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Aneros Models affect Aless Sessions?

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  • Aneros Models affect Aless Sessions?

    I discovered that the use of different Aneros models in my sessions affects the quality, intensity and length of my following Aless sessions.

    Following a session with my Eupho Syn, my Aless sessions are extremely intense and last for days. The next best Aless sessions are felt after the use of my MGX (but they are not as magical and intense as with my E-Syn). The Maximus, Helix Syn give me 'ok 'Aless sessions while they are almost non existent with my Progasm Ice.

    I wonder why; psychological or physical?

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    GGringo An interesting question! Since I only have 2 models now (950 and SGX) I will pay attention to the corresponding Aless after a session. I'll update my info. at that time.


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      GGringo, I believe that Aneros sessions have both a psychological and physical component. Also I have noticed that each of my Aneros model has its individual "signature." Sexual arousal is a major force which fuels my Aneros sessions. Most my sessions gave rise to wonderful Aless which feeds into my sessions.


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        Update: I had a nice session with the SGX this morning; I'm now feeling Aless more than the 950. It still is subtle.


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          I think for me a-less is better the following day if I have had a good session the night before. What correlation between a good a-less session and a particular device seems to always be always changing (seems to be quite the norm when it comes to all aspects of prostate massage). I can relate to great a-less from using Eupho-Syn, but I have also had the same from Progasm and Helix. A-less is to me a much more mental exercise rather than a physical one.