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Should I stop using my penis altogether?

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  • Should I stop using my penis altogether?

    Hello everyone. In order to enjoy anal pleasure I'm considering either:

    -Completely stop masturbating with my penis until I can feel some solid pleasure from anal masturbation alone.
    -Complement anal masturbation with edging but never go past the "point of no return" and ejaculate from stroking myself.

    I am at a complete loss as to which method would be more effective, and my ever increasing desire for relief is not making this any easier. Now I do have confidence in my ability to abandon traditional masturbation, as I've already done it for half a year when I was religious. But I also don't want to deny myself relief for hypothetical methods that may or may not work.

    Is abandoning traditional masturbation a worthwhile pursuit?

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    No need to give up masturbation BUT save it for after the session and unplug the aneros. One day when you can super O with ease then by all means experiment with some edging.


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      I don't have Aneros, my apologies for missing that part. I masturbate with toothbrushes and empty metal/plastic bottles. On occasion I fill them with hot water for extra stimulation.


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        I've had mixed results with refraining from ejaculation.

        In general, I'd say it helps arousal levels stay elevated. In contrast, masturbating too often does tend to detract from Aneros use. However I've also found that going too long without ejaculation seemed to have a reverse effect and dulled the sensations of the Aneros. I once went 30 days without ejaculation and it didn't seem to help with the Aneros.

        A good mix seems to work best. I'll sometimes pick certain days i.e. masturbate on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday...and Aneros on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

        Ultimately I think one's mental arousal has the biggest effect.


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          I've abstained from masturbating for a while, and it can pass a threshold where the body stops caring if I haven't masturbated. Or maybe my testosterone is dangerously low.What matters more ultimately, I think, is whether or not you abstain from sexual thoughts altogether.


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            I have found that I need to balance aneros use with masturbation. If I don't I will get severe erections and other symptoms that won't quit and my body seems to be begging for relief!


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              As long as I'm still aroused I find that abstinence is useful. If you go too long you may find that your arousal level drops and then a good, old fashioned ejaculation will probably help, in the long run, raise your arousal level again. I occasionally edge to keep arousal high and ejaculate anywhere from about once a week to fifty times a week lol.