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  • Contraction levels

    I acquired a massager about a month ago. After multiple attempts over these weeks, I was able to FINALLY get some pleasurable spasms during my last attempt. I discovered that, for me, the contractions must be held above 50% of "full". Apparently, the levels of contraction I'd been holding in previous attempts were too low. And, also, I found that if I I go above 75%, it seems to be too much, and ends the spasms.

    Anyone else found this to be the case?

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    Try establishing a basal level contraction, a contraction that you will always maintain when you're not at that 50% level that you spoke of. Also try spreading your cheeks while you're at that higher level of contraction. What you'll find is that it destablizes the Aneros inside your rectum such that it has a tendency to want to slide out and your anus must fight to hold on to it. Play with this, not necessarily continuously, but see what it does for you. In many cases (myself included) it can jump start you into some "involuntary" contractions.


    B Mayfield