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My First Super Orgasm...

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  • My First Super Orgasm...

    Greetings Aneros Members!

    Please share your first "Super-O" experience here for everyone to read. Thank you for your continued support!

    The Aneros Staff

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    Originally Posted By: support
    Greetings Aneros Members!

    Please share your first "Super-O" experience here for everyone to read. Thank you for your continued support!

    The Aneros Staff
    I've suffered from severe cramps all over my body including my anus/rectum muscles. Drs. have no idea what I'm talking about, check my prostate again and look puzzled. In the night these rectal cramps can keep me awake for hours. While surfing \"prostate massage\" I came across this site, bought one Friday night and tried it out. It did take some time, 30-45 mins. of relaxation and muscle contracting before I successfully achieved a state where my muscles convulsed (not cramped) by themselves, creating additional auto-stimulation, which eventually brought me to the best and longest orgasim I've ever experienced. Unfortunately, when the involuntaries happened the first time I was so excited at arriving I broke the spell and had to start again. This second time when I reached the same point and the orgasm began in waves I again was so elated at the second wave of pleasure that by the fourth wave I'd again broken the magic, but clearly, in retrospect, there was more waves available there.
    After one, additional attempts Friday night were unsuccessful. Setting time aside for a session on Saturday also proved unsuccessful. I was too sore from Friday to get to the real pleasure point.
    Even though I'm tall I'm wondering if the smaller model might directly hit the prostate and massage better. May try this later on.
    Good luck all.


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      I just received my Aneros in the mail today. I had read the online instruction manual and felt that this would be a waste of money but took a leap of faith and purchased. I am gay and used to anal stimulation on a major scale so when I opened the package I thought that the size of the unit would preclude any effective stimulation. After insertion and several minutes of deep breathing I began to be extremely stimulated. Again, this was the first experience with the unit and I achieved the "super O" within the first 15 minutes. I relaxed and had my second within the next 5 minutes. My toes curled and I shook so physically I thought the bed would fall apart. My hat is off to the designer. I can only say that this would seem to replace my need for a rapid ejaculatory experience any day and hope that I can repeat. Thanks again to the designer.


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        Well I think it finally worked for me.

        This was my 15th or so attempt and I had given it up for at least a month or so. It just got too tedious with all the prep and clean-up work, not to mention lying there bored with something stuck up my rear for an hour.

        Now that I've felt it I think the orgasm had started a few times before on previous attempts but it had subsided before going anywhere.

        The position I had been using was on my back with my legs bent and my knees straight up (feet on bed). I was on my back because it seemed like every time I got close while lying on my side, I'd get a partial erection and it would touch the towel I was lying on and I'd get distracted. On my back, the problem was that the bed I was lying on was distorted by my weight, so my backside would sink into the bed a bit. This would cause the aneros handle to come into contact with the towel I was on and interfere with its free movement.

        This time I tried it on my side again the way it is recommended. I had the same problem with the sudden erection touching the towel, but I managed to position things to fix the problem and the orgasm feelings returned. This time I was able to keep them going.

        I think the difference this time (besides the position) was that I just was a bit bored and thought I'd give it another go. I wasn't particularly aroused and my expectations were low. I didn't concentrate on what I was doing. Instead, I turned on the radio nice and low and just listened to it for a while.

        Before the orgasm feelings began, I started to feel a pulsing sensation around the aneros. This seemed to correspond to my (heart) pulse, so I don't think it was a muscular contraction. I assume that this happens when the aneros hits just the right spot near an artery or something. Anyway, I concentrated on the pulsing and it seemed like I was suddenly less aware of the aneros. (Normally I feel a bit of soreness and fullness and some gliding/massaging motion.) I could just feel the pulsing, then there was more of a systemic response that felt a bit like being on the verge of a sneeze or a yawn. I concentrated on that sensation and was able to intensify it.

