jerk off 1-2 times a day kind of dude, but this experimentation has made me want to build up some semen to see if it makes super o’s easier to attain.

                Vibe: super relaxed but simultaneously caffeinated and very turned on. I used a fleshlight with lube to edge myself into serious arousal before beginning the aneros session. I usually listen to ambient/drone music like Tim Hecker, Lawrence English, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith type stuff when I’m doing a session, but when the super-o came last night I had actually turned off the music for the night. I had been watching my favorite porn scenes that never fail to get me in the mood. I also had a really sexy scented candle burning that always relaxes and stimulates me. Scents are important for my mindset, and I don’t mind paying a premium for something that smells really exotic and satisfying. I use Malin + Goetz candles, and was burning this one: The dark rum candle they make is also awesome and has helped me get relaxed enough for mini-o’s before.

                Position: On stomach/side with left leg pulled up and my back slightly arched, one arm under my pillow/head. This is the position I sleep in, only last night I pulled my knees up more into an exaggerated ass-out kind of situation. I noticed the higher I pulled my left leg up to my chest and spread my ass (without overdoing it, of course), the cleaner and more intense the contact felt. I also used a trick that someone on here mentioned and let the p-tab fall slightly to the right of my perineum.

                Mental approach: this was absolutely the most crucial. I can best describe it as super active awareness combined with extreme surrender and the same amount of relaxation you use to fall asleep. It’s a tricky balance: I have to keep my mind focused on sensations, but also completely let go of any desire to control them. It’s sometimes difficult to parse out whether i’m contracting my muscles or I’m experiencing involuntary contractions. The key thing for me is to relax, relax, relax and do nothing. I bought the guided meditation mp3 thing that aneros sells and I wasn’t listening to it during this session, but I had her words in my head and repeated her suggestion of ‘slipping deeper’ whenever I needed to let go another level. I imagined my feet and knees and arms and head all sinking deeply into the bed. I also tried to sorta “think soft thoughts” like one does just before sleep. This is tricky though, because I also tried to keep my mind on erotic thoughts, mostly visualizing the porn that gets me off / my girlfriend / etc. It’s a bit of a balancing act to mix mindfulness with surrender, albeit a soft and relaxed balancing act

                The elusiveness of your first super o is partly a product of not knowing where to place your focus to experience a physical feeling that you have zero frame of reference for. Regarding that: one of the most important things that sent me into the contractions was a thought that came to me regarding where to place my focus. I realized that I should probably expand my mental gaze from the area around the toy to my *entire body*. If you’ve ever experimented with drugs in a solo setting and have gone through the process of lying in bed waiting for a new unknown substance to kick in, paying attention to any little out-of-the-ordinary thing—while also trying to make sure that you’re not giving yourself psycho-somatic reactions—that’s extremely similar to the approach that I took to the super o. In terms of movements, I very much surrendered to the "do nothing” approach. The thing is, though, that when I really really relax, my body starts involuntarily doing things—tiny, barely perceptible things—and I have to actively let it, no matter where or how those feelings spread in my body, and regardless of the fact that they make me feel like I look like I’m having a (rather unattractive) mild seizure in my eyelids/lips/fingers/etc.

                The primary precursor feeling from prostate stimulation (for me at least) doesn’t initially feel like the kind of thing that would lead to an orgasm. It is totally unlike a traditional orgasm type feeling, or even a being turned-on kind of feeling. It feels slightly rough and scrape-y, like the tip of the aneros is kind of dry and scratchy against a little part of my prostate about the size of a pencil eraser tip. I tried to really tune into that little scrape-y, poky feeling, and I used that as a starting point to follow the sensations as they jumped around my body.

                I let the little tickles and sparks run their course. This is very hard to explain, but what inspired that approach was a comment I read on this forum, that “your body knows what to do”. I surrendered to that on the deepest level I could, and the results were not what I expected. When I really allowed my *entire* body to do its thing, it was bizarre. I almost felt like I had little mischievous currents of energy flitting about my body in the most unpredictable—but connected—way. A twitch would start on my perineum, but then my upper right shoulder would twitch, then my left thumb would twitch a bit, then something behind an eye, then my scalp, then my lip would slightly quiver, all in the blink of an eye, but in sequence. Many types of ‘twitch-trails’ like this would lead up to the first involuntary contraction I had.

