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  • Tingling

    In the course of a recent intense and rewarding session with my Helix Syn I experienced a powerful full body orgasm that culminated in a tingling sensation over my entire body. I have had full body orgasms before but this was the first time I have encountered this particular feeling. I'd be interested to know who else has had a similar experience.

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    @wulff - Where my Orgasmic Energy ebbs and flows in different parts of my body during a session, I can't say there's a lot of tingling, but I do get it in my balls \ around the Aneros sometimes and when I do I know a lot of bliss is about to follow.


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      I also get like a tingling, but a sense of calm that I can feel in every hair follicle. It's like I can feel every part of my skin without touching it, if you know what I mean! Some parts of me do tingle, maybe from the muscle spasms or just what's going on inside me. Sessions are so fun!


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        @techpump - Yeah man I mean how great is it?! Sadly I can't relate but the little bit I can always feels so wonderful.


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          Had my first Super-O last week and experienced whole-body tingling and convulsion. Also had altered-state which lasted about 2 hours. In complete bliss due to endorphins during that time. It blew me away! No other memory of the Super-O however.


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            Wow, I can only hope to experience this. We can dream.