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My Best Super-O and How I Did It

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    I've been doing a lot of reading here and it looks like I am very fortunate to have achieved a super O relatively quickly in only a few sessions. Last night was by far my best I started out as I usually do, on my back and just enjoyed the feeling breathing and soon some contractions started I could feel something deep inside me having a seizure my aneros started moving on its own I kept up my breathing and it stopped, I think these were mini o's. Because they were very pleasurable.

    I noticed the bottom of my aneros was hitting the bed so I moved off and kneeled down with my arms on the bed. After some breathing I started to feel a lot of twitching. The aneros had a mind of its own, I could feel it moving all over the place. Pleasure kept building and building until finally I peaked and unleashed something I've never felt before every muscle in my body tightened starting in my pelvis area, then massive pulsing like I was ejaculation but nothing was coming out and this continued for what seemed like ever.

    As it subsided I could feel twitching inside growing and growing until it happened all over again it got to the point I was having super o on top of super o. I lost count how many I had. Finally I removed the aneros and laid on my back in bed. I had 4-5 more anerosless super o's. And finished off by jerking off finishing with what I could only describe as a super T. I had and orgasm and ejaculated but felt like I had more in me and I keep stroking, less than 30 seconds I had the biggest most intense ejaculatory orgasm I've ever had and the biggest ejaculation I've had in recent memory. It was absolutely amazing. When I was done I was spent, nothing left. I was shaky, exhausted, had some chills. An unbelievable experience. Thats my story and I'm looking forward uo


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      I have to mention this. I've been searching for a long time for a heightend orgasm. I always thought there was higher intensity one. It took me a long time to find it. But thanks to my aneros I've found it. The intensity of the super o is exactly what I wanted. I've never felt pleasure on this level before. I can't believe I never explored this option before. I've even started to have anerosless orgasms. I started by mimicking the contractions I experienced with the Aneros in and with some focus I can have incredible multiple orgasms. It's also increased the T orgasms I have alone and with my wife. My erections have been harder than ever. It's an absolutely amazing device!!! I'm so glad I opened my mind and tried it!!!!


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        alright so it's my turn to post my super o (more like supreme o)
        just a little background
        I notice that most people are different not only on how they reach climax but also how to start engines and keep them warm
        So I gotta be honest and through if my purpose to posting this is to help some other poor lost soul in the journey to the ultimate pleasure... so please don't judge:
        OK so I am a bisexual male with transgender tendencies, hopefully this is not too progressive for some of those here.
        I have been holding from cumming for the past month. not with any reason in specific I just don't like cumming since it completely drains out my libido. but I use the aneros every day for 30 minutes after work with my yoga session. I don't do any contractions but it sure make my exercises a lot more fun.
        I bought the aneros 4 years ago but could never really get into it or more like I never had the patience. I had bought two more models since then without having much success or even opportunity to really take it slow.
        this last time I aquired the progasm ice for the second time since then first one got lost in a storm a couple of years ago
        every other night for the past 2 months, Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday morning I put my nightie pijamas and an adult diaper to avoid mess with lube
        I use the Equate personal lube that comes in a squeeze bottle you can buy at Walmart for a couple of bucks. I use this because it's more like a gel but it is water based.
        I cut off with scissors the back end and I dip the aneros and then I insert. I lay on my left side I put on my headphones and I put the GoonLuver eXtra load video and I just let my body do what feels good. sometimes I squeeze in then I push out half ways down the video I stop for five seconds take I hit of the bowl, Re dip in lube, re insert and restart video. by this point my prostate just feels like a bomb that is about to explode. there is a point when my anus just grips on the aneros like a puppy pulling on a rope. the entrance analysis ring starts contracting as if trying to pull the aneros even further in but all the lube doesn't allow grip so it just sliding on it driving me crazy. I have a little cup where I collect all my cum and drink to heighten the high. I eat nothing but fruits and veggies so my cum tastes very sweet like pineapples.
        I can't count how many dry or wet orgasms since I can't even get a straight thought through me during this moments but feel so freaking good. I cried last night and felt this waves of wellness and happiness in my brain running down my body. I don't get the crazy violent shakes but at the end I do have a feeling of bliss and completeness. I used to fall asleep with the aneros in me but I find it unnecessary now and I even lIke how my ass misses the aneros after I remove it. One crazy tip for augmented after bliss
        is listen to some soft music, I really like to listen to Haim - Forever. it just washes me with euphoria


