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  • I've been having trouble

    I finally caved and bought an aneros. I am an 19 year old male, and I've always thoroughly enjoyed prostate pleasure. I went ahead and got the maximus, as these aren't my first experiences with anal play. I have been trying to work with the aneros for about 9 sessions, and I can't say that I feel anything. I don't feel any sensation on my prostate at all (even slight pressure), when I contract all the way.

    I haven't been overly rough 'down there', but could prior experience negatively effect my progress with the aneros?

    Any help would be appreciatted.

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    Just curious, typically what is the girth of the toys that you've used in the past?

    BF Mayfield


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      I'm not exactly sure, but I can assure you, nothing that drastic. The largest was probably a normal 6 inch dildo. I don't know the girth, but it was the same size as a human penis.

      I'm also about 6'6-6'7 ish. I know you said that it is generally always located in the same place, but could being really tall effect it?


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          Of course penises come in all shapes and sizes, but what I was referring to was the really large stuff. Given the way that youíve described it I doubt that your past experiences have created any problems here. So first, you may want to explore other positions. In particular I have found lying on my left side (in a fetal position), kneeling (with knees near the foot of the bed and head and torso lying on the bed) and on all fours are good ones that may provide you with more prostate contact. Give each some time, at least 15 minutes and see what develops. One other thing, the Maximus benefits greatly from aggressive lubrication. In the past Iíve used Vaseline and KY, others have used silicone preparations (which Iím not a fan of because of the clean-up). At the very least I would advise prelubricating with a small amount of water based lube (applied rectally with a small baby syringe or dropper) before coating the Aneros liberally with KY or a water based lube of your choice. If none of these measures work for you at allÖ then you might want to look to one of the other models in order to find a better fit.

          Of all of the models, the Maximus remains the number one choice of anal vets , mostly on account of its size. Although the Maximus has many fans, I must admit that it took me some time to really enjoy it myself. If you read my original review of it in Aneros the Next Generation Reviewed, I said at the time that the head/ tip of the Maximus was dull and that overall it felt slightly out of balance. In my opinion, the combination of these factors provides you with something that is somewhat less than might have been. Recently, Iíve grown to enjoy the Maximus a great deal, but it still remains a unit that you have to coax a little to make it perform as desired. Ironically, the Helix and the MGX both provide a more focused stimulation than the Maximus. That said, the Maximus does offer a fuller feeling than any of the other models Aneros product line. However, that is all about to change.

          A new model, the Progasm, will be introduced shortly. The Progasm offers fullness combined with fairly intense stimulation. If I were to steer you to any other model at this point, it would be the Progasm.

          BF Mayfield