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My Best Super-O and How I Did It

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  • My Best Super-O and How I Did It

    Hello Forum Members,

    Please share your first or special SUPER-O experience here for everyone to read. If you have comments or questions regarding any of these posts, please create a new topic thread in the General Discussion area of the Forum for open discussion with fellow members.

    Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of one of the best Forums on the web.

    The Aneros Staff

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    My best Super-O was actually a two part session. Here's what happened one Wednesday night last month:

    I was incredibly charged with sexual energy when I went upstairs at 10:00 PM. I was already semi-hard in anticipation of what my body was craving. I lubed my Eupho with a thin layer of vaseline and a thicker coat of KY jelly, inserted the unit, and laid very still on my side. After a few moments, I began gentle anal contractions. It was not long before I felt the onset of my first orgasm. I began slow rythmic anal and rectal contractions which put me over the edge. Waves of orgasmic pleasure came one after the other. The prostate vibrations were stronger and more intense than ever. The Super-O's I experienced were sublime and continued for nearly an hour before I decided to see what would happen if I switched to my MGX.

    I applied a thin layer of vaseline to the MGX, removed the Eupho, and slid the MGX into place. Instantly, I felt strong pressure on my prostate and my sphincter began to spasm. I became rock hard as another intense wave of Super-O's crashed over my body. I began more aggressive anal and rectal contractions which literally milked my prostate. A thin stream of prostatic fluid oozed out of my penis onto my belly and thighs. I had never had so much pre-cum before! That was all I could take, so I tugged on my cock until I came in buckets. Wow!

    What happened a few hour later was truly breathtaking and something I had never experienced before.

    I awoke at about 2:00 AM with an urge to urinate and a gentle tingling in my prostate. I got up, took a leak, and crawled back into bed. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my prostate would not allow this, so I inserted the Eupho which was lying beside my bed and rolled over onto my side. I was quite groggy when I felt the Eupho begin to move on its own. I rolled over onto my back and felt my entire body, starting in my groin and radiating into my chest begin to tense up while my arms went numb and my breathing became so shallow that I gasped for air. Then a huge bolt of sexual pleasure shot from my hardening cock and washed my entire being in pleasure. My anus was in full spasm and the Eupho moved back and forth against my prostate as it simultaneously rocked my anus. I was now truly in a state of altered consciousness. The pleasure was so intense I felt like I was dreaming. I felt nothing less than total bliss as wave after wave of pleasure bathed my body. I had no control over the Eupho's movements and writhed around the bed.

    I rolled over onto my stomach and the stimulation on my cock was so intense I ejaculated onto the sheets. I rolled over onto my back and the Super-O's continued unabated! I lost all sense of time and place. I was total Id. I do not recall how long my orgasms continued befoe I removed the Eupho. This experience was truly incredible. I awoke several hours later not believing that this happened, but the stain on the sheets proved that it did. This was definitely my best session ever.



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      My “bests” have both happened in the early morning upon waking which probably indicates that there truly is a huge part of this related to the relaxation thing. I related one of the best in the “best of times” post but the other I shall try to describe and hopefully it can help someone else get there. Keep in mind that I purchased the device to help with some medical issues in this 40+ year-old body. It has definitely helped with those and the super O’s have been a pleasant surprise fringe benefit.

      One of the best was early on in my quest to get a get prostate massage to relieve the symptoms. I woke up early one Saturday, this was my third session with the thing, and headed for the sofa in the basement to not bother my wife. Lubed it up and injected a bit of lube into the rectum. Gradually inserted the thing in halfway and the rest was gobbled up to the hilt then it slid into the spot it needed to be with the tab in the center of the perineum. I spent the next few minutes just “listening” to what was happening deep inside, focusing on every slight pulse, move, etc. Then after 10 or 15 minutes of that decide to embark on a few contractions……….I literally would never be the same. It truly did expand the horizons which would grow to include things like 30 to 40 orgasms in 3 to 4 hours, orgasms at will without the thing, anal orgasms, prostate orgasms, new pleasures each time that bring new surprises.

