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    Hi all. I got my Helix a month ago and posted when I first tried it. I've had some really nice times with it. Today was my most intense, I think I may have actually had the Super-O. I had an hour long session with the helix today. It started out with some porn just to get me in the mood. Then I lubed up my friend and inserted it while laying on my left side with my left leg more or less straight and my right leg bent almost up to my chest. This is a very comfortable position for me. I have come to enjoy the sensation of the aneros being inserted. After a few minutes, I became very relaxed and the contractions were producing very pleasant sensations. More than 40 minutes passed as I varied the contractions and changed positions a couple of times. Then I started holding some really strong contractions while grinding my hips a bit and rolling just enough so that my penis (which was not erect) occasionally touched the bed. I kept this up until I felt the involuntary contractions start up. This was a new and extremely pleasant feeling. I continued the above movements while on my left side as described and squeezed my butt cheeks together a few times as well. All of a sudden, I got a powerful erection and began to feel as though I would ejaculate. A few moments later, I had a really nice orgasm and ejaculated only a little, like one spurt, completely hands free. I started to relax a bit and then it happened. My right leg started to quiver and shake uncontrollably. My whole body began to quiver and shake and I began to feel waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. Each wave of pleasure kept building and each was more intense than the last. My whole body was spasming with pleasure; everything was contracting involuntarily. What was also amazing was that I was moaning and groaning really loud and I couldn't stop it. The whole experience went on for at least 2 minutes, maybe longer. The intensity built up and built up and I finally exploded in the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I was nearly screaming when this happened. I thought I had ejaculated again. It felt like I had but actually, I hadn't. Then suddenly it was over and a spiritual kind of calm came over my entire being. I just layed there in complete bliss for a while before getting up. In my life, I never imagined that an orgasm could last for so long and continue to grow with such intensity along the way. I am just amazed. This is really such a wonderful way to experience my sexuality. I think I may enjoy the feeling of something larger in my rectum so I am going to order the Progasm and give it a try. I'll let you know how things progress.

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    Wow! What a great description and experience.

    You may want to post a duplicate in the "Best O" Sticky for others to see and worship in the future.



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      Congratulations! It sure sounds like the Super O to me. The only thing that's a little different here is the small ejaculation that you reported seeing initially. As the Super O is a non-ejaculatory event, it's a bit unusual to find ejaculate. Is it possilbe that this was precum (Cowper's fluid)? Was it thin, and clear in consistency? If so, it's possible that the penile spasms drove some of this fluid out. Athough I'm not 100% certain about the first event, there can be no doubt that the second was indeed a Super O.


      BF Mayfield


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        Thanks BF. There was no doubt in my mind that the first orgasm I had today was accompanied by a small amount of true ejaculate. What was amazing was what followed only about a minute later. I did not believe such pleasure was possible. It was truly amazing and as I stated, it did feel like I had ejaculated again but I hadn't. I sure hope I can get back to that wonderful place in future attempts. Regards, Ken


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          Hi Ken,

          Wow, what progress you have made. You have only been at this a month. Again, some will be jealous, but good for you. It sounds as though you are doing some good experimenting and it is paying off for you.

          I look forward to how far along you are going to be when you have been at it 6 months or a year.

          Take it easy.



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            Thank you for all the encouragement Buster, BF and Tripper. I have been playing with my helix for a month and today was probably about my 11th or 12th session. I've had some great hands free ejaculations and a lot of intensely pleasant sensations in the anal and rectal area, which, for me has been a new discovery. I am married and sex with my wife is great. I have always continued to masturbate throughout my married life and I am open to new experiences. Though I have some minimal experience with anal play in the past, my aneros sessions have been a whole new awakening. I have come to enjoy every aspect of using it. The feeling of insertion is now very pleasant. My experience today was just mind blowing. I felt completely out of control and able to just submit to the sensations. It was, indeed, a new level of hightened orgasmic ecstasy. I just loved it. I hope I can get back there in future sessions. Lately, I've been thinking that I would enjoy the feeling of something larger than the helix in my rectum so I have decided to order the Progasm. I doubt I will give up the helix though. I will just want to vary the aneros experiences from time to time. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted. Ken