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    It's just over a year - June 2015 to be precise - since I first became acquainted with Aneros and took my first steps to achieving prostate pleasure. I have been more fortunate than some in making progress, since a first unsatisfactory session did at least result in awakening my prostate, and all subsequent sessions have seen a steady improvement and I have experienced a number of mind blowing orgasms.

    There have been times when I have indulged in frequent sessions and others when I have maintained quite long periods of abstinence. The last few days have marked an end to a period of abstinence, and today's session with my Helix Syn was probably the best ever. I reached a stage when my entire body was bathed in a blissful sensation while at the same time I experienced a continuous series of powerful orgasms, and even after I have finished the session and cleaned up I am still feeling a few aftershocks in the form of a-less orgasms.

    Now what did I do to achieve this happy result? Answer: virtually nothing. I simply inserted the Helix, lay on my side - my best position - relaxed, and waited for my body to respond. No kegels, no porn, no music, no sexy thoughts and no engagement with my penis, in fact none of the aids often used to get results. The only help I gave my body to achieve bliss was to concentrate mentally on every stirring of pleasure so as to amplify it and hopefully trigger an orgasm, and when one did occur to relax into it as fully as possible and thereby increase its intensity.

    The conclusions I would draw from this experience is that "doing nothing" really does work, and that mental focus really does achieve results and helps to trigger an orgasm. Finally, it is important to avoid tension when an orgasm does occur, but simply to relax and let it overwhelm you
    I think that many newbies frustrate their efforts by trying too hard and also expecting a prostate orgasm to be like a "traditional" ejaculatory orgasm and consequently feel that their penis should play a leading role. It's not like that at all. OK, if your dick wants to join in the fun, well and good, but that's not the object of the exercise which takes place in quite another dimension.

    So to those who are still struggling I'd say relax and enjoy whatever yous body offers you and never underestimate the power of your mind to obtain the results that you are seeking.

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    Great post wulff Good advice to the new comers!