      The first movements began internally and spread to the external, shaking, grinding, convulsing a bit. The amazement was that it seemed to control my body to the point that it knew exactly what it needed and how it needed to move and then my body would hit that point on autopilot I had no control over it, especially if I wanted it to continue.

      In the midst of this I was feeling better than I could have imagined and that is what made the next segment even more amazing. Suddenly a wave started that built in the groin (you know the “I’m going to cum” feeling) but I’ve come to know it usually means a higher level is just ahead. From my extremely heightened level all I could think was “Oh No, how could I take anymore?” I was already sweating, panting and in the “Can this be real?” state. Well, the unimaginable higher level happened. It included an anal orgasm, then a prostrate orgasm that had my voice going faint and moaning, groaning, growling and uttering “Oh (insert any number of expletives)” I simply could not believe where I was and the thing was not going to let me go for a while. It was jumping up and down, side to side at will and each time “hurt so good” Eventually this orgasm came to an end after a full 25 minutes. There then several more that were similar, one of 15 minutes, one of 10 and several more of 5.

      After a brief intermission, the second act included no less than 15 different orgasms that would last between 1 and ˝ and 2 minutes. They would be followed by a respite of a similar length and then right back into it. They were hard driving O’s that were enjoyable in a completely different way but were exhausting.

      The total “best time” lasted about 3 and ˝ hours and resulted in 30 to 40 O's. In the end my wife was able to watch in utter amazement as she helped (just by the excitement of her watching) spur me on to a similar final orgasm near the first. It was truly a best, but mind you no erections and no ejaculation, and yet the next session in a couple of days was fairly uneventful. So to those that have been trying it has sooooooooooo much to do with the mental state and a totally relaxed mind with few distractions. Hang in there!


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        Hi everyone,

        I have not posted in about a year but I HAD to after last night! I saw another poster ask if there where other Gay Guys using Aneros......yes, I am one of them. I have been able to have Super O's for about six months but last night brought the experience to a whole new level!

        I have both the HELIX and MAXIMUS models and love them BOTH for different reasons. I started last night out with the MAXIMUS. I lubed up and inserted the MAXIMUS then I laid down on my side right with my right leg straight and my left leg bent at the knee. To get me in the mood I popped in an Adult Movie! I started alternating between VERY LIGHT movements of pushing out (as if to make a bowel movement) and pulling up (as if to suck the MAXIMUS deeper into my anus). This seems to work for me to bring on the involuntary muscle contractions that feel so nice.

        Once the Involuntary Contractions start I move to a different position to bring on the Super O. I kneel down on the floor and place my arms and upper torso on the edge of the bed. This leaves the aneros free to move as it pleases and I often get Super O's in this position.

        Well LAST NIGHT after about 15 minutes of nice Super O's I decided to switch to my HELIX. I used the same position kneeling next to my bed. After about 10 minutes I started to have a nice series of Super Os. After about 10 minutes my legs were getting sore so I moved up to the bed again and just laid there in my usual position. After resting like this for about 30 minutes I got a REALLY STRONG Super O. It felt somehow MORE INTENSE and it brought on a ROCK HARD PENIS. I knew this was going to be SOMETHING SPECIAL so I went back to the kneeling position beside my bed. Each new series of Super O's were MORE INTENSE than the last one. It seemed as if I would be able to HOVER longer and longer at that point just before the spasms of ORGASM kicked in. This to me is the MOST INTENSE part of ORGASM. It feels so pleasurable! That feeling seemed to last about TWO MINUTES before I would crest over into the spasms of a Super O. JUST LOVELY! Well after about 30 minutes of going in and out of these orgasms ALL OF THE SUDDEN I got THE MOST INTENSE feeling of hovering at that point and it CRESTED into EVEN MORE PLEASURE! My WHOLE BODY was shaking and shuddering and I was SCREAMING OH GOD and GROWLING like a BEAR! As I said before I have been having SUPER O's for about six months but all during that time I NEVER had a FULL BODY ORGASM like I did last night! It was SO FANTASTIC! After each of these FULL BODY ORGASMS (I think I had like three)a WAVE of PURE BLISS just washed over my entire body! It was such a GREAT FEELING! At about three o'clock this morning after I had my last Full body Super O I just crumpled into a heap on my bed and fell into a DEEP SATISFIED sleep! I sure hope I can get to experince this again!