        I think this is not unlike those moments of being close to sneezing but not quite getting over the threshold. In these situations, you can sort of concentrate on the pre-sneeze tickling sensation and intensify it to the point that the sneeze occurs. I think yawning works the same way in that it can be coaxed when it would not otherwise happen on its own. Perhaps this is close to the way the female response works.

        Anyway, I was able to intensify and mostly hold this sensation for what seemed like several minutes. I was able to get the intensity up to apparently the same level as a conventional orgasm. It did seem to cause a pretty strong and sudden erection that was leaking copiously, but it didn't cause an ejaculation or anything. The strange thing is that after it subsides, you wonder whether you just imagined the whole thing. I guess it is just less tangible that what us guys are used to.

        Does this sound like the "Super-O" or anal or prostate orgasm or what? I don't know how to classify it. I am quite new to this.

        I hope this helps those who haven't yet had success. I guess I'm a little excited and curious about how this works now that it has happened for me.


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          See my experiences in the thread "how do you know you have a super O?". Let me just say your experience is VERY similar to mine, in that one is really surprised by the sensations and new "territory" being explored. It's a fun ride, but also a mind bender, and you're often left wondering whether you imagine the whole thing and just "did it to yourself"...



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            I've had the Aneros for about a year and tonight I finally got the beginnings of the Super O. Man, I feel like a teenager after getting his first orgasm. What a high! So, as the memory fades, I'll try to write down what I did differently tonight and what I think triggered it.

            In previous sessions, I'd been able to reach the involuntary contractions, but it's always been difficult to maintain them. But tonight it was easier and much more pleasurable, I think for two reasons.

            First, I've experimented with many lubes. The ones with glycerin always gave me the "urge to purge" if I tried to insert any beforehand using a dropper. The silicon based ones didn't do that, but they were always a bit thin for my taste. This evening, I tried Maximus for the first time (pretty thick, easy to insert with a dropper and didn't have the laxative effect). I was very generous with the lube (about 3mL, plus generous coating on the aneros), probably more than I had ever used before. This really helped with the involuntaries.

            Second, I gave myself a LOT of time. In the past, I would have set aside an hour or 90 minutes max. Tonight, I gave myself 2 hours (but I ended up going longer . One thing I should say right now is that in the past, I had never felt the Aneros actually press against my prostate unless I REALLY contracted (like testicals retracting kind of contraction). Even then, it was just a mild sensation. But after about an hour and a half of regular contractions and watching some porn, I started to feel it more and more with the 25% contractions (thought at fist it was my bladder filling up, but the feeling would go away if I "let go"). Heartened, I kept going, well past my usual "what the hell, I'll just have a fantastic orgasm and go to sleep" point.

            What happened next is hard to explain. Initially, I'd been on my back with hips raised and things were feeling good, but then I decided to lie on my side, the way the instructions say (one leg tucked up, one stretched out). The sensation on my prostate changed a little bit and gradually, the feeling like needing to pee turned into that feeling you get signalling the onset of a traditional orgasm. But my penis was completely flacid and I could _control_ the intensity of the feeling. Then, I realized that if I kept it up, I might finally have the hands-free orgasm. I think that realization fueled my excitement and arousal. My heart began to pound and my body started to shake, but again, I could control it by relaxing or contracting. At this point, my anus was exhausted and I had a hard time keeping the contractions going for any length of time. But it built and built and then, pop, the Aneros flew out of my anus. Fuck! I guess my back door finally gave out. I re-inserted and tried again, got close to where I was before, but my body was saying enough was enough, so I just "settled" for one of the longest and most intense orgasms I've ever had.

            So, after a year of experimentation and lurking on this forum, it finally happened and I just HAD to share. ;-) Hopefully, next time, I can get to the same place quicker and/or get better anal endurance. Thanks for all the helpful tips and encouragement, chaps. And for those of you still trying, keep it up! It is SOOO worth it.



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              (Before Trying Things In This Post, Please Goto The TOILET or have an ENEMA and use LOTS Of LUBE You will ENJOY this a lot more if you do)

              Ok sorry to all about how long this reply has taken.

