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Does the Progasm take getting use to?

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  • Does the Progasm take getting use to?

    The fullness is apparently the draw to this model — but for me…well, it feels like I need to pass stool really badly.Guessing that fullness is what gives the Progasm and 'advanced' tag for its users.
    Yet could this be an acquired taste? After all, I hear anal sex doesn't exactly feel great right off the bat. It has to be eased into. Likewise, the feeling of needing to pass stool was what I initially felt with my first model, the MGX.

    I'm tempted to use the Progasm every day and see if my body can adjust to it, hopefully making it worth while!
    However, there's still potential issues such as unpredictable tearing, and gastric/stool build up. The latter of which refers to the model encouraging a build up despite emptying myself as long as two hours before a session.

    Should I persist in giving the Progasm a go, or am is it simply too much? How was the Progasm for you?
    I asked a fairly similar question a while back, so I'm wondering what a fresh set of opinion can offer.

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    Best time for the Progasm is in the summer, the heat allows a little more stretch, but even then I wouldn't use it more than once a week and I never use it right after a bm even smaller models are hard to fit in my ass then. So unless you live in a warm climate I'd say the best time for big models(Njoy Wand, Progasm) has passed the biggest model I'd use now would be the Maximus. Some stretch but not quite the Njoy type stretch, ergo the morning bm not quite as impressive


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      Progasm's size means a few things: If you are not used to anal penetration you either need to start with something smaller or take it slower. If you are not used to exercising your PC muscles, it will be hard to keep inside. If you choose to start with the Pro, start with the "do nothing" approach - insert it and just let it be. No pushing or pulling but LOTS of deep breathing - let you body get used to having it there. If you still feel like you MUST push it out, then it is your body telling you it is too big, and go smaller. For me the Pro, used after smaller models, pushes me way over the top.


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        Keep trying. Progasm is the best because it fills you up.


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          Maybe try starting your session with something smaller, like a helix. Then after a little while when you're nice and relaxed down there insert your progasm. I found that works really well.

          I never have started with the progasm. I will some day just to see what it's like, but for now that's how I do it.


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            Sadly for me, the Progasm doesn't do much. I can be having a decent session and get the urge for something bigger, slide in Progasm and most of the time everything will stop. In two years I have probably had soem feelings with Progasm 2 or 3 times. I really want it to work.


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              Short answer, I think so.

              Nearly seven years ago I started this journey with a Helix and an SGX and soon gained a personal belief that, “every guy's toybox needs a Progasm.” My own experience and reading of the Forum and Chatroom leads me to think that @DarkEngine 's question correctly implies the presence of a normal distribution (aka bell-shaped curve) of results. I find myself pretty much in the center of that curve.

              Reports in the Forum and in Chat indicate to me that some men can readily lube up and accommodate Progasm while others tend to eject it unless or until they undertake an aggressive stretching project. Then there are other men who, “don't want to be bothered” with such an effort so leave Progasm play for another time.

              Like @DarkEngine I tend to shrink when I'm not having Progasm sessions on a weekly basis. Unless I've cleaned out throughly several hours before a Progasm session. I also experience @DarkEngine 's lower GI disturbances usually in the form of growing peristaltic contractions, gas and sometimes cramps as the session continues beyond 45 minutes. I've learned those issues fight my attempts at constructive relaxation.

              My best orgasmic experiences are with Helix-c and Eupho-c and my regular BPH therapy is with Vice and Maximus. So, there's not much time left in my week for a really fulfilling Progasm session.

              However, my upper chakras and nips treasure the extremes of the Progasm experience so, prep time and opportunities permitting, I partake of Progasm delights once every four to six weeks.

              Hats off to that Ten-percent or so of guys who are “Progasm regulars!”


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                I have no problem with Progasm - honestly! Maybe it's because I started with ProJR. a couple of month before. Suddently it wasn't enough and I bought Progasm Ice.

                My advise is to be extreme relaxed in the PC muscle. Put it half in and try to pull it the rest of the way with your rectum. I use to start with the Progasm 60-90 min. in the evening then sleep with Helix or Eupho. It gives me a wonderful feeling during the night but still no Super O. I guess I'am close. I got a wonderful feeling all over my body but still miss the last few steps to the O's. Maybe it's a mini O, I don't no, but i'am sure, that it all started using Progasm. It's a wonderful toy!!


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                  Hi guys,

                  When I heard about Aneros and first saw videos of it on Xtube in Sept./Oct. 2011, it was those with Progasm that sold me on Aneros. I began my Aneros journey for sure early June 2012 with Helix Syn. Two months later in early August 2012, I added Maximus to my repertoire and in September 2012, I added both Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE. But it took a good six months before I became truly comfortable with Maximus, and Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE.

                  Now a nearly three years later, Progasm Classic stars in all my sessions. I get now all sorts of orgasms from Progasm Classic, even from just thinking about what that model does for me.


                  P.S. My advice with Progasm is that it takes a lot of patience and practice. You will not be disappointed.