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          i'v been using th aneros on and off for about 5 years. I cant say i ever really mastered itand my sessions are usually hit and miss. Often more miss than hit.Over the years though i have had some wonderful orgasms and some super os, usually with the help of a few puffs of the green stuff.
          My session last night was out of this world though.
          Firstly, iv been suffering sinusitis so a few hours before took a pain killer containing a small amount of codine.
          I went out for dinner with a friend and had 3 beers and a toke on a joint then went back to the hotel. I also took a psudoephadrine tablet at this point as my suffering hadnt improved.
          Once alone i showered and inserted my helix. for the next couple of hours i alternated between watching porn in the bed and trying to relax in the hot tub. I didnt get more than a hint of any P waves, although i was very turned on. Eventually i gave up and brought myself to a traditional orgasm with the helix still in.
          I then dressed and went for a walk, smoking another joint as i went.
          When i got back i thought i'd give it another go (even though i'd already cum). This time i used the Maximus and stayed in bed. Quickly after a few contractions and some breathing i felt the toy pulled into me deep and involuntary spasming started. From then on i got wave after wave of bliss for at least the next hour. I had 10 or so super orgasmic peaks of unbeleivable, almost unbearable pleasure but they all kind of blurred together. whenever the waves started to lose streangth i would force myself to relax a little and breath deeply, also ease my contraction i little so that my muscles would squeeze it back in tight by themselves. Unbeleivable!! I am very surprised it was so good after i had cum but not before. has anyone else expereiced this?
          Also i want to say that i in no way condone the mixing of substances; prescription alchoholic or illegal as a way to improve your session. the weed i did take to help the aneros session, the other things were just happenstance.


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            I have played with the Aneros toys for 10+ years and had intense experiences and orgasms. It did not start that way and I have learned how to use the toy to maximize my pleasure. I do believe that everyone is different and gets different pleasure from using the toys. This is my experience over the years and where I am today. Hopefully some of you can learn and benefit from how I enjoy these toys.

            The ability of these toys to pleasure a male's delicate and sensitive reproductive system are unmatched.

            When I started my journey I would insert a toy and try the squeezing of the PC muscle and not much would happen. After a couple of years I came across a post that advised to lay on your back with your legs out flat and raise your feet off the bed so that your abs contract. Once I tried this position I was able to achieve hands free wet orgasms and they were intense.

            I believe the pleasure produced by this toy is around manipulating and extending the emission and ejaculation phases of the male orgasm. During male orgasm fluids are produced in several glands which produce a pleasurable warm feeling. Those glands include the prostate, the seminal vesicles and cowpers gland. Sexual excitement and pleasure lead these glands to produce their fluids and they collect in the prostate. I say this is emission or pre emission. Once the pressure gets to be too much a valve opens in the prostate and all the fluids are emitted into the urethra. Then the ejaculation phase happens with the pleasurable muscles contractions in the base of the penis and prostate.

            I have been experiencing immense pleasure in plateauing and extending within this pre emission and emission phase. My prostate feels swollen and incredibly pleasurable.

            To get to the swollen prostate feeling I follow the do nothing instructions mentioned by several people on these boards. I also do slight muscle contractions with my PC muscle. I also will lay flat on my back (1) with legs our straight lying on bed (2) with knees bent and feet flat on bed, my heels as close to my bottom as possible (3) with knees bent and legs pulled up off the bed so my knees are as close to my chest as possible. Alternating between these position allows the Aneros to move naturally and have my body respond naturally and within 15-30 minutes my prostate has been massaged and my glands producing their fluids.

            Once I get to that full prostate feeling I lay my legs out straight and together on the bed. If I slightly thrust my hips forward and up I the feeling is wonderful and feels closer to like I may ejaculate. If I slight thrust my hips down and back, like I am arching my back, the feeling is wonderful and it feels more like I am tickling my prostate and I will not be able to ejaculate. Also during this time I will contract my PC muscle hard which feels amazing. I will also relax my PC muscle which feels amazing and like that will prevent me from ejaculating.

            At the end, I will have a wet orgasm and it is mind blowing. It feels like I have had a 10 minute orgasm or longer, depending on how long I can extend the pressure of the fluids in my prostate.


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              My experience after one month. I feel I am already a member of the family here, where men can talk about sexuality without all the stereotypes, and not merely objectively but keenly and with insight.

              After finding this website I decided to buy the Helix Syn and see what experience it would offer me. I had tried vibrators before but did not find them very satisfactory or natural. It seemed wrong to artificially stimulate oneself.

