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6 month journey. Advice, suggestions welcome.

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  • 6 month journey. Advice, suggestions welcome.

    So I've had the Helix for about 6 months now, and have been using it very frequently(3-4 times a week when I can) over the last two months. The first 4 months I didn't really experience anything pleasurable, and I didn't have even involuntaries.
    About 3 months ago, I started getting into a more relaxed mindset while using it, and started having very slow involuntary contractions at the start of a session. I also decided to start with nipple play, and a couple of days of that plus aneros sessions, and I my nipples got significantly more sensitive. Playing with my nipples now gives me jolts of pleasure in the prostate, and sometimes handsfree contractions with or without the aneros. I start with very slow, light touch, but faster or more vigorous stimulation effectively stops any prostate sensation. Even the slow, light touch does the same thing if it goes on beyond 2-3 minutes.
    With the Helix in, the sensations are probably the most pleasurable thing I've experienced so far, but also stop with faster stimulation or stimulation longer than 5 minutes. Nipple play with the Helix in also doesn't really translate into involuntaries for me, and seems to distract my mental focus from the prostate, which I feel might not be helpful at the beginning.

    Involuntaries have become more frequent, and now happen numerous times throughout a session, but are still fairly slow(I'll only have 1-2 "faster" ones a session), but there is some erection cycling and smallish amounts of precum. I've also started experimenting with abstaining from ejaculation and penile stimulation. Waiting to see how that goes. An interesting thing happened today when I was giving myself an enema before my session. Literally 10 seconds after inserting the enema, significant amounts of fluid(4-5 large drops) started leaking out of my penis, similar to the couple of times I've milked my prostate. I initially thought it was precum, but it was a little more milky. Any ideas as to how or why that happened?

    I'd also like to figure out if there's anything I can do to ease more into the involuntary contractions, and wonder if my slower progress is because my sessions last at most 90 minutes(I spend about 15-30 minutes "doing nothing" except focusing on prostate sensations)

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    I get the sense that you are on a timetable. I think setting a goal of 90 minutes maximum for a session may be counterproductive for you. I have had a "split" session that lasted about 4 hours.

    Abstaining from ejaculation I thought would be exciting too. However, I found that I had erection after painful erection and I could not take it anymore until I ejaculated.

    Let your body guide you into what it wants and I'm sure you'll find your path. Good luck!


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      Well, I use the aneros right before going to bed, so in that sense you could say it's like a time table. On the other hand, on account of living with family, I can't really safely use it any longer than 2-3 hours at a time as I have to use it soon after everyone's asleep. If I use it for too long I'd be losing valuable sleep.
      Another issue is what should I expect to happen over longer periods? What should I focus on? Even around the 90 minute mark, it's just more of the same slow contractions with mild pleasure.


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        I would suggest easing up on the frequency of contractions. If you are having involuntaries, that is always a good sign. Try "echoing" the involuntaries with very light contractions and see what develops. If the contractions increase, then increase your "echo" contractions as well. You may be surprised at the results.

        I have had a recent ride where I ended with a Super-T. The following day (today) I had a severe "buzzing" in my prostate and to make a long story short, I felt like I would auto-ejaculate (wet dream while awake) unless I masturbated. I had the most powerful discharge yet and it felt really good.
        As I said before, I seem to need to "balance" the stimulation with ejaculations. Otherwise, I feel like I will explode.


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          Oh, by "more of the same slow contractions" I mean slow involuntaries. I don't often do manual contractions because they never really feel good. But thanks for the remaining advice. I'm trying to avoid ejaculating with the aneros in till I've got more prostate sensitivity, so I do all penile stimulation much after an aneros session.