              I seem to have gotten a little lost in the moment....

              Well what can i say, The last time i used this i really hit the roof. I think i had about 5 orgasms in that session with the final one being one big mighty bang and there was cum everywhere.

              Ok I think i have figured out a few things here so have a listen and see if any of my susgestions help.

              1. - ok this is not a 5 minute toy, This is something that you will have to spend a bit of time learning to use. My sessions seem to last me anywhere between 2 & 8 Hours.( I used to use a dildo which i must say was quite a bit bigger than this but it seemed to have the same affect although sometimes could end up in a bit of a mess )

              2. - Relax................ I can not say this enough. This is the key to really enjoying this product. Anyone who is not having any sort of anal play during sex or is new to anal play or anal sex might have a little bit of a problem relaxing enough to enjoy this toy. (Try this toy by yourself first so you can get comfortable before using this with your partner) If you find you can not relax enough by yourself my suggestion would be to Have a shower, Have a few beers, Maybe a glass of wine, Some muscle relaxents or maybe even a joint (You can do one or as many of these as you like. Remember each to his own )

              3. - Breathing and Contractions. Once you have relaxed enough and have inserted the massager, Start breathing in and out, in a long slow rhythm and once you have have the breathing deep enough start doing small contractions with your anus at the same time with your breathing, So when you inhale you contract you anus as well & when you exhale you release the anal contraction. Keep doing this with your breathing over and over and at say 5 minute intervals make your breathing deeper and your contractions harder. If you follow this you will be heading in the right direction but please try not to rush it, Otherwise you will be let down.

              4. - Postition. I have found several postions which are quite similar to the ones posted here but maybe even go a little further than those and are no harder to achieve.

              Position 1 is the same as the guide here. Lay on your side relax and start the breathing and contractions and once you get your heart rate up start making your body act like a snake. Don't snake across the room just lay there and start with your toes then your legs then your hips then chest and finally neck and head untill your back where you started from. Repeat this step over & over and if you have got it right you will start to feel the waves, Which if you keep going will lead to contractions and convulsions, Sweatyness and all over pleasure and happiness.

              Position 2 Is started by standing up All i did in this one was bend over and touch the ground so i was on all fours, Then when standing back up i over streched so that my hands would go back over my head. Just repeat this over and over. I know you may feel stupid at first but you will soon see why. This was what gave me my first erection while i was using the Aneros.

              Position 3 Lay flat on your back with the Aneros in place, The slowly start bringing one or both of your legs back towards your chest and then let them back out again. Repeat this over and over.

              Using one or all of these techniques in a repeatitive fashion will bring you to the desired level of satisfaction.

              Finally, Before I finish up here, Lots of LUBE, Combined with the Breathing and Contractions & If you can visualize the positions i have described above you will see a pattern And when you have the Aneros sitting on the table in front of you, Make sure you look at the shape of it when its inserted the correct way inside you. What this device is doing is rubbing against your g-spot. The body movements described above help expose your g-spot better and will make the Aneros rub back and forth across it. I find if i have the Aneros just sitting there I dont have any pleasure but if i make it slowly rub back and forth across it I get filled with pleasure which is so amazing I get a HUGE ERRECTION & I have these small orgasms and once i have have about 5 of these it starts to build into one big one where my body sweets like crazy (I keep a towel next to me to wipe myself down) then my breathing rate increases then the convulsions start and my body starts shaking from head to toe untill i start to scream (Or as I do, Put a towel in my mouth to cover the screaming) with pleasure. My vision goes all wavey & my muscles spasm, This goes on for like anywhere uptoTEN MINUTES. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

              Anyway folks time for me to go But please leave me a reply here or e-mail me @ and let me know if this worked for you? I'm sure there will be quite a few people this will work for and i'll be darned if it doesn't.

              Later .J.