              My initial experiences with the Helix Syn were not very interesting. I wanted to make something happen and did not realize you had to be very patient. I read all the wiki and the experiences on the forum here and gradually learned to be patient and not expect the kind of thrill you get with your penis.

              The first tree or four sessions ended with me masturbating. This was really nice and produce enormous amounts of cum. But I felt I had missed out on the real thing.

              Luckily I had a week off and no obligations, so I decided one afternoon, after reading a lot of the forum here and getting quite horny, to take a couple of hours and just see what happened if I was patient. I had tried it the night before in bed before going to sleep. As this ended in masturbating I thought I would not be ready for mush of a session. But I was wrong. Having stimulated myself the night before had awakened the energies.

              I had a long session in the afternoon, over three hours, just taking things as they came. I began to learn where to pay attention. There are several places I found I could concentrate, on my anus, several spots inside, and just below my scrotum. I found breathing deeply helped to connect with my body, breathing in giving one sensation and breathing out another. I began to sense tiny subtle stirrings. I was not sure where my prostate was. Various parts inside my anus felt really nice. Some parts felt a lovely tickle, and my anus itself began to spontaneously grip the Helix, which was delicious.

              I began to feel the beginnings of waves spreading out from my buttocks, but thinking about them made them fade away. I began to realise that the slightest interference brought feelings to a halt, or stopped the nerves of my body from acting spontaneously. I am not used to letting my body do its own thing from its own instincts and intelligence. I realized I was very ignorant of my own body!

              A question of where to keep my mind struck me. I could either concentrate on the small tingling sensations inside, or I could passively feel my whole body all at once. I could feel my face and let my closed eyes hover in space. As I was lying on my back, with a cushion under my but to keep the Helix from rubbing on the bed, my legs apart and knees half-raised, I began a feeling of being open wide, of showing my body and sexuality to nature. It was a lovely feeling. I felt it would be lovely to have a lovely naked partner looking at my body and kissing me on the lips. But these imaginings, though really nice, were a distraction. Being wide open was the main thing to stay with. I wondered if this was feminine or masculine. Or do men have both these aspects, but convention makes us think of men as forceful. Being wide open was not the same as being submissive. It was generous.

              By late afternoon it was time to tidy up and have a meal. So I stopped this session, but this time did not masturbate. My penis was dripping with re-cum but was flaccid. It did not want to be stimulated, even though I felt very sexy in my scrotum and belly. During the evening I could feel small waves in my belly and scrotum, and my penis would swell and then go flaccid again. It was a really delicious horny feeling in my belly and would make me breath a bit deeper. I could feel my heart beating harder too. But I was not tempted to masturbate and blow it all away. That seemed wasteful and unnatural and crude. It was enough to enjoy these different feelings around my body while doing my tasks for the evening.

              A bit before midnight I decided to go to bed and have another session, still with the shadows of the feelings awakened in the afternoon. Since I had a free day next day I decided to take any amount of time and not worry about it.

              I got into my pajamas, so that I felt I was really going to bed, and with my pajama pants down at my ankles I lay on my back as before, with the cushion under my butt. I put the Helix gently in, waiting for my anus to enjoy taking it, then just lay in the dark. I put plenty of lub on the Helix Syn so that it felt really nice and slippery.

              I breathed deeply and began to feel the muscles in my anus moving by themselves, feeling the Helix and gently drawing it in. These were small movements and I resisted trying to stimulate my anus myself. That jut brought everything to a stop. I realized I had to just leave my body to do what it wanted by itself. I then began to feel a marvelous tingling inside, which made my face feel warm, and I spontaneously began to breathe more deeply. My buttocks also tingled and began to slightly quiver. The Helix began to move more deeply inside, and to press on my perineum. It was the fist time that happened and gave a lovely warm wave around my belly and balls. I began to get a strong erection, but no desire to touch or masturbate. The feeling was more inside my penis, deep down, and the external penis did not matter, though it was lovely to look at in the dark, and for it to stand up all on its own so proudly.

              Then the Helix took on a life of its own and began to push further and further in. I could feel the tip making a lovely sensation, which felt as if it could grow and grow. Also the Helix began to feet fatter and this made marvelous feeling of receptivity. Again I wonder if this is a bit feminine or masculine. I see others have raised the question if they might be a bit gay. But I think this misses the point and makes the difference between men too extreme.

