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    Hi guys i have just purchasd the progasm jr based on name alone thinking this would gt me going the best but seeing in the fourms about all the diffrent ones and that they all offer  unique qualitys im thinking i should get another does anyone have a few models and willing to explain the diffrences regard to using feelings and the like and maybe recomendaitions for my next one thanks 

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    I have a helix (with which I have had a Super-O!) and a Progasm Jr. I have a Eupho on order and am looking forward to it. I find that the Progasm Jr is more "filling" but still produces great rides! I have to be in the mood to use the Progasm. You may want to "downsize" a bit to a helix.


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      I agree with goldenboy. You should try the helix for your next model. Don't feel that you have to rush into buying another model if you literally just purchased one, though. Have you tried your progasm jr yet? If not, try it out and see how you like it (good p-spot contact/pressure, either too filling, not filling enough, or just right, etc.). That would be the best way to determine what you're looking for in the next model (after giving the progasm jr a fair chance) but beware of chasing after the "perfect" model. That's a dangerous road to go down.

      Whenever I buy a new model, I try to purchase whatever is the most different to what I own. I started with an MGX classic, then bought a progasm ice and peridise beginner set, and then purchased a helix classic. My favourite at the moment is the helix. My next purchase, which is probably still in somewhat distant future, will be the eupho.

      EDIT: My purchases were all AT LEAST six months apart, if I remember correctly.


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        @TinyTom. Need to ask yourself what is it you like best about current model. There are basically four types of Aneros: - Old School. SGX, MGX. Original models that follow very close with HIH prostate massagers
        - New School. Helix, Max. More agressive angling with focus on pleasure.
        - BIG & Agressive. Progasm, Progasm Jr, DeVice, Vice Fills (Pro REALLY does), hits hard, and K-Tab for extra zip. Vice has extra with Vibe.
        - Dancers. Eupho, Peridise, Tempo. Slim models that flutter around inside.

        So what is it you like best about Pro Jr? What is it you feel you're missing? I started with Helix and felt like I wanted more size and feeling, so went to Progasm next (about year after started riding). Then got Eupho as contrast to Progasms aggressive hard hitting style.

        - V


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          I would agree with the last two posts. I also am trying for a mixture of aneros tools. Each one theoretically should yield some previously unknown feelings of pleasurable sensations. I have just ordered the peridise and don't know yet what that will feel like but I am shivering anticipating the feeling and I can't wait! I good comparison I think would be the "brand" of car one drives. Yes, all will get you to point A to point B but some do it with more "style" (think DeLorean!) Wild ride!


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            Cheers for the answers i was thinking of getting something with a smaller base so my butt hole can be almost closed because thats the only discomfort im getting at the mo its not painful but not pleasurable either i think this is the only downside to the pro jr for me but once im used to it it should be ok


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              I'm in the same boat of getting something different on both spectrums so you can narrow it down.


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                Im thinking tge helix syn or classic syn wats the diffremces is it just the classic is harder


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                  Classic helix i mean