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                I have been a novice Aneros user since April or May. Initially, I was happy with the product and I got some interesting sensations. Then I lost interest for about 6 weeks. I have been using them again (I have all three types because I was having difficulty with my first one and it was suggested that I try the other models) religiously for the past 2 months or so and I feel I have gotten a real feel for how to work them. I have had little mini orgasms with each of them. Nothing I would call spectacular until last night! I was using the MGX (newer) when it happened, BAM!! It was absolutly spectacular! I cannot even begin to describe what was happening with the unit during this event. I didn't want to reach down and feel for fear that is would ruin the synergy that was going on. My erection was as hard as I have ever felt and I felt like I was going to explode! Then I didn't! It began in my perineum and then there was a charge in my entire pelvic region that spread through my body. It was so amazingly different from anything I have ever experienced that I understand now why some have described it as spiritual . After the event, I tried once more to get to that plateau, but by then I was so excited I couldn't give in to a traditional ejaculation any more.

                Some things that I feel really helped me recently are of course time and practice. It took me a long time to get here and lots of messy and frustrating sessions. Recently, I have begun to do the enemas again. Two things about enemas, they make clean up later alot easier and they also make things a little more sensitive down there, if you know what I mean. I was moving along last night and I was about to give up when I just tried something new. Using two fingers, I slid more skin under the abutment tab. In essence, I think changed the point of contact of the abutment tab from a spot too close to the anus to one that is closer to my scrotum. When I did that, I could feel a buzz almost instantly. I could also feel how the accumulated skin pulled the body of the aneros a bit differently. I strived for the involuntaries again and it just kicked into high gear from there. I am still buzzed from it happened almost 12 hours ago.

                After all is said and done, I am happy to have had this experience. I was begining to wonder if the sensations I was having before were the fabled Super-O. And if they were, I was going to be disappointed. While those sessions were pleasurable, these little mini-o's were not as spectacular as the described super-o. Now I know that I wasn't there yet and I had a huge wake-up call last night. Whew!!

                Thanks for all that have read and allowed me to get this out. This isn't exactly the kind of thing I take to work and talk about around the water cooler.



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                  Originally Posted By: support
                  Greetings Aneros Members!

                  Please share your first "Super-O" experience here for everyone to read. Thank you for your continued support!

                  The Aneros Staff

                  My second night with the Aneros; three sessions.

                  1) I switched to KY more stinging sensation. I also injected about 10cc of KY into the rectum before insertion. I did not do the rapid thrusting with the hips as done so on the previous night when I felt like ejaculation was near...less airintake into rectum (I did do rapid sphincter contractions, however). I could not hold off masturbating.

                  2) My prostate felt like it needed more stimulation, so I inserted the Aneros again after about one hour after the first session. I varied my postions from on my side with top leg bent and bottom leg straight to on my back with both legs flexed. The side posiiton does the trick, however. I could feel an ejaculation developing. I held the Aneros in a particular spot with my sphincter muscles and could feel the pulsations from the anus to the tab....this really got things going. I alternated this with some deep contractions and some rapid shallow contractions. My body started to shake briefly and involuntarily coming from the anal area and spreading to my entire body. I could feel this trigger spot and focused upon it (this took about 40 minutes to occur). Then a sudden wave of shaking occurred...this further activated the Aneros and the orgasm built even was a vigorous shaking...I lost the sensation of the Aneros in the mid section of my was like there was an invisible hole in my pelvis (I think this was in altered state of consciousness). This orgasm continued for about 40 seconds. I released the sphincter pressure on the Aneros as I was actually somewhat frightened by the experience. Again, I finished off by masturbating.

                  3) I had to do it again. Was there anything about the orgasm past the big wave...I wanted to know. This time I knew what to focus on...I started to have the involuntary shaking within 20 minutes. This time the episodes were wavelike and built in intensity. None were as strong as the previous session, but close. I must of had 7 or 8 waves. At one intense moment I felt like I was floating...I relaxed my mind and rode the wave. I grasped the mattress of my bed strongly as I was having orgasm and I was getting somewhat sweaty. Again, I was on the side position.