                When the super O came, the waves that comprised it seemed to go *up*. I don’t know how to describe it, but the sense of ‘up’ was pervasive. I think I’ve had mini Os before, but the first involuntary contraction was, without question, involuntary and significant. Waves started in my prostate area and up through my sternum, eventually kicking my head back and making my jaw fall open. It almost felt like the dry heaves in the sense that you feel them coming, and you have the choice to either surrender to them or not, and when they start coming, you kind of can’t entirely control it anymore. Like that, but obviously insanely pleasurable rather than insanely nauseating. I didn’t vocalize, but I tried to let myself do it a bit. Vocalizing actually felt a bit forced and pulled me into reality too much. I did pant like crazy, though, and the super o left my whole body tingling from lack of oxygen due, I’m assuming, to a little hyperventilation.

                Once the first super o subsided, it was more or less easy to let another one come, and another one, and another one. They did progressively decrease in intensity, though, although that might have been a product of my brain processing what was going on and trying to put things into a cogent explanation (“is this a super o? yes it’s a super o. how do I describe this? will I post on the forum? etc, haha), which drew me out of the surrendered mindset necessary for the super o type experience. As the super o’s subsided, I kind of had a choice to keep going and kind of didn’t have a choice to keep going. Again, it’s sort of like how after you’re finished throwing up, you’re in that state where you realize you can either continue to let your stomach go ahead with another round of heaves, or you can cut it off. I know the barfing analogy is pretty gross and it’s a poor fit for something as wonderful as a super o, but it’s really my only point of reference for that type of stomach-contracting-involuntarily type of feeling. I repeat: this didn’t feel like the toe-curling, groin and chest-centered spasms that accompany my traditional penile orgasms. There might have been toe curling, but it was a totally different feeling.

                After I was done with those super-os and got up to go pee, etc, I experimented with inserting the Njoy Pfun Plug to see if I could get similar p-waves with that now that I know what they feel like. I didn’t have a full on orgasm with that in, but I did have some involuntary precursor contractions that I never experienced before the aneros, though. I ultimately let myself fall asleep without jerking off, and I (happily) still haven’t came in over five days.

                The mental state of the super o is pretty strange, and I also had to surrender to that. It was very dreamlike: not dreamlike like how dreams are portrayed in movies, all swimmy and slow, but dreamlike in the sense that I had a series of experiences of inhabiting totally foreign understandings of myself and what I was going through. They sort of flashed from one to the next, like how thoughts flit arbitrary from one mental picture to another in the mind's state right before sleep. When I say that I had to surrender to these thoughts, it’s because a lot of them go against scripts that our society has for thinking about sex, and even scripts that I have for thinking about my own sexual fantasy life and identity. To be specific, I felt during the super O that I was a woman curled up in the throes of an orgasm. I let myself be that woman and I let that woman continually say “yes” to what was coming from behind her. This woman was not the type of woman that one might imagine as the archetypical hot woman—it was more like inhabiting the body of the type of girl with just the right combination of quirky, sexy features that turns little secret, parts of my brain on—a combination of all the crushes I’ve had since adolescence. I would get fleeting mental images of her/my neck with hair curling down around it, a vision of what it would look like to look up her/my skirt, a vision of what her/my lips looked like. The strangest thing about these visions—if that’s what one might call them—was that in some moments I sensed myself inhabiting the body of an insanely hot orgasming woman who was covered in—get this—cartoon-like hair/fur. Not like thick fuzzy hair, but, like literally the hair that a comic strip artist might draw on a jungle cat, like a cheetah. It was very line-drawn and simplified/stylized. Super fucking bizarre, right?! Maybe I was tapping into some deep buried fantasy about Cheetara the Thundercat from when I was five years old. Who knows.

                But that’s what I mean when I say that I had to get into a place where I was completely non-judgemental about any of the thoughts that came into my mind in the period leading up to and during the super O. I have never had any desire to express a female gender (or be a cat-like creature, haha), and I still don’t. To be clear: I didn’t have a super o and decide that I’m a transwoman on some level. To the contrary, I feel as masculine as ever, I suppose. But in that moment, I had to be completely willing to invite the experience of deeply empathizing with a female orgasming body, and fall deep into a vision of myself as an orgasming Cheetara type jungle cat lady and let it totally excite me.