        Has anybody else who has experinced a full body super o been able to do it again??


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          Wow! I thought this Super O business was mumbo jumbo. But I just had an incredible experience that has the potential to change my sex life forever.

          Let me start by saying, I recently purchased a CB 3000. After 2 days trying to get the fit right. I think I am there.

          I abstained from masturbation for 3 days prior so I am now filled with 5 days of fire-power. Typically I get off ever 3 days or so. So what does this have to do with Aneros and Super Os you may ask? Well here goes:

          I was lying in bed with my laptop when I stumbled across this site. I read one of the threads that talked about Super Os without the Aneros. It was accompished through breathiing and contractions. I began trying it and almost immediately knew that something was special. I think it was because I was horny and could not touch myself due to the CB 3000. I began to have a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms. I did not even get hard! I started convulsing so badly that I woke my wife. NOw I cannot sleep because I want to try an Aneros to see if my orgasms can be taken to an even higher level. If any of these storys have any truth to them, my new found Super O capability without the Aneros, must mean that with the Aneros I will be a mess. I cannot wait to try it!

          I will report back if this was a fluke occurence, or whether the combination of a CB 3000 and the Aneros make for a new sexual combo that will revolutionize everything you know about male orgasms.

          A New Believer


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            Well I got an Aneros MGX to try out. I wanted to try the Helix, but the store I went to only had the MGX and the Maximus. The Maximus was too intimidating to start out with. Anyway, that night I was stilled caged in my cb 3000 and I slipped in the MGX with some Wet lubricant. Climbing ito bed with my wife already asleep, I began my relaxation regiment of breathing and slight contractions.....the result - not too much. I could not feel anything on my prostate, only moderate pressure on my perineum. When i clenched harder, the pressure on my perineum increased but on the prostate, nothing. I tried lying on my side as recommended, but had the best results lying on my back with one leg straight and one leg bent. I had some minor orgasmic episodes, but nothing like the previous night when I had no help from the Aneros. More than a little disappointed, I dozed of with the MGX still in place.

            An hour or so later, I woke up to feel a wonderful feeling with the MGX pulled up hard into my perineum. Still no prostate sensation, though. I rolled out of bed so as not to wake up my wife and got on all fours. I tried some breathing technique and had a moderate dry orgasm that lasted less then a minute. I pulled out the MGX, washed up and went back to a restful sleep.

            All in all, not the greatest experience and I was left with a rather sore perineum the next day. Maybe the Maximus will give a better result...


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              Well Guys,

              After allot of practice and studying Brian Mayfield and others' techniques, I finally hit the big one! ("I once had a O or should I say it once had me" Anerose version of Norwegian Wood???)

              I wanted to wait till I was sure it was a full-blown Super-O, to sign on as one of the fortunate!

              Let me preface the account with the following:

              I actually have had Mini-Os for the last couple of weeks now, but this morning's is "by far the MOST powerful!"

              Any way, a couple of weeks ago, I had my first Mini-O and I was ecstatic, because I knew it was possible for me to succeed now!
              (all these sessions lasted about an hour...) Then I had a second group a couple of days later of about the same magnitude and length!

              About three days later, I had one "considerably stronger" and in the middle of the multiple-mini's, I actually had, what I am pretty sure was an "anal orgasm"! It was totally different from the mini's and centered around my anus! (all were amazing in their own way!)

              Now comes the Super-O:

              This morning I was having my coffee and checking e-mails and, as usually happens, I was feeling the beautiful vibes I get in my anus, perenium and G spot, while sitting in my office chair!

