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  • How long?

    For how long does the average person need to be using the Aneros Helix in order to get the supergasm? I'm not talking about per session, but more like how many times or days. Also, will flexing your buttock muscles in addition to flexing your PC help any?

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    How long? Until it happens. For you, it's likely to be next Saturday at 10:31pm.

    Just kidding, man, there's no answer to a question like you're asking.


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      For me it was almost two years. Last week I finally got a hit. I was sitting in my hot tub trying to relax the way everyone else seems to be able to do. I could slowly move the Helix around and feel it lightly hitting my prostate. After 10-15 minutes of that I could tell that something was happening. With the hot tub I could hit about every angle and position I have read about. I finally found one that seemed to push things closer.

      I finally started into an orgasm that had me kneeling and humping into the water. All I know is when it finally hit I was splashing the water over the edge. After a few minutes of theat I figured my wife was going to check on me to see if I had drowned. I had turned into a prune after almost an hour.

      Two years my friend. Don't give up hope. I could mechanically get things moving with rubber bands or weights pulling backwards, but this was the first no-kidding hands free orgasm.

      I gotta say it was nice to finally happen. I plan on using the hot tub in the next night or so.


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        Hi Stinger,

        It tood a good 7 months to get things really moving but closer to a year to hit it out of the park.

        Hang in there and keep plugging away.



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          LOL Fleshjoe...really I feel it's going to be more like 10:44ish myself.
          For me it took about a year of 2 to 3 nights a week. Remember nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Trust me this is very worthwhile.


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            Okay, a couple days ago I used it and it was my fifth attempt. I got a drop of precum to flow which is a first. Am I on the right track?