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  • I think it happened

    I have another post on this page called "alternate opinion on vibrator".

    In the past few months I have had several "breakthrough" sessions (speaking relatively about my own personal experiences). Breakthrough meaning unique, progressive, enhanced, etc.

    Last night I either had a Super O, or came about as close as you can get without actually achieving it. I'm not sure, I'll know after several more sessions probably, I'll need to be able to compare it to something.

    After going back in forth between the SGX and the MGX for the past several months, the past three sessions I have used the Aneros classic...which I got as part of a package last year. It's larger and has a noticeable small bump on the front tip. I felt as if the SGX/MGX weren't quite hitting me...they certainly are mobile, but the mere motion seemed to not be enough for me.

    With the classic, I have a fuller, rounder feeling. I can't really put it in words...I think I'm going around my prostate with it, as opposed to just hitting it. It's just a much better feeling.

    Last night, after about 10-15 minutes, I started shaking uncontrollably. It was a bit disconcerting. I also wasn't getting any particular pleasureable feeling while thrashing about. The convulsions started in my midsection, around my abdomen I guess. Basically they were like undulating motions throughout my midsection extending to my upper thighs. I probably could have kept with them...or, I should have...but I decided to ease off. While easing off I found myself *breathing very deeply and slowly*. I didn't consciously do that, I just did. I also got into a fetal position. While exhaling I began contractions unlike any I've ever had before. I was sort of forcing the aneros out of me...not felt like that, but I wasn't anywhere close to expelling it. It was more like a pressure feeling in that direction. Then the waves started hitting me. I felt like I was about to start the quaking convulsions again...but I didn't...maybe I should have. Instead I went with these percussive, quick shakes in my midsection. The pleasure was significant...although the whole time I was thinking that it wasn't the Super O...that the Super O should feel better...but it felt real good. I my mind the Super O is this almost unbearable feeling of pleasure or something, maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion. After maybe a couple of minutes of this...the aneros changed. It felt like it became part of me...and the contractions became extremely regular and precise. My whole body felt like it was glowing and humming, and my heartbeat was completely in tune with the regular contractions. I think this was the super O...this was the most pleasureable 2 minutes I've probably ever experienced, I felt completely relaxed and colorful. I felt a circular loop happening from the prostate perineum area. After a couple minutes of this I felt the quakes coming back...I let them happen...but as I started thrusting again the strong pleasureable feelings disappered. I think I fell asleep pretty soon after that, I had a long day.

    Now about the vibrator...what I'm using is called the stingray...
    The tip goes into the handle...the other end is basically a clitoral stimulator, but I put that in between my legs, right on the abutment tab. I can't consider not using this at this time...

    I guess the concern is that a vibrator will overstimulate the prostate, which is not helpful. I guess my prostate is not averse to overstimulation. Here's the thing though...on the lowest level, the vibrations of the stingray are to strong for me. What I do is, I put in 3 batteries...and let it run for about 30 minutes, then I get it hooked up. The batteries last about 2 more hours, but the vibrations aren't as strong after 30, it gets progressively slower over the 2 hours! Which is brilliant...because as the vibrations get slower, my sensations change, it actually feels better. And then after 2 hours I've basically had enough. But once I turn off the vibrator I get nothing going on.

    Over the year in which I used the aneroses without vibrators, I tried about all of the techniques, all of the lube recommendations, breathing exercises etc. A few things...

    -I've got what is for me the perfect lube setup. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly CREAM (it's white, more like a thick lotion) first applied liberally on the aneros. On top of that I put the liquid KY in a bottle, several drops, which I rub over the cream. It's perfect. It stays slick's not that messy...I don't inject or insert anything in my butt with fingers or doesn't get messy, it doesn't leak.

    -I'm on my left side pretty much all of the time. I'd like to experiment with other positions once I get several more sessions under my belt, but for now, laying down with my thighs together and slightly staggered is how I start, and I progressively bring my knees closer to my upper body as I go.

    -Relaxing is SO crucial. Forced contractions never really did anything for me. I did some contractions as the Super O (I think) was happening to me last night, but they were very subtle. The *pushing* which I described earlier is something I'm going to do some more of, but I've never had much success with squeezing or tightening up around the aneros.

    That's all for now!