              Suddenly the great sexual vibes turned into mini-Os, without warning! I cranked up some erotica and they actually increased in strength! I was now faced with the decision of staying in the chair and riding them out or running for the bed and the Anerose and chance loosing what I had??? ("bird in the hand" don't you know...)

              I chose the bed and Anerose and man I am glad! (just grabbed one out of the bag, happened to be my Eupho and slapped some lube on it and snaked it in) Everything the Anerose touched was already super sensitive, throbbing-like and ready to have an orgasm! The super-Os started immediately and I had the best ride of my life! My body and the Anerose took care of everything and I was just carried along for the ride!

              I truly believe that I am now "re-wired" and the things I have been practicing from the forum are now working??? (Amazingly Well, I might add!)

              There are so many different feeling, textures, locations and they can change form and a living, moving thing! The anus, the perenium, the prostate, all have their own special kind of O and they can effect other body parts like penis and scrotum!

              I am still excited about these developments!

              Thanks Brian and Others,

              Later, Laser


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                I start by stroke my dick and getting it very hard until i can start to feel pressure, hunger for my aneros. It work best by injecting some lube, then inserting a small jelly plug to loosen up. Then with my dick like mahogony I insert the aneros. Wow it feels so good as I put it tight against my prostate. It feels so strong against it as if I will come, then I relax and allow my rectum to shake with light orgasms. Then after a few seconds rest I bring it back up & down my canal. The key is to get to an 8 on excitement level. Then I slow it down, slower, slower as it gently strokes my prostate and the waves come over me, I could cum but i stop and orgasm lower in my canal and anus. Then I bring it up again slowly, slower till I lay there in ectasy for minutes, upon minutes. As I start to orgasm I transfer my pleasure to my anus and start to spasm there, it is intense as the world stops for minutes. Then I start to move it in & out stroking my prostate and bring on another slow, slowest organsm that lingers for minutes... witout barely moving finally I bring it back to my anus and have convusions once again. I have had it going for 5 minutes straight of pure orgasm where it feels as if I have become liquid.


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                  My experience has been one of a bit of puzzlement. I did finally achieve a super-o as described by the web site. It took me a while and I had my aneros for a year. I actually had some time alone as the wife was out of town. I did the breathing exercises and found that If I lay on my left side that helped, but what really worked for me was to sort of thrust my hips some, like doing the wife but with out any penile contact to anything. this seemed to allow the aneros to stroke my prostate and was truly a thrilling ride. I'm still learning about the aneros even after having it a year, bought with the missus on our aniversary. The only complaint I have is for me it seems to take a couple of hours of relaxing before anything really starts happening. Has anyone had any similar experience? The thrusting of the hips seems to help a lot, but this seems contrary to what the web site suggests of just tightening the sphicter muscles.


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                    WOW! What a day! Just finished making love with my wife of 20+ years and the session was SO intense and probably a direct result of a new and different session with the device this afternoon.

                    Mowed the lawn with a “reward” of a session waiting in the wings. After a hot shower and about 90 free minutes decided to follow some forum hints and get a new perspective. For the first time, utilized a condom over the device and right away upon insertion I knew this would be something special. After reading about someone trying to avoid a Super O I thought I’d give it a shot. Fortunately or not, they seem to come fairly easily for me and I thought it might be fun to try to hold off. After insertion I got the pulsing in the rectum and I knew an involuntary wasn’t far behind. The more I put it off the more it seemed to work at making it happen but I was determined to make 15 minutes. The challenge was huge, so exciting and before long the thing was quivering inside me and I had to let it do its thing. I let go and it slid up a little farther and sat right on the sweet spot. Soon the orgasms ensued.

                    Another new piece for me was trying to breathe through the orgasms. I tend to tense and hold my breath during an orgasm and the grunting and groaning, however that seems to send it in a different direction. This time I tried to maintain the breathing and I think that could be the difference. I also tried some of the hints I read about the PC contractions and a reverse push. Whatever the culprit this had to be one of the most intense of my 6-month adventure. It seemed that I was constantly hitting the right spot even after switching devices. It was pressing and brushing the prostate and it seemed to become ultra sensitive, sending me higher while giving the P waves that ran throughout my body. I tried both sides, stomach and on my back and they just kept coming. I hardly knew what to do since it just seemed you couldn’t take anymore but somehow I did.