                I’m not a hippie type guy, but I’ve grown up around spiritual seeking type stuff, largely due to my mom’s interest in buddhism and things like that. In the past I’ve explored deep mindfulness meditation and I’ve experimented with psychedelics used for spiritual purposes (ayahuasca, high-plateau DXM trips). If anything, this had more in common with those type of things than it had in common with any previous type of masturbation I’ve done. Masturbating involves *you*: this state involves a dissolution of *you*. Your own personal sense of self and inhabiting your body in the way that you understand it day-to-day is set aside, enabling a willingness to momentarily empathize with an entirely different type of selfhood no matter how unexpected…even if the ‘self’ that you inhabit is a panting cheetah woman.

                Shit is weird, man. But I honestly think that it taps into the same types of vivid awareness that can be accessed by meditation and other types of mindfulness work.

                Do I think working with the aneros as a meditation-style mindfulness practice works as its own type of spiritual path type of thing? I don’t know. Honestly, I wonder if it might be something of a false flag for deeper spiritual experience, like a drug trip that makes you feel like you’re receiving deep teachings that you later get a more sober perspective on. But at the same time, I don’t want to discount the type of mindfulness work that I might be able to access with future super o sessions. In fact, that might be the aspect of practicing with the aneros that excites me the most.


                • Wow! I can finally say I have reached the pinnacle of prostate pleasure. I had began to think about when I would finally get something of this magnitude from the aneros...umm..."treatment". I had my first Super O experience last night, it had to be. I put my aneros helix in and just kind of relaxed with it. Doing some contractions, and then began to hold contractions. Well, while holding one, something started building. Certain parts of my body began to start moving on their own. All of a sudden, boom! It was like my body was seizing. I was thrashing, convulsing all over the bed! It had me trying to sit up halfway, shaking, slamming back down, rolling all over shaking. I don't even know how to describe it! I just know I was very loud vocally, sometimes moaning, other times groaning or screaming. I wonder if it would have sounded like someone was being tortured in my house if it could have been heard by someone outside. What's more this was not the only time it happened. It would subside, but then before long I could tell another was coming, then another, it must have happened four or five times before I knew I had to be finishing up (people would be home). I won't be daring to try another prostate massage while anyone is home now. I never thought I would be that loud. That said, here is a piece of advice for newbies, if privacy is a concern for you, don't try with others around. You might think you will be always be quiet (I did too), but something happens to you and you really don't have control. Nonetheless this was absolutely the best experience of my life, and plan to do more of this in the future.


                  • Hi guys, Here are my sessions for Friday and Saturday September 16-17 giving evidence of my first bona fide Super-O's and MMO's:

                    Friday session:

                    Hi guys,

                    Early this morning I believe I had a session in which I achieving some major breakthroughs! Achieving Super-O's and MMO's with Maximus and Progasm Classic! And also being able to replicate all this in Aless!

                    As I said in my previous blog entry, yesterday's weather was blah with overcast skies with a touch of autumn in the air. I cold front passed through around midnight Thursday which cleared the record setting heat and humidity of the day before. Yesterday we had a day that we hadn't seen since mid May! I had felt unwell. Finally I had to take a couple naps and then have an early bedtime last night.

                    However, I woke up around midnight and then listened to my radio for a couple hours. Finally I got up at 2 a.m., dressed, and intended to do translation work till dawn. Instead Aneros horniness hit me as I remembered my encounter with Progasm early yesterday morning.

                    So I had an 1.5 hour session with Maximus and Program Classic. I have gotten to the point that both these models insert easily in their unique ways, and so I was in business. Maximus is just as long as Progasm but more slender. Maximus penetrates deeply and so is intensely satisfying. But in this session, I discovered a knack with the various Aneros models. Let them work for you according to the needs of your body as activated by your psyche. It is said that the human brain is "the" sex organ. So this morning I rode Maximus in a new, refreshing way which produced waves of pleasure that felt like Super-O's and MMO's!

                    However Progasm Classic magnified all this many fold. I sat back and let Progasm Classic work me over in his own terms. He felt super intense and super pleasurable as I laid on my right side or an my back with a plow under my butt. Waves of pleasure ensued, over and over again in cycles and sets. Many of these were so intense that I felt that I was on the verge of cumming, ejaculating semen! What happened was that I emitted copious precum! However, I interacted with all this as an observer, again let Progasm Classic doing his thing. He produced massage action at the get go! While I never have had anal intercourse with a guy, I felt like I was being fucked by Progasm Classic, actually an auto-fuck, again in waves and cycles! I know I experienced Super-O's and MMO's! Another thing I can enter in the action, and control and manipulate the action, but in a natural way. The pleasure kept coming and I wanted it to last.

