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hot tub???

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  • hot tub???

    has anyone ever tried it in a hot tub?????

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    Originally Posted By: newbee
    has anyone ever tried it in a hot tub?????
    Hey, give it a shot and let us know what happens. I tried it once but felt that the noise, energy, movement of the hot tub stuff was overpowering the subtle Aneros activity that I was trying to feel. Hmmmm, maybe if there are no jets going?


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      At first I thought you meant just a bathtub, but a hot tub is more like a jacuzzi, right?
      The idea sounds great to me - the hot water should help to relax and it increases blood circulation. Perhaps without the jets, as Tripper said. Man, I wished I had at least a bathtub to try it in :-/

      Ever heard of those "float tanks"? They're soundproof, darkend cabins filled with warm salt water. The salt concentration is so high that you're floating like being weightless. If there ever was a location other than home where I'd like to try my Helix, this is it.


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        Hey Guys,

        I have used a regular tub before and found that the warm water effected the lubricant that I seem to need on the outside to keep the Aneros free moving. It just didnt work for me, but if it works for others, great!