                  So I have learned to focus. I know when the orgasm is coming for there is a feeling of impending ejaculation and I know to hold the Aneros at that great spot to generate the involuntary shaking that builds upon itself.

                  Is there anything more to the orgasm that I am missing? Is this the Super O? I do not get an erection during this orgasm. I know touching the penis is out, but is it okay to massage the testicles?

                  I can't wait to get home tonight and try the experience again.

                  Thanks for the feedback.


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                    Originally Posted By: support
                    Greetings Aneros Members!

                    Please share your first \"Super-O\" experience here for everyone to read. Thank you for your continued support!

                    The Aneros Staff
                    I've just has and amazing session with my Aneros but would like to know if I've really achieved a Super O or if I'm still some way off. Let me explain.
                    I've used the Aneros four times now and today was the first time I've had any reaction. The first few time I followed the instructions, lubed up, inserted the device and contracted as per the instructions. Although the feeling of the aneros up my ass was very plesant nothing like an orgasm was acheived. I was left feeling a bit dissapointed and had to make do with a penile ograsm when I couldn't wait any longer. Anyway, today I inserted the device and afer about an hour of gentle contractions I was getting no feedback from my prostate at all so I slipped a small vibrator through the curly handle of the Aneros and let it run for about another hour. Felings in my ass were more pronounced but still not what I was expecting. Finaly after a further hour I took another small vibrator and pushed it firmly behind my Sctotum, just before the perenium tab of the Aneros and the feelings in my ass intensified quite dramaticaly.
                    I was now positioned on my left side with my kneen drawn up just letting the vibators do their work when quite suddenly I started to shake, quietly at first and then more strongly until my whole body was shuddering uncontrollably. This lasted for about 3 or 4 minutes when the shaking would subside but after about a further 5 minutes of continued pressure of the vibrator behnd my balls and the Aneros vibrating up my ass I started to shake uncontrollably again. I was able to repeat this again a further 3 times. Fantastic! The thing is, during the body spasms I had a plesant feeling in my lower body but not the sort of intense pleasure I get during an ejaculatory orgasm. Am I missing something or do I need to continue for longer ???
                    I can't wait to try again but it is only with the two vibrators running that I've had any sensations at all.....anybody have any comments.
                    Would love to hear from anyone with tips advice etc.


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                      Hi Everyone,

                      I had my first BIG “Super O” this morning! I say BIG because I now realize I have had about 3 smaller ones without paying too much attention. I will say at the very beginning.... THERE IS A “DO NOTHING” TECHNIQUE THAT WILL PRODUCE SUPER O’S !!!!!

                      I will explain it totally after I give the background that led me to it. First off, total experience owning an Aneros is about 3 months. I just got the Helix, which pointed the way.... BUT WAS NOT USED TO INDUCE THE SUPER O. My first unit was the MGX, which UNALTERED did start producing the “mini” O’s I mentioned. I followed all the advice, reading every post. I have previously posted regarding my learning curve experiences. But now know the entire story about what is involved.

                      Getting the Helix was the “key” in that it pointed to what was NOT happening!

                      I learned that the Helix really hits the G spot and really stays there ......... this showed me that I was never consistently hitting it with the MGX tab. Through trail and error with the MGX, I discovered things like lubes and positions AND MOVEMENT OF THE ANEROS are all secondary factors in producing the Super O. Yep that’s right, all those contractions etc. are NOT causing the SUPER O !!!! All these do is WARM up / Sensitize the Prostate ..... the actual SUPER O energy waves are caused by ............. (drum roll) ............ doing NOTHING but keeping the abutment tab centered, and pressured on the G spot. The best way to do this is to either take a nap or go to sleep with the Aneros inserted PROPERLY. The key is that the G spot must be pressed continually and DEEPLY (without movement) !

