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Peristaltic orgasm

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  • Peristaltic orgasm

    Hi everyone.
    How is the peristaltic orgasm generated by the peridise compared with other types of orgasm (anal, prostatic, etc.)?
    How does an peristaltic orgasm feel for you?
    Sorry for my English and thank you.

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    vixun , I've been using the Peridise for about two weeks and HelixSyn for several months... have had super Os with HSyn and lesser (mini-Os ?) with smaller Peridise.

    for me the HSyn Os are deeper inside and higher up (probably my prostate). These are usually 7 or 8 pulsing / clamping type feelings along with abdominal muscles tightening and some shaking.

    for me the Peridise (at this point) is lots of little wiggles / flutters (peristaltic?) motion... it also triggers the involuntaries for me. The smaller orgasms I feel with this feel a bit like precursors to the ones I get with the HelixSyn (Super Os). The device seems to put the slightest of pressure on my prostate.

    I really love them both! The Peridise I can put in, put on clothes and go about my day and have endless "good feelings" while I get stuff done. The HelixSyn is definitely more demanding of time, but worth the time!

    both have an important role me for me!

    ive never had (yet) (that I'm aware of) an anal orgasm so I can't really contrast that for you.

    Hope me this helps some.


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      vixun , I have also had the Peridise for about a week now and have used it twice. Both times it blew me away with intense orgasms, for me it was very similar sensations when compared to my Helix Syn and MGX Trident. The substantial difference for me is with movement of the device. The prostate massagers stay in place (meaning no in-out movement, only back and forth movement against my prostate). But with the Peridise, my body is trying to eject it, so my muscles move it out a little, but the knob at the end doesn't allow my body to eject it and my muscles suck it back in! For me, it has produced crazy intense sessions for an hour (honestly all I can handle!), leaves me gasping for breath and wondering "did that really just happen?!?". My personal technique is laying in bed on my stomach. I don't know what it is about that position for me, maybe it is somewhat submissive and in my mind I am thinking I have no choice but to lay here and accept what the device is going to do, totally out of my control. My opinion, even if you don't love it, it's only 20 bucks, so you're not out much money! Let us know how it goes. HereByAccident , I haven't tried clothed yet, but will now that you suggested it!


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        Thanks to both of you. I think I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.


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          jekyll&hyde I'm fortunate enough that I can walk to work. 10 minutes of walking used to be chore, but now its pure bliss as every step is a tickle of pleasure Riding in the car is also fun, every bump also becomes a tickle of pleasure! I love the fact that the Peridise is "mobile-friendly"!