                    Afterwards I continued having P waves for hours and have ridden a couple to orgasms without the device. It’s strange because it’s been almost like the first time. My rectum still seems to be aching for it and calling it while the perineum buzzes once in a while. You keep trying to get your mind off of it but there are the constant physical reminders. This one really got a hold on me. Anything sound familiar?


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                      Originally Posted By: Buffd1
                      Wow! I thought this Super O business was mumbo jumbo. But I just had an incredible experience that has the potential to change my sex life forever.

                      Let me start by saying, I recently purchased a CB 3000. After 2 days trying to get the fit right. I think I am there.

                      I abstained from masturbation for 3 days prior so I am now filled with 5 days of fire-power. Typically I get off ever 3 days or so. So what does this have to do with Aneros and Super Os you may ask? Well here goes:

                      I was lying in bed with my laptop when I stumbled across this site. I read one of the threads that talked about Super Os without the Aneros. It was accompished through breathiing and contractions. I began trying it and almost immediately knew that something was special. I think it was because I was horny and could not touch myself due to the CB 3000. I began to have a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms. I did not even get hard! I started convulsing so badly that I woke my wife. NOw I cannot sleep because I want to try an Aneros to see if my orgasms can be taken to an even higher level. If any of these storys have any truth to them, my new found Super O capability without the Aneros, must mean that with the Aneros I will be a mess. I cannot wait to try it!

                      I will report back if this was a fluke occurence, or whether the combination of a CB 3000 and the Aneros make for a new sexual combo that will revolutionize everything you know about male orgasms.

                      A New Believer
                      Aneros + CB3000 I have had my Aneros for a couple of years, and my CB3000 for about the same amount of time. I have been married for a very long time. Sadly, I am now Impotent. I can have wonderful orgasms, but only with a soft penis. My oral technique seems to keep my wife more than happy. I masturbate all the time, usually with lube inside my foreskin, so it sorta feels like having intercourse with myself--quite wonderful, actually. But I also lock myself into my CB3000, my Chastity Device. When I have had no orgasms for some weeks, my sexual frustration level is very high. I then use my Aneros with the CB3000, and have many daily oral sex sessions with my wife. I have learned to have incredible orgasms, both with sperm coming out and without. The difference between an Anal Orgasm and a Prostate Orgasm is profound. Both are wonderful. The Anal orgasm is without sperm flowing, and usually goes on for a long time. Truly a Super Orgasm. The Prostate Orgasm can be with or without sperm. I can get a little bit stiff, not enough to penetrate a vagina, but enough to slide back and forth inside the CB3000 lubed with coconut oil. So the other day, for the first time I was licking my wife, and working the Aneros rythmically in and out of my anus, and pumping back and forth inside my CB3000. As you know, you cannot touch you penis in this device. I had the most incredible full body Super Orgasm with a huge load of sperm gushing out. It was so great. Almost like old times inside my wife's vagina! I have since ordered all 3 of the "Next Generation" Aneroses! Long ago we had a 3 way sexual ralationship with a male friend, who is bisexual like me. It was wonderful beyond belief, and still stands as some of the best, if not the best, sex my wife and I have ever experienced. Of course back then, I could have intercourse. His penis was much larger than mine, so he stretched out my wife quite a bit. She never felt tight on my penis again. This was the downside, but the upside was that it was so exciting that we could not keep from doing it for many years. My wife had sexual intercourse with this man and me every month on her fertile days, and often other days as well, for close to a decade. In a sexual sense at least, he became her second husband. I too continued making love with him, so it was wonderful for me. We are now thinking that if we could find someone medically safe who we both love like back then, it could be very fulfilling and exciting to try a 3 way, bisexual experience now, but with me wearing my CB3000 and an Aneros! Heck, maybe since I am now impotent, our new lover might even like an Aneros inside of him too. IF ANYONE HAS ANY EXPERIENCES IN THIS REALM, PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH ALL OF US. I believe as time goes by, and more and more men and marriages face Impotence Problems like we have, that such innovative solutions might be nice and pleasurable options. I suggest a bisexual male joining our or your marriage bed, so that our/your wife might still have a real man with a warm, loving penis inside her if she wants the experience. By including you in the mating, licking her as she has intercourse and giving her an orgasm orally before he fills her with his sperm, makes it wonderful for all 3 of you. Then, since this Aneros and or Aneros/CB3000 combination opens up the door for you or me, the Impotent Male, to have such Super Orgasms, all 3 of you can have the best sex possible. This is all free-ranging fantasy at this point, but who knows! All that is required is a marriage with infinite love, and an open mind. We even found that my jealousy and emotional pain that was so strong the first time he had intercourse with her, even tho she had been watching us have sex for about a year, added a certain energy to the whole affair that somehow took it to even higher levels of a sexual world that might have not been experienced and enjoyed if it had ended after the first night she took him inside herself and let him fill her with his much bigger and harder penis and extra large amount of sperm. I know I seem to be belaboring this point, but it is important. The jealousy became less and less each time, tho peaking now and then, but the sexual relationship just got deeper and more wonderful, and was a truly life changing experience. Many years later, every time we have sex, we both long for him, and fantasize his returning to our marriage and fulfilling my wife sexually now that I cannot. A final thought is also most important. My wife says that oral sex on her clitoris as she is getting her vagina filled with a much larger penis than she is used to, namely my smaller penis, is the Ultimate Sexual Experience for a Woman. I think it is only fair that my wife gets to experience the ultimate sexual intercourse experience, especially since I am now striving for the same with my present Impotent condition, don't you?