                      Thanks to the Helix I located EXACTLY where the G spot must be pressured ................... I modified my original MGX, using the heat gun technique to position the tab closer to the anus and to rest deeper into the G spot.

                      G SPOT LOCATION TECHNIQUE !!!!!!

                      There is an entire length of “skin ridge” from the center of the tip of the penis (underside) down to the balls, right INTO the anus ! Once aroused you can feel this easily ........ yes it goes right in the ANUS and the G spot (at least mine) is less than ˝ inch along this line before it disappears in the anus. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CENTER AND KEEP THE TAB EXACTLY ON THE RIDGE SINCE IT IS SOOOOOOO SKINNY ............ BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TOO. I found that all I had to do was to make sure that the tab STAYED TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THAT RIDGE. The left side worked fine for great sensations but no SUPER O. Both the MGX and HELIX tabs are wide enough when positioned other than “dead center” on the ridge to work but THEY MUST embed deeply. AND STAY EMBEDDED. I suspect that the ANEROS must also be in constant contact with the Prostate, and that a certain amount of friction is a real benefit as this is taking place. LAST NIGHT’S SUPER O WAS THE FIRST TIME I DID NOT LOAD UP MY BUTT WITH LUBE ............. JUST A LIGHT COATING ON THE ANEROS AND MY ANUS . I usually use an enema bulb to put a big squirt of water based J Lube “up there” before starting a long session of contractions. ABSOLUTELY NOT NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      That is why this is a “DO NOTHING” technique. Eventually WITH NO MOTION the waves start.

                      I found ............. another drum roll ............ being in a recliner brings the perfect “HUMP” of pressure to bear on the correctly positioned tab. I awoke from a nap one day in the recliner (MGX inside me) to find a mini SUPER O taking place. This was my first experience. I also have had dreams with the Aneros in place while sleeping ............ and had SUPER O’s several times (in my dreams) with out waking up. I noticed that the Aneros was dry when I removed it ....... so started thinking that FRICTION is a good thing WHEN YOU ARE NOT MOVING THE ANEROS VIA CONSTRICTIONS ETC.
                      Last night I awoke as the SUPER O started and I worked with it.

                      Here is my step by step procedure for last night’s success:

                      1. Went to bed deciding to NOT try with the Aneros. Less than 36 hours before I had a long session with both units while watching porn and eventually resulting in lots of regular masturbation. I figured I needed time to recoup before trying again (WRONG).

                      2. After about 30 minutes of not sleeping I said “what the hell”, but I didn’t want to be bothered with all that lube squirting. So I simply greased up my hole, and the MODIFIED MGX, and inserted it. I placed a towel in the bed to lie on. I sleep flat on my back ........... and laid this way with the towel under my butt. I MADE SURE THE TAB WAS TO THE RIGHT OF MY G SPOT RIDGE LINE ............... IT WASN’T SO I PUSHED IT OVER.

                      3. Pulled the covers up, turned the light out.

                      4. Just because it felt good I did about 30 SECONDS of butt rubbing and contractions.

                      5. I then went to sleep.

                      6. About 3 hours later, I awoke to the start of the SUPER O. I “rode” it knowing what was going on, and I let my own butt do the involuntary contractions. All the usual things you have read about the SUPER O, happened resulting is about 20 minutes of multiple whole body orgasms. I experimented with various contractions and butt grindings, AFTER this to see how this effected it. As I thought... very little was needed. I never touched my penis through all of this, knowing that what I was feeling was a few hundred times better! Then I made the conscious decision to transit over to the SUPER T because I was curious to see if my penis would get like the descriptions (bigger, fatter, more sensitive etc.). Yep it did.

                      7. I ended the session by masturbating 3 times, with 3 gushy climaxes ............. total session about 90 minutes. BTW guys, I’m 58 years old, not some young stud who can produce erections on demand and perform “heroic” sexual fireworks.

                      8. I then experienced the reported “all’s well with the world” feeling ........... feeling super relaxed and cozy. I got up, took out the Aneros and took a leak. I went right back to bed (around 4:00 am) and awoke 3 hours later. Still glowing !

