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  • Progress at last!

    In the 'Could this be my problem?' thread I related my lack of success with the MGX, considering an upgrade to a Helix to speed things along. Well today I feel I might have had a major breakthrough and some people might be interested if they're in the same position of disappointment I was.

    Firstly I just have to say that this is just an honest recounting of my own experiences, both physical and mental (especially mental). I'm just saying what has worked (somewhat) for me.

    The main thing I found I was doing wrong was my position. Previously I'd lay on my side as per instructions. But when I'm in that position I just want to sleep. No real chance of arousal there.

    Today I just lay on my back, which brought the Aneros up towards my prostate a little better. This presented its own little problem because in that position I just want to masturbate. Keeping my hands off myself after the Aneros started working was a major feat, and a battle I eventually lost.

    What I did right came down to pure mental effort. In using the MGX I had always found arousal difficult without direct penile stimulation. I put a lot of this down to having pretty much exhausted my favourite sexual fantasies, so none of them really worked as strongly on my mind without physical 'encouragment'. Porn doesn't seem to do it for me an a depper than surface level. Porn's great for jacking off to, but when I want to really excite myself I need to go deeper into my own experiences and the few women I do know through work or acquaintences. I'm sure if I had more contact with women then I'd have a much larger 'spank bank'. But seeing as though I'm a single shift worker with no social life I have to work just a little harder.

    Today I found a new fantasy which got me worked up, and that was what got the Aneros and prostate working together almost instantly.

    I went for about ten minutes. It felt good but eventually I started to lose the sensation a bit. At that point I congragulated myself on a nice little session and masturbated.

    In the end, I'm still thinking about the upgrade in size. Though it seemed to work well there was still no pre-cum. Maybe a bigger size will help me over the edge, but I'm sure to keep trying with this now.

    Wish me luck.

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    Congratulations on your progress. There are so many variables and they are different for each person.

    The fact that you have trouble keeping your hands off yourself in the "on the back" position kind of says you do not have a problem with arousal.....only this new art form.

    And, the fact that you had some good feelings for the first time may also say the MGX can still be your vehicle for some more sessions (although I should talk...I just ordered an Ebay combo special for the Maximus, Eupho, and MGX)!

    And, other threads have said you may never get pre-cum even with a super o. I have not had any either.

    I also had to search for a period of time for that bit of arousal that affects me. It will different for each person.

    When you say you had some good feelings....can you describe them? Any involuntaries?

    Have a good trek!


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      If by involuntaries you mean the sphincter muscles massaging the Aneros against my prostate with no help from me then yes I had those. That, I gather, is the thing you're hoping to acheive.

      The instant my mind conjours up those arousing images the Aneros goes to work. When I 'lose' the fantasy it dissipates. A valuable lession. Concentration is the key.

      Honestly, this session was just a thing to alleivate some boredom after work. I had a little K-Y left and thought "Why the hell not?" I never expected it to work any better than it had before but I thought I'd give it a try. Thankfully I saw this particular woman at work today and that filled my mind with all sorts of saucy things.

      I'll have another go later on.


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        Sounds like your in the same boat as me.Read my posts in "My Experiances". Good luck to us both!


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          Hang in there. You have found a position that generated sensations, now you only need to build on them. I encourage you not to get hung up on contractions, involuntary or not. Focus on the pleasure it generates, not the movement. I don't think a new model is really needed. The helix is not actually bigger then the mgx anyway.



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            Hi AussieCam,

            I read your post earlier and I kept thinking about it. It sounds as though you like to have some kind of primary mental stimulation to help you along. I ran across a site that might be interesting to you. While I have not listened to any of the scripts, it does sound intriguing and I thought I would pass it onto you in hopes that it might help you in your quest.


            Like I said, I have no practical experience with it, but be sure to post back and let us know if it helps.



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              Hello AussieCam,

              I don't think its time to upgrade. You said that you had a breakthrough changing positions. If you read the forums and blogs, you will find that that a lot of guys favor different positions. I followed the online directions and started off with the side position. I started to have results and experienced my first Super-O when I switched to the flat on the back position which you like too. Give yourself time.

              Also, I don't think that a vivid mental fantasy is necessary for achieving the Super-O. Re-read Brian Mayfield's posts regarding focusing on the sensations in your body. Really feel the energy build and pulse throughout your body. Use your mind and imagination to spread this energy. I know it may be hard to understand, but you will be rewarded if you relax and try to erase all your previous sexual experiences from your mind. Only then will you be open to the new experiences which await you. Don't be impatient and don't become discouraged. Just be open to what awaits you.



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                Things are going well. Wonderful sensation but I grow impatient in not having an orgasm. I know this is something that may come with time but after about 30 minutes on-and-off of stimulation I just have to masturbate.

                If other lucky Super-O folks had this same problem when they first started out then that would be encouraging to hear.