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                        Dear friends,
                        I bought aneros a couple of months ago and tried to feel the big Os. I have to say that i was quite let down. I was about to give up trying when i decided to smoke some joint and try it... the results were great. i had my first big O. I think it's got a lot to do with relaxation. In case you don't smoke or your country doesn't allow you to do so because of laws, i suggest you guys don't get anxious and try to relax your best. things will happen naturally.


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                          This was one of the best "moments" although not overall the best Super O. It's the surprise element that I think keeps us all enamored with this thing.

                          Here's what happened, during one of the respite peiods I suddenly out of nowhere felt this strong vibration in my anus which started on one side and started to encircle the massager. Thinking "wow, that's different than ever" that muscular encirclement started to move ever so slightly up! Well this got my mind racing thinking where will it go and could it........... Then the encircling vibration moved up into the rectum and I was having the most intense rectal orgasm you could imagine with all of the sexual energy focused there. The strong circles of vibration kept going around the massager and nothing else was moving anywhere. Couldn't help but thinking "Oh s_ wonder if it's headed for the prostate. Eventually that question was answered with a strong YES and WHOA as the feeling moved up and rang the bell of the prostate. The prostate was buzzing, dancing in circles and it was the most unimaginable feeling ever. I was a high pitched whimpering fool at the mercy of this ubelievable device. This went on for several minutes before it started working it's way back down aroung the massager and ended up where it began. This sequence ended up happening a couple of more times among other orgasms and all were excitingly intense.

                          Have had one more like it since and that was with participation from my wife who wanted all the details and play by play. Hard to describe but it was a unique experience!


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                            I think I have just discovered the ultimate orgasm.

                            I started with the original mgx whih took about 3-5 sessions or so before I began to feel little tremors.

                            I've found that one of keys to having multiple-o's is being absolutely relaxed and comfortable with yourself. If you're tense or thinking about anything else except what you're feeling then you're not going to have the best orgasm of your life.

                            i recommend getting a massage done shiatsu style. I own a massage chair which has completely relaxed my muscles. It's amazing the massage itself after using the aneros has allowed me to connect certain pressure points to feeling pleasure like the aneros provides -- but without the actual orgasms.

