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help! in need of words of advice or encouragement

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  • help! in need of words of advice or encouragement

    hey guys,
    thanks for your earlier words of wisdom about penile stimulation. but now, im in need of some help. being as young and frisky as i am, i cant keep my hands off myself when i get to the end of step 2 from the online instructions. i just can't seem to move byond that stage. it feels so good to jack off at that point, but i know that i shouldn't. can anyone give me some encouragement or advice? maybe even some exercies to help me develop the discipline to go on with the entire process would help.


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    Well Obieguy, I have the opposite problem. I was once a frisky youngster such as yourself. Now in my mid-twenties, I find it almost impossible to get all that turned on anymore. I have to go like a week without touching myself in order to be "in the mood".

    So I guess my suggestion to you (and this is totally experimental, i'm not saying it will work) would be to completely wear yourself out sexually. Maybe masturbate traditionally a few times in one night, watch porn, just really go overboard with it. Then the next night see how you feel...? I don't know it just makes sense to me. Hope it makes sense to you.

    Good luck.

    - Emp


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      Hey Obieguy,

      For what its worth, here's some advice from an older guy: Why not try to slow down things down? When you get too excited, get into a more comfortable position, stop contracting, close your eyes, and breath deeply. You will find that by relaxing your body and mind, you allow your sexual energy to build to a higher level from which you will experience stronger, more explosive non-ejaculatory orgasms.

      Realize that you are on a journey of self exploration, and that you will miss many of the pleasures of this journey if you race to your old destination. Good luck on your journey