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  • Aneros not long enough?

    Hey guys, I'm new. First wanted to thank the community for all the stickies and words of advice that I've been reading over the past few months.

    ​​​​​​I think I have a pretty good grasp of everything, muscle groups, sensations, etc. The only model I have is the helix, and have had maybe 15 sessions so far, each seeming to be a little better than the last.

    Today after about 30 minutes of having the aneros in and listening to some erotic audio, I was getting the involuntary muscle clenching and it felt really nice as usual. I went to adjust the position of the p tab with my hand and noticed that if I pushed the aneros in just a tiny bit further, it felt 10 times better. It's like I could actually feel it directly hitting my prostate, whereas before it felt more like it was just barely brushing against it.

    I continued with my hand pressing the aneros further in and still clenching. It felt so good that after only about a minute of that, I had an orgasm. It was almost dry, just a few drops of cum oozed out with no ejaculation. This was the first time I was able to orgasm with zero penile stimulation, and it was great! Success at last!

    But now I'm wondering a few things:
    1. Is it normal for the prostate to be just out of reach of the aneros without the extra push from my fingers? I'm a little over 6', so maybe it's not quite reaching where it should?
    2. Is there a model that's a little bit longer than the helix that would give better direct contact?
    ​​​​3. Or maybe this is how it's supposed to feel? Not like a direct pressing on the prostate, but more of a gentle nudge. And maybe I'm being too impatient, expecting it to feel good right away?

    Thanks in advance! I appreciate the help

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    anon4710 Hi! And welcome to Aneros! I had a similar experience with my HIH 950. That massager is very tiny by Aneros standards. I had a great session where I inserted it deeper than I ever did before and wow! An amazing session! So I recently bought an Aneros SGX which has a longer length than the 950 and it hit the mark! (I intend to blog about it soon). I would say, then, that length of the massager does make a difference.

    That said, is it possible that your Helix does not contact your prostate? I can't say with certainty that it does not. I had my first Super O with a Helix Classic. The model with greater length than the Helix would be the Progasm (4.5" vs 4"). You may want to try that. But since you are still "new in the game" you may want to continue with the Helix for a while. (I'm definitely going to continue with the SGX).

    You have said that you experienced a Dry O and that your sessions are getting better. A "gentle nudge" is a good description. But you will certainly feel the pressure on your prostate when it makes contact! Each device has its own "signature" and you may prefer one over another. A lot of Aneros guys have multiple devices (one size may not fit all). You can "experiment" too. Good luck to you!
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      anon4710, I agree with the suggestions that goldenboy, one of our most prolific blogs, has given you. Just continue to have scheduled Aneros sessions and the feelings will come from Aneros.

      The Progasm, as goldenboy suggests, is the largest Aneros market. Many guys like the sleeker feel of Progasm ICE. Progasm Classic delivers greater traction, a more robust feel.

      There are two other Aneros models of length that you may want to try. Eupho in both Classic or Syn has a slenderness that dances upon your prostate. I just love the feel of Eupho Classic which I use to begin most my sessions.

      Maximus is thicker than Eupho. Maximus penetrates deeply and massages both the prostate and seminal vesicles.

      Yes, each Aneros model has its own "signature" as goldenboy has stated!

      I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with Helix Syn which introduced me to anal play. Then a month later I added Maximus, and soon after both Progasm Classic and ICE. For a good six months to a year following I had regularly scheduled Aneros sessions which were both "aggressive" and exhausting. Finally I decided to have sessions just to have fun and pleasure. I also learned to relax. I am sure you will too!


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        Your notes on the paramount aspects of "just" fun and pleasure are what leads most of us to continue with anal play over the long term.

        You might take a look at High Island Health's "PS-New" tool which is recommended for guys over 5'11" in height. It's somewhat novel in upper body shape with its two 'nubs.' When I'm quite relaxed I'm able to distinguish those nubs pressing on the bladder neck area (near the real estate between my bladder and prostate. My prostate is 'generous,' in bulk and the lower portion enjoys a workout by my SGX. So, fun and pleasure are available from short as well as long toys.

        As BigGlansDC pointed out, getting loose with deep relaxation can pay great dividends from a variety of tools.


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          rook I had a PS-NEW too but generally did not like it. It did cause me discomfort and I couldn't have a long session with it. So I don't have it any more. But I do like my new SGX a lot!


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            Thanks for the replies guys! I'll check out some other models and keep exploring.


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              Originally posted by goldenboy View Post
              rook I had a PS-NEW too but generally did not like it. It did cause me discomfort and I couldn't have a long session with it. So I don't have it any more. But I do like my new SGX a lot!
              i found this to be true until i figured out that my pelvic floor muscles were actually overly tight. consider doing reverse kegals and stretching your pelvic floor (google some stretches or something)

              after doing this the ps new has been the most effective model i have used out of literally all of them - most likely due to those aggressive nubs


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                Had similar problems initially before I realized my HelixSyn wasn't going in quite far enough. Once I pulled in to the point where the P tab was applying slight pressure to the perenium things improved radically! It was like the head locked itself into position and auto fuck began most of the time. So be patient and pull in as far as possible and see what happens. I'm 5' 11" and also have used the Progasm Ice but like the movement of the HelixSyn. It feels awesome gliding back and forth on the prostrate!