                            Once I felt relaxed enough and tension was gone, I had a nice hot shower, got clean inside (see pumps here). lubricated (see syringe) and then put in my new Helix! I've also found that having some pot (sativa) also helps really relax you and puts your body into feeling overdrive.

                            I sat back down in my massage chair and let the kneeding go to work. My neck and upperback was being worked thoroughly and while sitting on the chair with the helix the small motions on my neck moved down by body. I let my head completely relax and the massager roll my head around. It felt so good I had a small tremmor right then. God knows this was only the beginning.

                            Once I had finished my neck I moved the masser down to my middle back. There's 2 pressure points just mid ribs and just above the hips in the lower back which give immense pleasure when deeply massaged. With teh helix inside it made this pleasure start to become an orgasm. I felt myself contracting heavily it was pure bliss, the combination of the shiatsu massage and the helix rubing my gspot.

                            I moved the massager again lower to my lower back and just above the hips. I brought my feet up frog style on the chair and tipped by hips back into the chair, with the end of the helix just touching the chair with my legs supporing my butt so it wasn't touching the chair. With the massager kneading my back and those two pressure points being rocked back and forth I didn't have to do anything, the motion was making the helix hit the spot and move on it's own. It was amazing. I completely relaxed and concentrated on the motion and feelings. I started to feel it building and building then I had a super o. it was pure bliss.

                            From there I have a another chair which vibrates. after being turned to putty by the shiatsu chair I switched. I tited back until I felt the vibrations buzzing the now exposed pleasure points on my body I had little spasms but nothing big yet, it felt great. I tipped my hips back into the chair and lifted my pelvis like last time, the sensation was much more intense now, the chairs vibrations went right up the helix like a conducting pole right onto my Gspot.

                            I started to massage the sides of the base of my p. it was like rubbing my gspot as it made the helix move around. After doing that for about 5 minutes and having a few o's I moved my hand down to where the helix touches the frenulum, I massaged there too and this is when I felt the combination of the massage chair buzzing my pleasure spots and the helix rubbing my G and vibrating at the same time, I had a super O.

                            By this time i was totally relaxed totally pliable putty and so I proceeded to finish, i masturbated while still being buzzed. Everything came together and just before I was going to cum I stopped and then I came automatically, but wasn't spent I did it again to the same point it took about 20 seconds, and then stopped. i came again, then I did the same process again, 20 seconds later I came and came and came I was in pure heaven. The 3 times I came I ejac'd each time.

                            Afterwards I just felt completely numb all over and warm. my whole body shook and vibrated with those 3 super Os.

                            anyway, that has got to be the BEST session of o's both ejac and non-ejac I've ever felt.

                            It's an hour later and I'm still glowing after that last orgasm.

                            Hope some of you decide to try this too.

                            Two chairs I can recommend are an iJoy, and a homedics vibration chair.

                            I only have 2 words for the experience. Mindblowing!


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                              Hi, thanks for your reply. To that end, I will say that the time BEFORE my posting wasn't UNpleasurable.. However last night was a completely different feeling and i DID actually feel my whole body feel in a completely different state.
                              I think I'm getting nearer the target !

                              Last night the the leg convulsions were more intense than before and I was laying there feeling even my calf muscles literally swinging to and fro as legs convulsed from side to side like a pneumatic drill !!! The convulsions were THAT hard ! It was an amazing feeling that had me holding my face in my hands and noticed myself expressing my faith to God - ie, "Ohhhh...Goddddddd !!!!" or "Christ, here we go again" as it all started again.. (as the contractions went up and down, fast, then slow, then fast again...when it stopped, my body did feel "post orgasmic" if you know what I mean. It really was like being on a rollercoaster ! Absolutely amazing feeling - but from what has been described on this site before, I think there is more to come - so to speak...

                              So, finally, are these mad leg convulsions normal and part of it all - Sorry but I've never felt anything like it before - and I thought I'd done it all at my age !!! :-)
                              Thanks very much for your time - and your website !!