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Unconventional orgasms to say at least

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  • Unconventional orgasms to say at least

    Last time playing with my prostate had surprising effect. After the one hour or so session arrousal level was insane, I was at the brink of orgasm. I was simultaneously stimulating my penis. What happened was that I discovered that if I stop playing with my penis and put heavy pressure on a prostate, I can finish off. But it was different, it was much blurrer than a typical one. It didn't feel as much as a sharp, intense feeling every man knows but rather peak of sexual excitement that caused physical reaction, ejaculation to say. Males go after the orgasm into state called refractory period but it was not the case, erection not only didn't disappear but it was harder and instead of a sudden realief and a switch to the uninterested state of mind arousal level decreased slightly. I was very surprised. I looked down and saw that I had a real orgasm. Sperm was everywhere. That sight and a thought that it must be closest to what a female orgasm is like kept me going and under a minute I was orgasmimg again. The more sperm I ejaculated and the more I thought I have a typical female multiple orgasm, the faster and more intense they became. I had 4 other orgasms, the last being one of the most intense in my whole life, if not the most intense, every time a full ejaculatory. I stopped to take a break for a breath. I didn't feel spend at all, I could have additional. And I masturbated one more time, this time normally. I didn't ejaculate anything this time and felt more spent than after previous 6 orgasms. For context it happened in less than 20 minutes.

    Do you guys have any similar experience? What do you think it was?

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    I would love to know what process you used to get into that state?

    I had something similar once where i used a suction dildo and i had 4 consective ejaculatory orgasm and 2 dry orgasms never been able to repeat it since.

    I also had one experience where i was able to masturbate my penis but it would not ejaculate, instead i just kept dry cumming over and over.

    Were you wathcing porn? what device were you using?


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      If you ask me for a guide with simple steps that would allow you to have similar experience I must dissapoint you, this was my first such event in a year long period of trial and error. There was nothing particular about this expect the results. I can only tell you what I belive worked so well: long enough build-up, many days without any masturbaition session and a lot of practise. And a very deep penetration. I was using only my hands. I used porn because I quickly loose interest in any kind of prostate stimulation.