                    What I intend to do in future sessions is engage in these waves and cycles, try to enter into them, see what happens.

                    Another thing is that these fantastic Aneros tools, Maximus and Progasm Classic, were this morning Energizer Bunnies. They just kept going and going! Hence I have discovered a knack for working with the entire Aneros line in a new and refreshing ways.

                    Also now I can replicate all this in my Aless! My Aless this morning as I type this is sweet and vibrant, filled and permeated with sexual electricity and energy emanating from my alive prostate, anal canal/musculature, perineum, etc., my entire sexual apparatus because my dick and balls also have this electric sexual sweetness too, like I am on the verge of cumming! This electric pleasure surging from my prostate, up my cockshaft, to my GLANS! And I can exult in this dalliance by stimulating my nipples, hairy chest, abs, thighs, etc. while performing sets of Kegels, or one or two, if I wish to throw fuel on my sexual fire! Take care!

                    P.S. at 9:28 a.m. My prostate is pulsating in various sweet ways even now even though my ended at 3:30 a.m. this morning. I cleaned up, bathed, and then went back to bed for a while. I got up for sure again at 5:30 a.m. feeling reborn as a man, exulting what Aneros can do for me and how I can interact with my Aneros tools more creatively and more intuitively. What I am experiencing right now is true Aneroslessness = Aless! Except that I do not have an Aneros tool inserted in me working away, I feel my anal tract/musculature pulsating along with that of my alive prostate, but in waves of sweet pleasure!

                    I will give updates if noteworthy. Take care!

                    Friday afternoon at 12:27 a.m. A most delicious, sweet, yet powerful and "fluid" Aless right now. I feel like I am on the verge of cumming!

                    Update at 7 p.m. Aless still going strong! This Aless I will take to bed with me tonight. It will be interesting how this plays out in bed tonight!

                    And briefly from the day following last Saturday in the early afternoon with MGX:

                    MGX was truly a Energizer Bunny in that he worked me over in such a way that I experienced paroxysms of surges of intense, yet sublime pleasure, which were Super-O's and MMO's! I get horny just thinking how MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic have become best buddies par excellence in the exploration of Super-O-Land and MMO-Land with vistas of Aneros and Aless experience opening up to me for sure!

                    P.S. I did experience a very mild Super-O on the morning July 4, 2015, but nothing like I experienced nearly a week ago which indeed were the real deal!
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                    • Not necessarily my first Super-O, but the first time I was able to create it's swell consciously. This post is copied from my new project "The Catalogue of Climax" and follows the submission rules of that archive. You can read more about it on the attached link, or on my corresponding post in the forums here. But regardless please enjoy:

                      I'm still vibrating, still peering through the haze of bliss from last night. Just writing this I am creating a low rumble in my chest whose subtle seismic activity resonates in my perineum.

                      My partner drifted off to sleep after two orgasms ripped through their body, leaving them peaceful, smiling, and exhausted.

                      I placed a long kiss between their shutting eyes and went to prepare my treat to myself.

                      After just an appetizer of cannabis filled lungs, I laid back down next to my sleeping beauty with my new acquired accoutrements. Cans for my ears, and curving silicone for inside. Getting inserted, listening, and comfortable only took a second.

                      I took a deep breath in, held it for one moment, and then let go…

                      My body came to life. Electricity coursed through through every neuron. Each breath in charged my circuit, with a focus on my chest. Like the overlapping waves a pool with a stone tossed into it. Waves bounced around my body omnidirectionally. Starting from anywhere I placed my attention and resonating off all surfaces.

                      My conscious thought disappeared into the symphony that my body was playing. I relinquished control.

                      Each breath in seemed bigger than the last. As I would fill with air, incredible pleasure would also fill my chest - sparkling electric pleasure. I would fill my lungs past limits that I didn't know I could pass. I could hold this breath and pleasure indefinitely. I would finally release suspecting I would have to breathe eventually, this would open the flood gates releasing the boiling pressure in my chest out to the rest of my body.

                      I looped. Each time bigger fuller breaths and in turn bigger fuller pleasure. When my chest could no longer contain this heart pounding, vibrating, ecstatic, titillated energy, it spilled over into my other nerve centers, my chakras if you will. First my throat, and then gradually the others in outward succession.

                      More parts of my body were now turning on. The slightest brush against my nipple would cause explosive pleasure. My hands and feet seemed to be transmitters. Possibly even relays; taking in energy from around me and magnifying it into my system.

