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Electric contraction near prostate area but non-pleasurable

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  • Electric contraction near prostate area but non-pleasurable

    I am still learning to use aneros, so far have done about ~40 hours. But havent got orgasm or anything like it ..... except small tingling sensation and if lucky, I got sustained 30% intensity of orgasm for about 10 seconds...

    How do i go forward ? I lie side ways and try to relax...

    Last night, i did get two relatively strong electric contraction around my prostate area, but it was just electric feeling and not pleasurable...

    Help with some comments pls... thanks !

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    adonisnew You didn't say which model(s) Aneros you are using. Also, when you refer to 'electric contraction' do you mean something like an 'auto-contraction'? Or something else? You said it was not pleasurable. If it was an auto-contraction, usually it is tied-in with the Aneros movement which should be pleasurable.. That is puzzling to me.

    Basically, you are making progress but I would avoid reaching for the 'brass-ring' via any orgasm just yet. Concentrate on the smallest pleasures the Aneros is providing in your sessions and no more at first. In time, your body will become accustomed to the new sensations and you will begin to advance in the re-wiring process if you haven't begun already.

    You may want to try a new position or two during your sessions. Using a pillow sometimes under your hips may help with the movement. Good luck to you!


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      goldenboy Great. Thanks

      I am Asian and I have MGX and SGX.
      Initially I used MGX but absolutely no sensations with it.

      When I use SGX, I do get the feeling that it is hitting the prostate and get those very small pleasurable, tingling sensations. So i now use SGX mostly.

      Regarding that electric sensation, i was just lying down and not doing anything. It just came to me... not sure if it was indeed a contraction or not...

      But it was more like my prostate area (feeling like directly under the penis) was being "constantly squeezed" for 5 seconds tightly with electrical sensatipn and went away. It was not the periodic contraction and release of the muscle.

      Oh btw what is that brass ring phrase mean ?
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        By brass ring, I am implying a Super-O!