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  • Sweet Taste in Mouth

    The other day as I was experiencing a build up of waves that swept over my tummy and chest I suddenly felt a flood of lovely sweet taste in my mouth. It is the second time it has happened and preceded some powerful orgasms.

    I wonder if others have experienced this, or anything similar?

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    It sounds like you experienced an instance of synesthesia. Although rare, such instances have been reported by a few members, see 'atm853's thread -> seeing red/violet???. There's nothing to worry about, it's just another amazing possible by-product of the Aneros journey.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      Thank you rumel. I had not heard of synesthesia before. An interesting explanation. Though I have always thought of the tongue or mouth as an erogenous zone, especially between lovers.


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        No strange tastes in the mouth here. But sight and sense of smell can undergo interesting distortions during and shortly after some of the most extreme MMO events. The sudden virtual smell of coffee, cedar wood, my partner's perfume, hot rubber, glue and other odours, some of which are nor recogniseable to me, can seem to enter awareness, usually just for a few seconds.
        Vision-wise the sense of colour can quite often become amazingly enhanced so that everything in sight seems to develop the most intense chromaticity. A light blue ceiling decoration can become the most vivid dark ultramarine for several seconds, so reliably that its intensity becomes an indicator of the strength of orgasm, LOL!
        Also, my hearing can be affected, sometime becoming acute, or sometimes subdued to a strange quietness so that a sudden noise, like the ringing telephone, can seem very distant.
        All these virtual effects, for me, peaked a few years ago but as I've progressed along the KSMO trail they have become less pronounced and less frequent. But not my MMOs, which continue to develop strongly!
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          I've seen posts about this before. I think they were discussions about cosmic orbit exercises or something like that where guys went deep into meditative states and had brain orgasms. Some reported ever flowing honey taste during the orgasms. Crazy stuff, very deep.


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            Thank you Mog and Mo_Bosco.

            Interesting there has been discussion of this before. I am not convinced this is a case of synthaesia, where once sense experience is accompanied by another. The sweet taste was part of my tongue coming alive, and there was a flood of saliva in my mouth.

            I notice in quite a few discussions here there are records of heightened sensitivity and different states of consciousness associated with orgasm. Synthaesia does not really work as an explanation of these since it only involves the association of one sense with another. The intensity of color and sound Mog speaks of does not sound like synthaesia either.

            I am not denying Synthaesia, but do question if that is the explanation here. A friend says the Kama Sutra mentions sweet tastes in the mouth during intercourse. I suspect it is part of a forgotten kind of sensual arousal that belongs to sexual intensity. The ancient East seems to know much more of these things than our modern West.

            I suppose it comes down to the question of whether orgasm awakens our senses to a new level, or if it produces illusions.


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              After reading this thread, I remembered that this has happened to me from time to time, at the apex of a very intense orgasm.
              It is a sweet and pleasant taste, but quite indescribable otherwise. For me it is accompanied by a tingling sensation of the tongue, like drinking a strongly carbonated beverage, or experiencing a small electric charge (but not unpleasant).

              Maybe this has something to do with stimulating adjacent areas in the brain, like some sort of signal bleed-through...?
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