AVN Fan Awards - Vote for the Helix Syn!

Hi Everyone,

In the runup to the 2018 AVN Awards, AVN is holding an online vote for a bunch of different categories, and the Helix Syn is one of the nominees for "Most Amazing Sex Toy". We'd greatly appreciate it if you would go to to cast your vote. You can even cast your vote daily. Voting runs from now until January 18th. Thank you!

The Aneros Team
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Perinium stimulator at end of aneros are uncomfortable

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  • Perinium stimulator at end of aneros are uncomfortable

    any suggestions anyone? Thanks

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    Charlie1 Just like at one 'unnamed Burger joint' you can have it your way.

    "P-tab comfort" has been a discussion item since Aneros made the decision (early in this millennium) to cease making it adjustable. I'm a P-tab junkie and find my way to dry orgasm faster when using Aneros tools with a firm force on my perineum 'sweet spot.' The Helix-syn has a bit more give and spring in its p-tab so you might prefer that 'feel' to the more rigid Aneros tools.

    Although a few brave guys have voided their warranty by using a heat gun to reshape the forward part of the abutment arm, most of the popular "temporary solutions" involve some form of padding. This is addressed in the Aneros Wiki.

    For my first year I used the bulb from a medicine dropper by slipping it over the p-tab on my Helix-classic and later on a 'tail-less' SGX. As my Perineum responded to Kegels I've found I prefer the "stock configuration." There's variety in dropper bulbs so you can vary both the softness and the springiness of this solution.

    Last year brucemarkland suggested using a piece of plastic foam to pad the p-tab. Changing the type and thickness of the foam pad is effective in tailoring the 'feel' to your own preferences.


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      Go to a vape store and ask if they have any empty eye droppers that they could give you or sell you or find a store that sells them. Just pull the rubber squeeze part out of the top and put some oil on the perineum tab and slide the rubber piece over it. Works really well


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        Change the toy
        I went from Helix to Eupho and after quite some time I noticed less results.
        Went back to Helix and hat a fantastic session