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A question on authorship of texts in Aneros Learning Center

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  • A question on authorship of texts in Aneros Learning Center

    Hi guys,

    Can someone tell me who are the author(s) of the Aneros Learning Centers texts, specifically on suggestions for proper use of Aneros products. rumel, I believe you told me some weeks ago that Charlie Glickman is the author of the present-day directions for proper use. I am also interested in know who composed the text of the original directions for Aneros user (now archived by rumel). Both are darn good in their own ways.



    P.S., I am puzzled by the fact that I am a "Newbie" again even though I joined this group in Nov. 2011 and posted 941 posts!
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    Apparently, member' status changes only with the number of posts submitted, not by time. I felt the same way and after 80 posts, I'm still a 'Junior Member'; you have over 900!'. Go figure
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      I don't know who the author(s) were for the original 'Learning Center' - INSTRUCTIONS. I found in the current LEARN>LEARNING CENTER>Men>Credits the following :
      We would like to give a big thanks to the amazing sexuality educator and author Charlie Glickman, PhD, for his contribution to the Men’s Learning Center. Charlie is one of the foremost experts and communicators on sexuality topics today, and his intelligent and fun writing style really brings a relatable manner of introducing our products. Be sure to visit Charlie’s website for more information about his work and upcoming workshops.
      I suspect there were other contributing authors to the 'Learning Center' but I haven't found any other credits mentioned.
      Good Vibes to You !

      P.S. The whole issue of assigning member status is rather tricky, as you will notice, I am also assigned the status of "Newbie". For a long time I have been slightly bothered by having the quantity of a member's posts to be the sole determining factor of their status. It appears the software can only use post counts in its algorithm to assign status. This is problematic as it may lead true newbies into assigning greater credence to the posts of less experienced members than they perhaps should. I am aware that this issue has been raised in the past but no resolution for identifying a fair, objective method of establishing a member's current status has been proposed. Since member's experience, knowledge and pathos regarding their Aneros practice is constantly evolving, how can one write an automatic algorithm to continually evaluate each individual? Perhaps we could poll the membership for ideas concerning establishing criteria and appropriate nomenclature. Perhaps there could be a review panel to establish criteria and thence assign classification levels. Perhaps this is all too subjective to bother with but the existing format may do more harm than help. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to eliminate status designations altogether.


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        I would be sad to see the member status eliminated. What makes the forum "valid" is having input from ALL levels of membership. Although not having them "correct" now is a real hindrance!


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          I agree, the member status is often used as a tool and therefore valuable. Personally, I hate the term 'Newbie'; I much prefer 'Newer Member' or 'New Member'. If you open up a survey rumel , you will get some suggestions for Aneros but I doubt they will be able to rely on 'computer tallying up numbers' alone. I suspect they will have to monitor and inteveine somewhere in the process.


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            Personally I think the designations of Newbie, Junior Member, Member, and Expert should be abolished. As one who has used Aneros for four plus years, at times my Aneros journey has been arduous and little accomplished. But when I got Tempo just after Thanksgiving in November 2013, my sessions began to take off. I find those designations to be arbitrary and at times confusing because in many ways, I have been a slow Aneros learner, until fairly recently.