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  • Straight to curious poll

    Since the Aneros opens straight men up to getting pleasure in their back door, I'm wondering how many straight men have been compelled to check out gay porn or think about trying gay sex after they began using Aneros.

    I welcome hearing about it...

    (Prior to Forum format changeover data corruption, the voting numbers were Yes = 30 & No = 32)
    Yes, I have started looking at gay porn during a session, or thought about men.
    No, it hasn't been my experience.

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    I'm straight; and, the use of Aneros has led me in quite the opposite direction. My wife was curious from the start of my use; and, I soon realized she became very turned on by observing my interaction with Aneros. She is now at the point of being very comfortable helping to insert and remove my Aneros. This comfort level has led her to the point of actually stimulating my prostate and anal area digitally during our times of intamate sharing. I can honestly say that with my wife and Aneros present, I have no desire to wander elsewhere!


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      Interesting question Bradman.

      Really enjoyed your reply STARR831. Mind if I ask your age?

      My wife and I are 62, a monogamous 40 year straight marriage. I experimented in my youth, began solo prostate massaging in my mid-teens, and a couple of years later entered a sexual experimenting relationship with a male friend. We tried everything. We both married our girl friends soon after. Soon after that he realized that he was and is gay, and they separated and divorced.

      In the Male Sexual Orientation Here Poll, as I explained my history, I voted straight-bi; a male who has enjoyed "back door pleasures" virtually from puberty onward and yet, after experimenting to "just figure it out" back in the 1960s, found himself on the straight side of the bisexual fulcrum point.

      I am still friends with the gay co-adventurer of my youth, a platonic friendship, but one where we still discuss sexual matters in a very open way. I have encouraged him to try Aneros,BTW.

      Having developed the mutual prostate practice with my dear wife, we are even closer and much more energized sexually together than earlier in our marriage!

      Just as separating orgasmic response from the penis's ejaculation is the key to success with Aneros, so straight men and women separating the question of sexual orientation from the realm of anal/prostate play, and the full male sexual development around the prostate, is key to enlightened sexuality for humanity going forward.

      They are biologically two separate things. I was/am thrilled that the Aneros prostate health tool has been able to open that door and contribute in astounding ways to making that issue much clearer for all.

      all the best to all



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        Well I must admit I thought I was getting a gay film awhile ago.
        It was called something like
        'Chicks WithDicks'
        Very soft porn.
        In fact it was more about a guy getting screwed by a nice girl
        in Bankok or that part of the world.
        In fact it was the same girl who screwed another guy.
        A bit later another dude inserts a dildo in his hairy butt whilst having a tugg.
        The guys looked feminine,
        Butt they had no tits.
        Very disappointed..This was a pay per view programme. ;(


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          i'd do it with a sexy shemale, but guys do nothing for me...


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            In my childhood I was conditioned to homosexual relations due to sexual abuse by two older males. This continued into my teens but I was fantasizing about strait sex durring these encounters. After I developed confidence with women I never looked back and find gay sex repulsive; no offense, that's just how I feel.

            Aneros use has not changed my outlook on this. I was drawn to aneros products from the claims of increased sexual performance and the potential for MMO.


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              Yeah, I like some shemale stuff, but the girl has to be really feminine. I quite enjoy the variety of possibilities it opens up - giving each other blowjobs, switching back and forth between fucking and getting fucked. I know in the latter case you could always be with a girl using a strapon, but it's just not the same thing to me.

              Anyway, after I got comfortable with being penetrated myself, and had watched and enjoyed some TS-on-male scenes, I figured I should give regular gay porn a try. But I pretty quickly figured out it's not for me, watching two men does not turn me on. Even bi-sexual threesomes with two men don't do a whole lot for me, watching one suck the other.

              So I guess I'm more or less straight, with the TS stuff being one small exception. Ultimately that's probably more of a fantasy than something I would pursue in real life.

              I think we might be making too much about the growing popularity of shemale porn in general as some kind of watershed moment in sexuality; ultimately it just shows that the gender identity is a bigger turn-on than someone's mere biological sex. A curvy body with breasts and a beautiful face is often going to trump someone getting turned off by a penis down below (quite the opposite, in fact, it's the somewhat taboo/forbidden/"wrong" sensation one gets that makes it that much hotter).


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                I only watch girl-girl, girl-shemale, or girl solo porn. I have hard time looking at a guy's face in porn so shopping for porn had always be hard for me. After extensive use of aneros and other stuff, that didn't change at all. I don't believe anything you do to your own body would change sexual orientation.