              The muscles would then relax and the helix would retreat again. My pounding heart would calm to normal and my lungs took a deep breath all the way fro my belly Ė which was now feeling very alive. I would now completely relax, every muscle becoming slack in my crotch and my anus would feel wide open. But this relaxed feeling in all the muscles and nerves was deeply pleasant in itself, and I felt I could just sink into it. But then a spasm went through my tummy and near my pubic hair, and this in turn set the Helix off again with tiny tingles and a delicate pulling in. It would go so far and wait, spreading sweet feeling inside my anus. Then it went a bit further, the pulling slightly quivering. Then again the Helix would press on my perineum, harder and harder, sending flashing feelings up my penis which again would begin to rise up, pulsing. But now the Helix pushed further and further in, making my body rise up and my back arch, and still it pushed further and harder, giving the most marvelous feelings, and making my legs and buttocks quiver and shake quite violently. Then it would calm down again and my body would relax.

              I lost count of how may times I went through this cycle of relax, then the Helix pushing further and further inside so that every muscled gave its all, then relax again. I decide this was enough. It was three in the morning and time for some sleep. Again I did not want to masturbate, even though my whole body was alive with sexual feelings. I decided to see what tomorrow would bring.

              The next day, in the afternoon, I had another long session. This was the same as the night before. I could feel that being very horny yet not masturbating made my whole body into a sexual organ almost. If I felt me feet, they felt sexy. If I felt my chest, that felt sexy. I did not touch my feet or chest, but just became aware of them.

              Then at night after going to bed I had another session. My body now began to feel it wanted this all the time, and my anus felt hungry for the Helix to gently split in with loads of lub. I also found warming up the Helix in hot water was nicer than sending it in cold.

              This session was again much the same as the previous afternoon session. I did not reach a Super O. But I now had learned, with the helpful advice of all the experiences here in the forum, to allow to be whatever would happen and not to attempt to get anything or force anything. This is very different from masturbating, where you seek an experience Ė save when you have your first orgasm when young. Then it is all new and magical and a total surprise. We seem to lose our sexual innocence. As I have the week off I will have more sessions like this and see what befalls. I know that I have had amazing experiences in these sessions, but I also know there is another level far beyond what I have experienced. I can tell there is something ten time or a hundred times better that may come along, and my tummy can feel it. My whole body can feel the possibility Ė my legs and feet as I write this relax for the day it may arrive. My heart beats harder knowing it is possible. How does my body know these things by itself? There is a vast world of bodily intelligence and instinct which our ordinary thinking minds interfere with. It has its own desires which we cannot meddle with.

              I hope these notes make sense and maybe will be useful to others. If anyone has any advice to offer me I would be really pleased to hear from you.


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                This noon I again tried the clench and hold technique described in a book about a version of Tantra for the western society of today, "Urban Tantra - Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century" by Barbara Carrellas. And it should become a wide jump on my journey.

                The technique in a nutshell: Breath with open mouth deeply but without pressure, inhale as much as you can without effort, let go with a little sigh, do this for 10 to 30 minutes to charge up your body, then lie down on your back and take thirtysomething fuller, faster breaths to really charge up, finally take two breaths as deep as possible and let go without forcing, the third breath with as much air as possible you hold as long as you now clench all your muscles but especially your abs, butt and PC muscle (for that do not bring your knees up), clench for 15 seconds and then let go.

                After those exercises it's recommended to just be. Without expectations, what may be the hardest part to achieve.

                What happened to me this time:
                Lying on my couch my right arm was leaning against the backrest with my hand dangling above my forehead, when the position of the 2ndchakra (the 3rd eye chakra) between my eyebrows, as for then right under my dangling hand, crossed my mind. As I focused on that I opened my hand upwards about two inches away from my head. Despite the distance I could feel the warmth of the energy pulsing there. The hand helped like a mirror to connect the vibes of the 2nd to the 1st chakra and my mind's eye saw violet energy clouds uprising and dissolving. The energy was coming back meandering like green Northern Lights and enclosing my whole body. I felt like on cloud nine nursed by waves of pure bliss.

                After minutes of heavenly levitating I moved my hand down to the lower chakras, resting at each spot for several moments until I finally cupped my perineum where the 7th/base/root chakra is situated. After some seconds Kundalini arose and floated my being with strong energy waves. The upcoming SuperO was tremendous. With half to very strong precum leaking erections and countless involuntaries MMOs were following for at least twenty minutes.

                I never would have expected such a great benefit from my newfound knowledge about Tantra techniques.