                      My conscious mind was gone. Beta had given way to alpha then theta. My curved silicone, once resting passively inside my inner warmth, was now dancing on its own. Each step landing a delicious press on my inner sexual epicenter. My body was now a symphony with all instruments blasting the most beautiful notes. It was now time to play them all in harmony,

                      My sleeping partner, by my side, provided me the safety to now take that dive.

                      No one location started it. It was a sum of all its parts. My entire body tuned itself to my resonant frequency…

                      My entire body climaxed. The feeling we experience in our genitals when we orgasm was erupting across my entire body simultaneously. Unlike pleasure spreading through one's body during a powerful orgasm, my entire body was literally cumming.

                      I dropped into my body, but I felt infinite on the inside. I could see and feel, from my perspective at a deep inner consciousness, the explosion of pleasure - a glittering mycelial net erupting outwards in all directions toward the infinite reaches of my inner universe.

                      I could feel in the distance my body arch upwards as this explosion blasted outward looking for an exit. My last shred of consciousness was used to contain my noise to prevent waking my partner still sleeping by my side. Who knows the what would have happened if I didn't hold onto this final thread and allow myself to release into the unknown shimmering abyss. From this thread I slowly climbed my way back out of climax, catching my breath, finding my thoughts.

                      I lay there basking in an afterglow, no idea how long it had been but surely longer than any other orgasm I had ever experienced. I was not tired nor satiated, just happy, baffled and still aroused wondering if I can climb up from this plateau again. 2 minutes later curiosity got the better of me…

                      I took some deep breaths and noticed that the sensation in my body took off again right away. This time having a little more of a grip on the reins I was able to control some of the pleasure wave. I could stimulate my nipples just by imagining to touch them. My mind turned to the little perked up buds, and I pictured my fingertips rubbing them softly. Like a water drop on paper, it spread, from chest across my body. Fantom fingers caressed my tingling body, orchestrating me once again to another orgasm.

                      I lay there in the blissful aftermath of the wave. Washed over by peaceful amazement.

                      Checking in on my body, I gave a slight squeeze to the silicone still sitting inside me. It mirrored my movement with its own dance. This triggered a feedback loop (as I write this, I can still hear it echos signing below.) As it danced, it subtly tickled and tap-danced on my engorged inner nerve bundle, creating pleasure that was so thick and strong it was palpable. Even when its involuntary movements quieted down, my attention allowed the loop of stimulation to build, and my breath allowed it to spread.

                      Pleasure snowballing... contractions happened without consideration, they triggered the silicone to spring back into life, this time with orgasmic results. From my stomach down everything tensed up with a shock, my hips thrust then froze, the orgasm kept getting stronger and stronger with no hint of subsiding, I could not remain quiet, my flexing body forced out grunts and hisses of air as this tidal wave continued to slam into my pelvis. Each bob of the silicone intensifying my full body contraction and raising the bar of this climax that had me enraptured. Thinking about it now is causing micro vibrations on the nerves inside me. I push through whispers of orgasmic sensation to continue to write.

                      Unsure of my limits with this new level, tears now forming at the corners of my clenched eyelids. I consciously backed my body down, one part at a time. When I finally got my core to cool, I lay there breath taken, amazed at this other just as powerful yet different heightened orgasm.

                      I couldn’t believe all it had taken was a slight squeeze, or a breath, or just my attention… So with full attention I took a breath and squeezed again…

                      Off I went again, continuing this lap several more times with both types of orgasm until my body was left still buzzing and craving more but mentally exhausted and in need of sleep. It had been 2 hours. I removed my silicone friend, rolled on my side to spoon my love, and gave a slight clench to my pelvic floor creating a delightful hum that I rode into sleep.


                      • Well, I never really thought i would be posting in this particular thread, but, alas i AM!

                        I have toyed with pros. stim. on and off for a few years (bought MORE devices than i should've!) and have had "ok" results -- small "good feelings" here and there that i thought (key word - THOUGHT) were leading somewhere, but, never really resulted in anything that i could point to as significant.

                        Over the years my method would be: lube device with Vaseline, lube "inside" and perineum area with a basic lube (use a CVS brand now), start off with a small-ish device and, depending on how thing progress, move towards bigger dives in my arsenal (again, i have WAY many more than i should!).