                      9. I called a good friend at 7:30 and told him the good news. As I was explaining the technique and the G spot ridge etc. I felt myself to explain how to find it. I noticed the entire ridge was “erect” and that is how I discovered it went right into the anus. Since my G spot was still sensitive I was able to exactly locate it. THIS IS HOW I DETECTED HOW “DEEP” THE PRESSURE WAS NEEDED to activate it !

                      To sum up: Once you find a model Aneros, or modify one to put pressure deeply into the G spot, it is a no brainer, do nothing, AUTOMATIC technique, just grease it up, position the tab to the RIGHT of the ridge, lay back and fall asleep !

                      As I said I had “Mini” O’s without trying even when the tab was not in the optimum position over the last 3 months. Because of this I know last night was not a “fluke”.

                      I plan to insert the Aneros (I’m curious to see if the HELIX works with the no motion technique ... since it is designed to be very mobile) every time I nap in my recliner, or go to bed.

                      Please, try this and post feedback !!! I am so indebted to Bob Mayfield and everyone that has helped me ......... I want to end with a big thank you and something else:

                      The Super O is the most empowering thing you will ever experience in your life. You will never be the same again after having the ability to “summon them up” regularly. I know something about the “reasons” for this, such as the sexual energy (that is really what it is), the Sexual center (Chakra) at the base of the spine etc. The great feelings are a “hook” into an entirely different perception of what reality is all about. The Aneros is a shortcut / streamline method for using the sexual energies for Spiritual regeneration / growth. You will never be the same again! Don’t be surprised when other folks start commenting about “how you’ve changed” for the better. Don’t be surprised if you have “out of body” experiences ........ for thousands of years, other techniques have been used to accomplish what is going to happen to you. You will start to understand that the physical body is “NOT” what life is all about. As Bob Mayfield has stated it’s a journey. I’ll add that what you have in store is something no one will be able to describe to you. It’s a journey into awareness.

                      BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!



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                        Now that I have had the Aneros MGX for two weeks, I realize that I had an O the first day, I just didn't know what was happening, and didn't know how to make it last. I was using the Aneros for the first time, had an hour or so session, experienced some pain, since my anus wasn't used to penetration, but when getting ready to take it out, i knelt on the floor of the bathroom and felt my entire body go into spasm. I was a little scared, and didn't let the feeling last.
                        The next two weeks brought many different experiences, but I got frustrated as the O seemed elusive.
                        The postings of three different forum members have helped a lot. The "rock your hips, rock your world" thread has helped a lot. so has the "do nothing method."
                        And needless to say, the most important contributor here is Mayfield, whooo explains so much, and has helped me get to very advanced levels very quickly.
                        The position that works best for me is kneeling next to my bed, with my head and arms supported by the mattress. using that, and the "do nothing" method gets my anus, rectum, prostate, and entire abdomen really humming very quickly. another thing that got a very strong reaction was reaching down and trying to spread my buttocks as I got into a wave.
                        After reaching a series of Os and mini Os, I then tried some bump and grinding, and also got a lot of pleasure that way. If I didn't have to work, and get some sleep, I would have kept at it for another four hours.


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                          It finally happened 5 months down the line, the Friday before Good Friday for me this was excellent Friday

                          I went to bed early 9.30 lubed up and relaxed, for half hour using the sphincter muscle I can play the tip of the MGX and enjoy the sensations created, this continued, time just vanished, after two hours I came to the point where I was ready and wanting to ejaculate but my body or the MGX disagreed so I gave in, during this time I had been in the fetal position on my left side, I stretched my legs down the bed and relaxed, 10 mins later it started suddenly my entire body began to experience what I can describe felt like I was having an electric shock, my nervous system was shacking me not violently but very noticeably. Having read the forum many times I quickly realized I was hopefully heading into a super O, this nervous shaking continued for about 30 seconds then died off, yep it started again and I went through this scenario about five times, the fifth being the longest and best.
                          After the event I just got up in amazement, could not believe what happened removed the MGX and savored the thoughts for about an hour before I drifted of to sleep.
                          How I triggered this event I do not know it just happened. Fabulous, will it happen again? I hope so, thanks to all who wrote in their experiences made me unafraid of what was taking place so I could just let it happen.