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                  My Aneros play is both solo and "coupled" within the context of married foreplay and intercourse. I continue as a str8 with a bi-curious bent. That "bi" aspect of my being will never be fulfilled due to my monogamous nature.

                  My interest in male-on-male sex springs from a desire to constructively socialize with gay men both in the Aneros Forum/Chat environment and on a personal basis. I find that most Gay men have a more comprehensive understanding of male sexuality than most str8's.

                  Two of my frequent golf-buds are gay (one is a single Dad) and this "socialization," via the Aneros community, has improved my view of their "wholeness" as persons. I have become more able to affiliate with gay man finding that, as brothers, we have more in common than I had ever anticipated.

                  Oh yes, I do check out Darwin's "Male Pussy" foto site on a regular basis. That probably makes me, "bi-envious" with no fulfillment in my future. I can live with that self-imposed restriction.


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                    @rook that was a beautiful answer. As a gay male to each is own. Were all brothers here and as long as we get our orgasms and MMO's then everything is alright.


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                      I originally found aneros because I was bored and looking for better ways to masturbate. It hasn't changed my sexual preferences one bit, I will only engage with women. What the aneros has done for me is open my mind and heighten the sexual potential of my body. I absolutely love what I have discovered about my body through the aneros and feel fortunate as compared to most other men who are either reluctant to delve into this aspect of themselves or simply ignorant to it's existence. I feel that it puts men on more or less even footing in comparison to females in terms of sexual pleasure, as penile stimulation alone is nice but has it's limits with the refractory period and physiological changes that lead to decreased arousal afterwards. Edging is also nice but again typically only practical solo and once you release the fun is over. It is one of my biggest fantasies to be pegged my a woman one day, to find someone open and interested in such things. The whole she-male thing is an interesting concept however it is my understanding that they all started out as male and that is an automatic turn-off. To me what someone was originally born into is what they will always be no matter what surgeries or hormones are administered, they will never *truly* be the other sex. It's actually disgustingly scary how many transgendered individuals are out there and choose to remain hidden, not informing others of their true nature before engaging with them on ANY level. Don't misunderstand me, I am ok with transgendered people and the freedom to change your body, but I think it is 100% wrong to deceive others. On the other hand a female who has undergone some "enhancement" surgery could be interesting haha.


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                        @tairy - I totally agree with you...check out Sabrina Suzuki,Yasmine Lee, or Yeidi Collins...all quite feminine t-girls. I've used my dildo while watching them in action - prob'ly as close as i'll get to having sex with them. I've had a few gay(platonic) friends/acquaintances in my life and i do not judge them for their sexuality. Not to say i haven't wondered what gay sex might be like, i've never been sexually attracted to any man in my life, so i guess i'm just slightly curious. Suppose if i ever found sexual chemistry with a male, i'd be inclined to give it a shot (or take one, lol)

                        Me? I'm not gay, but I think this guy sucking my dick might be...wink wink


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                          When they say Aneros is a journey they are correct, where it takes you depends. I have found after using several devices, I was drawn to a Pro-Dom to peg me. Now after some time and a forum:
                 I became more interested to exploring other possibilities. Later I found gay porn (which use to offend me) very enticing. My how things have developed


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                            @J2_0 - Yeah, I can relate. I forget the exact timing but I'm pretty sure I was into Tgirls before I began to officially ride last October. However since then I certainly have become an avid fan of all things Tgirl for various reasons. As far as gay porn goes, I was never offended by it just never interested.

                            Now though, definitely a turn on. Which of course begs the question as a bi-ish curious-ish (again, mainly because of the the Tgirls) am I full blown gay? The straights would say yep, pretty much, anything about a dick or man or tgirls ass that turns you on pretty much means you're gay, even if you still like women. To me, one, this journey for so many of us has opened so many doors, most obviously our own back one's! Two, for someone who never really paid attention or was turned on, or afraid to be turned on to gay porn, to me it represents something different, exciting, a new kink.

                            So yeah, I like it, and use it, and have read that depending on the kind you like says a lot about you.


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                              Men having sex with other men or with transexuals never did anything for me.

                              Aneros changed nothing to that. I still find it absolutely boring.

                              The only change is I now feel less attracted to porn in general. There is having sex with a girl I love, there is practicing tantra or taoist cultivation on my own (with or without aneros) or with said partner... The rest is a joke.