                        I typically lie on my left side (right keen, up to chest and on a pillow), insert device, relax, breath into my abdomen (i saw that once here, seems to aid in "the development of good things") and, as i said above, more on to large devices as time progresses (typically do not have the patience for more then 15-20 mins with the same device, maybe 30 max, but, well, i typically do not go beyond that with just one device).

                        Early on (beyond the basic Aneros devices) i got on eof these:


                        At first, long ago, it really felt uncomfortable (that last BIT poking up in somewhere). I tabled it for quite a while. I then brought it back into rotation and realized that, upon moving it around, i could ID a very "specific spot" (way up in there) that just seemed to fell good. Note: If i were not to hold the device in place, upon this "spot" it would rotate/slide off.

                        anyway, i would typically use a smaller device at first, then move on to this one at the end, and, yeah, have some "good feelings"

                        I have not tried in a month or so, and had the chance last eve (note: been tinkering on and off for a couple years) -- not really discouraging, just, well, wondering if anything would ever really happen!

                        Unlike my normal routine of starting off with a smaller one, i started off with this one.

                        Normal routine*, vas, lube, left side, right knee up on a pillow, relax, breadth deep into abdomen... Things then took their typical path, but when i went to position it upon "that spot"
                        (and just kind'a hold it there, move it ever so slightly) something really started to happen...

                        * the only 2 things that were different were: was sleeping on couch, not my bed - wife kind'a snores - and i took a couple sleep help pills BEFORE i decided to try pros. stim. -- note sure if either are related, we shall see in teh future.

                        - tingly feeling
                        - pros getting really hard (trying to pus this out) [but i didn't let it -- and the "the back pressure" really helped get things going fast]
                        - pros then pulsating on and off of the "tip" as it was trying to push the device out of me...
                        - me holding device in place
                        - then, like a wave.... i felt something come over me that i simply cannot describe!

                        MY BODY JUST START TO "SPIRITUALLY GLOW" (not sure how else to say it!)!
                        i felt COLD (like falling into a ice cold lake, but, it felt WONDERFUL!! A WONDERFUL ICE COLD FELLING!)

                        Thank goodness i was on the couch and not next to my sleeping wife!

                        This feeling developed and developed further... every ONCE of my being felt entranced, connected, pleasured by what was happening!

                        whispering to myself... oh my god... oh my god... oh my god.... shaking, twitching, vibrating with pleasure!

                        at one point i feared i was going to faint... or die... or explode with pleasure, or, all THREE! and i DID NOT CARE!!

                        I do not know how long it lasted (1 min, 2, 3? - no idea!!) all i know is it only stopped (and it HAD TOO... i could NOT take anymore) when i let go
                        of the device, stopped the back pressure on the pros and simply just "was" (relaxing.... enjoying what had just happened!!)

                        after a few mins, i decided to see if, well, i could repeat the experience!

                        I DID!

                        it did not take long to get it going again...
                        (repeated as above!)

                        i rested...

                        tried again!

                        REPEATED as above!

                        it was now ~2am... had started about 12:45...

                        i had to stop.

                        there was no ejaculate, though i thought there was as my pros was pulsing and pounding to beat the band!
                        there was some pre-cum, but, not as much as i thought there could've/should've been based on the feelings (orgasm)
                        i was having (3x!!).

                        was this a super-O

                        no idea... don't really care... all i know is, this is something everyone should experience!!

                        the sublime pleasure of it all, just washing over you (and in my case) like a sea of ice cold wonder feeling water!

                        I will wait a while, few weeks, before trying again....