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                            I did exactly what everyone on these posts said and just Let my body take me where it wanted to go! My body sure knew what it wanted. It was almost as if my body KNEW EXACTLY what to do to take me to a SUPER O. First the Helix began to be drawn into my body DEEPER and with more FORCE. I just let it happen. Then the Helix was just sorta EMBEDDED in me so I mentally focused on how good that felt and WHAM.......I got that feeling you get just before you CUM in an ejaculatory Orgasm only the feeling seemed to go on and on and dick still did not get hard but it FELT the same way it does when I CUM....I think Pan was right when he said, it's DEEPER than a regular Orgasm and a Super-O is 80% sensation and 20% muscular. Then that sorta turned into a WAVE of pleasure that went through my pelvic region and out to the rest of my body......WAVE after WAVE of pleasure. Man I really can't put into words what that felt nothing I had EVER experienced before....The waves kept coming and coming. They always seemed to start with that PONR feeling you get in a regular ejaculatory Orgasm right before you CUM but they last LONGER and SRTONGER and then those sensations turn into WAVES of pleasure....I rode those waves of pleasure for what SEEMED like hours but I think was more like 20 to 30 minutes (although time sorta seemed to STAND STILL and NOTHING else mattered except those waves of pleasure), MAN my WHOLE BODY was SHAKING and I was MOANING and SWEATING it was INCREADABLE!

                            When the waves seemed to quiet down I turned over on my back with Helix still in me (This whole time during my Super O I had been on my left side with my left leg straight and my right leg bent with knee up near my chest) and began stroking my penis to a SUPER T and again it was Sooo Good! I often practice EDGING in my regular masturbation sessions so I decided to see if I could EDGE with the Helix still in.......It was AMAZING....I stoked my cock with a few pumps and I became ROCK HARD....I edged an orgasm out of my cock with my hand but DID NOT Ejaculate.....I wanted this pleasure to last as long as I could.......I did this a few more times and each time the sensations were better than the ones before........I finished off by shooting my load with one Hell of an EJACULATION.......Cum shot all the way up to my chest!


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                              Well, after about a dozen tries and lurking around this site for about a month, it finally happened 2 hours ago!! It's gonna take my body and mind some time to process this new and fantastic capacity. My immediate thought is that I want these orgasms several times a day, which is just not practicable. It is so damn addictive ... I just hope it wasn't a one off and that I can do it again!

                              So, for all those who haven't got there yet, for what it's worth, here's my advice.

                              1. Read and keep reading the forums about other people's experiences and absorb the variety of different people's responses to the aneros. But don't try and follow any formula. There's no 'correct' way. Just try different things and focus on what feels good.

                              2. When you've got the aneros in, don't try too hard. Just relax and focus on the experience.

                              3. The position that first did it for me was on my back, knees up and about 6 inches apart, feet about 2 feet apart. With a pillow in the small of my back and bum on the bed (thanks Fleshlight).

                              4. The technique I used was combined anal and rectal tension, about less than half of what would be maximum squeeze. That is to say pushing down from the inside while squeezing the anus and holding it like that (thanks Mayfield). There was no need for varying the contractions, ie. deliberately trying to move the aneros around.

                              It was my second attempt with this technique. The involuntary spasming started after about 2 or 3 minutes and the full body spasming kicked in after about four minutes. Was I surprised! After half an hour I wanted to stop. Guess I'll have to build up my stamina! I then masturbated my penis and had an incredible traditional orgasm. Wow.

                              Thanks everyone for posting your experiences, and I hope you all get there.