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Hands free ejaculation - the trick that taught me how to do

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  • Hands free ejaculation - the trick that taught me how to do

    (this post was edited 2007-05-16 23:59:17)

    I have been using the Aneros for a bunch of years, and had great success, but never was able to achieve a hands free ejaculation. I had followed the instructions as written on the website, and others saying that they have done it. I found it hard to believe I couldn't figure it out. But the trick that taught me how to do it, is actually using my hands to do the "stretching" while learning to teach me what I was looking for. Put your hands at the base of your shaft, and pull it down so that the frenulum and head are stretched and taut. It was easy to figure out where I was going when the skin of the shaft was pulled tight for me to ejaculate. That tightness for some reason gets your penis harder and harder, then feelings of ejaculation start to happen, and it you keep it taut, it happens. Then the next day, knowing the stretching feeling that I was aiming for to ejaculate, I was able to use my thighs to recreate what my hands had done to stretch the base of my shaft to achieve it. I think the reason I couldn't figure it out was thinking that I needed to stretch my scrotum, but what you want to feel tension and stretching in is the entire penis shaft, most notably the frenulum and head. Stretching the scrotum is not the key, which is what I originally thought. After rereading the instructions on the website just now, it does say basically that, but I think I misunderstood it, and maybe my post here will help others trying to achieve it. After doing it twice, I'd have to say it's pretty awesome to be able to ejaculate without using my hands.

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    i've just joined the forum and am really interested in your post. i've come very close to handsfree w/aneros--have even filmed it twice! but i've never got there, alway resorting to my hand after lots of squirming and precum and hardons coming and going. so i'm gonna try the shaft skin tightening thing. i'll let you know if it works for me.


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      thanks anonymous!

      and welcome cremaster1973!

      i've been able to do this a number of times (in fact, this thread is reminding me that this another thing i really want to capture on video. like cremaster1973's excellent leaking and erection cycling in his video, this is an observable phenomenon that can't be faked, for the aneros skeptics).

      yes, stretching the penis is the key.

      it works for me either by putting my balls under my legs and straightening or putting my penis and my balls between my legs and straightening. i think the latter may be even more effective but it has the downside that you make a mess under you and don't see the ejaculation.



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        thanks for the welcome, darwin. I just watched your vid and saw you stretching the shaft skin by working your balls with your legs. and i remember this is suggested in the aneros instructions. ("when all else fails, read the directions!" lol) I've always liked ball play, when fucking or jerking off. And I think it does have the indirect effect of tightening the skin of the shaft. but, like anonymous says, pulling directly on the skin at the base is probaby more effective. so I'm gonna try it. the odd thing is, usually I tug on my nuts to slow things down--and make even more precum. could it be the same maneuver with aneros might bring on dry orgasm?


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          hey cm-

          in those vids i am not actually doing that. i'm in a recliner and to do it "hands free" you need to straighten your legs out all the way to get maximum skin stretching. i was just wiggling around in response to the pleasure. i did try to capture it on video at a different point in that session but it wasn't gonna happen.

          if you make the skin tight by any method you will risk having an ejaculatory not dry orgasm.

          by the way, in honor of your video i added a new entry to the glossary for "erection cycling."



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              i can ejaculate with no touching/squeezing of any kind. i just focus on the head and frenulum. Dont see why people would want a wet orgasm though..


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                I've been trying for a long time to accomplish a pure, hands free, wet O. I think I like the idea because I haven't been able to do it. In practice, I might not enjoy it so much, but I at least want to experience the event. I'm not sure who necro-bumped this, but thanks. I'll give the stretching trick a shot and see if it begins the feelings and sensations for me. At this point it's just a goal I have. We'll see how it goes.