                        • Well I posted a few days ago with "I think I did it." Damn was I wrong...
                          I've been doing prostate play for a few years now, prior to a few months ago it's been specific purpose vibes and those have been a great deal of fun (many dry o's from them). But last night was oh so different from anything I've experienced before...
                          After my "flash" session I couldnt help but order a couple new toys to add to my collection. A Helix Syn and a Eupho Syn came a day later and I couldnt wait to try them out... Tried the relaxation techniques and several more dry o's later decided to wait a few days (still quite satisfied). Well last night, just on a lark I thought "I'll just slip in the Helix and try to go to sleep..." expecting to wake up to a few times to some more dry o's. Put on one of those Hypno soundtracks to fall asleep, laid on my back under the covers, closed my eyes and started to drift... No idea how long I laid there but I suddenly I felt this kinda cold sensation in my shoulders... then along my back. I could feel some thing happening in my abdomen and the backs of my legs (stretched out, not bent). "Oh this is new... Is it?!? Is this it?!?" I thought. I tried to focus on my prostate, Oh my god was it engorged... Then my cock started to grow, ever harder and harder. I could feel the muscles in my legs start to quiver against the sheets (loved it) as that sensation started to fill me from the bottom up. Then all of a sudden... WOOSH!!! This near earth shattering wave of pleasure swept over me, I could feel every molecule of my skin caressed by the sheets, I could feel the pre cum flowing from my cock. Oh my this is it!!! It didnt last long, but OH WOW! I just lay there for a few minutes, trying to collect my thoughts and relax again, finally rolled onto my side and again thought about going to sleep... Drifting off again there was a sudden build up that snapped me back, That cold sensation was rushing up again. I actually said "Oh this is serious" and BAM!!! A wave hit me, I felt my self tense, I suddenly realized that I was pushing hard against the Helix and some how made myself stop (I hadnt cleaned out prior to going to bed and was afraid I'd mess the bedding). Rolled over on my back... and just laid there again. Even though I think I cut it short, I just had to lay there as my mind and body sorted every thing out... and then it all started again... Not quite as intense as the second time but Oh WOW... This is heaven...
                          I think I had 2 or 3 more (I'm still not sure). I'd started just before midnight, and here it was 4 am. Okay time to calm down. removed the Helix, turned on the TV to try and get some rest... and then the after shocks... Dry o's kept sweeping over me for the next few hours. It's almost 10 am and I'm still in a bit of a state as I write this.
                          The Super O is real, and I may wait a day or two, but I really look forward to having them visit again.


                          • I've been waiting to post here when I could have the chance to gather my thoughts. I expect my experiences to have some similar meaning to the reader, but I wanted to be sure I projected the correct feeling with out feeling ridiculous.

                            I want to say first that my first amazing orgasm (what many of you call a superO) was self inflicted and with out penetration of any kind. I had started as a young man masturbating often enough that I worried others knew I was doing it. I grew up in a family of one sister and two brothers so I was always wondering if I would get caught. I came from a Catholic background and there was a ton of guilt involved. The first time I masturbated I thought I had broken something inside me and was very worried that I had done something which would be punished. With this guilt I started to masturbate but then stop myself before I came. I'd do this a dozen times a week with out actually ejaculating. I didn't know it then but this was Kegel exercises.

                            For all you guys who worry about performance I'd like to suggest you try this for several weeks. It's really difficult to do but once you build up your muscles you'll be able to perform like a stamina god and women/your partner will be amazed.

                            I can't recall if it was three or four weeks that I had waited, but it was before I was going away on vacation. I finally decided to release my tension and I did so with out much more than tugging on my penis.

                            I had taken a bath already and when I got out my body was all warm from the hot water. I was erect and it was one of those kind which is so hard you think your penis is going to split open. I decided to get back in and lay down in the hot water. I began with anal contractions and when I did so my penis moved up and down. I kept doing this for a few minutes then stopped. I then switched to clenching the other muscles to stop from peeing/ejaculating. I did this for an equal amount of time, alternating between muscles. I slowly worked up to a point where I was using both sets of muscles at the same time, eventually causing me to ejaculate.

                            It was a strong orgasm but not one with convulsions. It was the first of many orgasms I could reach with out masturbating.

                            My first experience of having this super orgasm with penetration was when I had started dating a girl who was a bit of a sexual freak. She enjoyed every position and would do any thing to please me if I asked. She enjoyed receiving anal from me and I enjoyed giving it. Then one day she asked if I wanted to experience anal myself, but I told her I wasn't gay. She wanted to do a strap on, but I wasn't too thrilled about that idea. So she gave me a vibrating dildo which I used by myself privately.

                            Having the practice of using those muscles for so many years, it didn't take me long to experience the benefits. I really enjoyed the vibration of the toy and used the various settings. Then during one of her visits I let her use the toy on me while she sucked on my penis. The odd movement and the twisting along with her mouth and tongue all helped with the experience. As I lay down with my knees up, so worked me in to a furious challenge of me resisting her attempts to make me come in her mouth.

                            I really enjoy blowjobs specifically when a woman enjoyed me coming in their mouth and the thought of her doing so really was super erotic.

                            I can't recall how long I lasted, but I found out I enjoy dirty talk when I have sex, because she started to tell me how much she loved the taste of my come and how badly she needed me to come in her mouth. I couldn't take it any more and as she did a final deep throat shove I exploded. My toes curled in and my legs spasmed. My arms reached out an grabbed the sheets then I slowly started to roll over. She stopped me from doing so and pushed again to see if I had any thing left to give.

