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Almost a year later - motionless super-o's!

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  • Almost a year later - motionless super-o's!

    About a year ago I hit a major milestone, the super-O - or at least at time what I thought one was. It was very close, but as I read on here more and more I found what I really was looking for in one. I've had a bunch now in the last few weeks.

    Looking back, the orgasms I had were almost forced and due to very very heavy breathing. Felt great, but about left me dizzy trying it. Aneros in, doing contractions, once the trembles set in I would do heavy fast breathing and it would trigger a type of orgasm. After reading more on here I found that it wasn't a super-O I was really wanting. I read about others having orgasms just laying motionless, I wanted that.

    Fast forward a year of trying various techniques with varying levels of success and different types of aneros orgasms. Wife went to bed, I was still awake and a little anxious if you know what I mean. Didn't want to do a traditional and didn't have a lot of time for a long aneros session so I decided to slip it in (Helix) anyhow and just relax for awhile. I set the ptab directly on the premium (which I had located before with the help of a forum topic on here) and went to bed. Btw it's critical you do this I've found, don't ignore it.

    I didn't set in my usual position (side with a leg crossed) and instead just laid on my stomach legs straight like I always go to sleep in. About 30 min later, the buzzing started and picked up gradually. My mind just wandered as I just stayed motionless as not to awaken the wife. Breathing was nice and relaxed unlike my normal sessions. Then all of a sudden pulses just raced through me. There was no plateau, or the feeling like your getting to the top of a hill and need to push over to orgasm. Just happened. For about 20 seconds my whole body just pulsed and buzzed, was just the most amazing thing in the world. It left about as quickly as it went. 1 more of those followed in the next half hour or so before I need to really get to sleep. Every time I didn't move a muscle nor did I change my breathing. Oh, and I noticed I got rock hard during those orgasms, usually I can't get hard no matter what with the aneros in.

    I've repeated that several times now, all the same way and they are starting to last longer. Needless to say, I'm one happy camper! It's change my whole perspective on what a super-O can be for me. I can't imagine anything better than this.

    Just had to share that, maybe it will help someone. Peace.

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    Jay What a great post! When I had my fist Super-O I also felt that the helix was on auto pilot and I was just there for the ride. I don't have much memory of the actual details of the orgasm but following it I had the most amazing natural high (caused by endorphins?) that I have ever experienced. I had no worries whatsoever. It was an amazing feeling.