                We are Prostate! Resistance is futile. May your energy be with you!
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                  I've been using the helix on and off for about 6 years with some good results and some dud sessions.
                  i just finished my best session and I'm still in shock.
                  I started off on the couch with some light nipple while watching football. I then took it it into the bedroom and thought it might be fun to throw on the webcam and record my session. I slipped my helix's in and the pleasure started. I rub a bit of baby oil on my chest and as soon as I did the involuntaries took over leading my into super O after super O. I was so relaxed and let the pleasure take over. It was absolutely in believable. I couldn't believe how much my body was shaking and how intense each super O was. The precum was pouring out and was squirting out on to my stomach and chest.
                  13 super Os in 2 hours before I thought I should stop and have a shower. I'm just watching the video now and it's kind of a turn on to watch myself lose control and succumb to such pleasure.


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                    Iíve only recently found the P orgasm after years of trying , and like popping pringles I just canít stop!

                    This is past weekend I had the best session iíve Ever had. Started by a little edible weed and a nice relaxing bath while it kicked in. I turned the lights low, put on some music and slipped in the Progasm. I set a timer for two hours promising myself not to touch my penis at all in that time. Within minutes the P waves started as I fell into a rhythm oscillating between mellow and excited. About ten minutes in I began shaking as the involuntarily gyrations kicked in. I felt the orgasm build in my body, wave after wave. My muscles went into spasm and felt tight as pleasure washed over me. At the peak of the orgasm there was a clarity in my mind iíve never experienced. With my eyes shut I saw a flash of white light as I writhed around in shear pleasure.

                    I took a deep breath and returned to a baseline. A few minutes left I hit the P waves again and built up to orgasm again. I had about 25 orgasms over the next two hours. Each one was intense. At the end of the session I had a massive Super T and sunk into the bed, exhausted.

                    I am am so happy to have unlocked this feeling.


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                      Hey, Aneros community!

                      I first bought a MGX about 15 years ago, searching for a step-up in pleasure from my normal masturbation sessions. I had read the benefits and ecstasy of Prostate stimulation and wanted to explore this for myself.

                      I will fastforward: I since purchased a ProGasm, Eupho and Helix. While I had some enjoyable sessions, even encountering a few times with all-over body tingling and raised awareness, I more often experienced very little. I was not ready for the patience and practice required to really give these devices a shot.

                      About 3 years ago I purchased a Helix SYN, which erased my one gripe with the Aneros products I had: the uncomfortable P-Tab abutment. The SYN was wonderfully designed. However, I was not able to have off-the-charts pleasure with it. So I put it in a drawer and bought toy after toy that promised anus-filling bliss and prostate-shaking orgasms. Most toys gave me a good deal of pleasure, but they were heavy-handed and not subtle like the Aneros experience.

                      I decided I would give the Helix SYN another chance and would put in the time and patience needed to explore. This time, my end goal was not an orgasm, but to just feel, experience and enjoy. I had been enjoying time with device for about 2 weeks, 5 sessions or so.


                      The other night, I assumed my favorite position, legs bent at the knee and feet splayed out, laying on my back. Breath in, breathe out, contract sphincter about 30% as that is what feels best. After about a half hour or so, i use both hands to slowly stimulate my nipples. This took me into places I think all day about:
                      A sweet, electrical, blissful tingle starts in my anus, then testicles, then stomach. It grows and grows from a mind-bending pleasure in my prostate. The almost sickening joy spreads through my entire penis and makes it so hard it feels like the skin is going to rupture. Pre-cum flows and flows onto my abs.

                      If I wasn't concentrating on breathing, I would certainly stop breathing all together as the joy and pleasure is inexplicable. Guys, have you ever cum from a wet dream? Do you remember how excruciatingly beautiful that pleasure was as your belly was on fire with pleasure, before you pumped a load that woke you up? My orgasm felt just like this: Only, it was at least twice as strong, lasted over a minute, and no semen spurted forth. I did not even have anal contractions you normally feel when shooting sperm


                      And I had ORGASM AFTER ORGASM

                      I could not believe these powerful orgasms would not finish me and pull semen from my body. It was the most sexually explosive session of my life. I tried and tried to finish as the orgasms grew more and more intensely beautiful, but all I did was bring orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

                      After about an hour and a half of this, I manually finished myself to avoid tumbling into utter madness.

                      I will never use another device again. The Helix SYN is a beautiful thing indeed.