                            My entire body was on fire. My breathing was labored and I couldn't stand it. I begged her to pull it out of me but she kept jerking me off and left the vibrator inside me. I tried to get her off of me but I was so exhausted that I didn't have any strength left. I just laid there convulsing.

                            She finally pulled out and stopped jerking me off, but the spasms did not stop. I rolled over finally and laid in a fetal position. She saw me shaking and curled up next to me in the spoon position wondering if she had broken me.

                            She asked if I was alright but all I could muster was a small weak squeak. I was trembling and there was a tingling sensation in my toes and fingers. I didn't know it then but my prostate was in high gear and causing me to have small, mini "orgasms" every ten to twelve seconds. After roughly a minute or two they subsided. I was completely 100% drained. I was weak but relaxed. She just laid there with me while I recovered.

                            This was also one of the best orgasms I ever experienced. I've had some amazing ones previously but this was the one to which all others are measured.

                            My suggestion to every one is to push your limits of exhaustion and go beyond what you think you could do. I also suggest trying other things but remember never to harm yourself or others.

                            Get rid of the guilt. That guilt is a killer of joy and happiness. You aren't weird and you aren't odd. You are normal and don't think of it as being gay. You are still attracted to women and this also has health benefits included.

                            Remember. Practice makes perfect.

                            (one other thing)

                            When my wife gives me a blowjob or jerks me off, I still can get convulsions. Duration varies, but you don't need any penetration to experience this type of pleasure.


                            This forum has had me really dig deep for my memories. I hate to say it but several experiences have me embarrassingly mixing up experiences with my wife and my ex-girlfriend.
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                            • Hi, I am now about 3 years working on exploring the possibilities with my prostate, it is a long way to where everybody is talking about the Super-O. I was there in the begin-total not deal was already happy with what tingling in my anus, so a dry orgasm was already hard, let alone a Super-O that was for my all not yet in sight. Because I have already let my prostate and discovered what all for fun things with it could be done, I think now after about 3 years discovered what a Super-O. This is because I have discovered the toys from Aneros progasm Ice and before that, the last year the various other Aneros toys. Have the last time several times may enjoy an unprecedented sensation, which I never had experienced, but now here to enjoy to the fullest. A session now takes about 120-150 minutes, sometimes shorter, but also longer and I now know how important it is to not to be disturbed and very relaxed to go to a session to a Super-O, but have also learned to enjoy the ordinary sessions without a Super-O


                              • After 11 years, i had one... or it might have perhaps been 3, one after the other in actual fact. How did i do this? well despite my feelings toward it, It involved smoking weed and being quite stoned.

                                It was after a date with a girl, she offered me some i smoked it and later went to my hotel (staying away) and went to bed. Within a few minutes i was orgasming aneroslessly out of nowhere. These orgasms were very pleasurable, as good as any aneros induced orgasm ive ever had.

                                I tried the MGX and perdise which didnt enhance things much, but then switched to the helix.

                                Adopting a sort of doggie style position on the bed or 'froggie' as some have said, using a pillow to grip on the bed as well.

                                For 2 hours i experinced 10-15 dry orgasms that were crazy intense, dripping precum more than ive ever had. Got to a point where the aneros was auto fucking me, raising my ass into the air.

                                The orgasms were lasting so long and then at one point they suddenly rose into an orgasm that was beyond description with intensity that was off the scale, and i screamed into the pillow with ecstacy. I was in such a euphoric state (i think the weed did this) that i couldnt tell if i had three in a row or just one massively long super that dipped and rose in such a way that i couldnt be sure.

                                I led on my back after this and to my shock... a full body orgasm then occured. Felt it everywhere, especially in my head and ears? weird!

                                I had enough at this point.

                                For some reason i lef the device in and decided to just go to sleep. On my side, legs on top of each other, in a bicycle sort of poistion induced another 30 minutes of intense pleasure and orgasms that were incredible.

                                I felt that full on intesnse dry orgasms and super-o's would feel different somehow to ejaculatory orgasms, and they do, its more intense for certain but at the same time different in the way it feels and both are valid.

                                The issue i have now is that its obvious that i suffer mind noise without this substance and i might now be able to achive this level without it, and i dont advocate its use nor know where i can obtain it again