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How old were you when you discovered nipple stimulation or diddling?

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    Originally posted by m-bc View Post

    Take the time to gently explore your body with your very sensitive finger tips. You will push buttons you never knew you had.
    m-bc, thank you for the suggestion! The Aneros in the five/six years I have used it in being a great pedagogue in getting me in touch with my body. Its attendant P-waves, Super-O's, MMO's, and Aless have been wonderful in engaging my consciousness when it comes to sexual pleasure.

    All this is reflected in the delicate tactile pleasure of diddling my nipples in bed at night. The delicate tactile pleasure of using the softest touches upon one's penis is something that most males overlook when they masturbate. Most masturbation videos that I see on tumblr or Xtube indicates the opposite. Many guys from their youth "man handle" the cocks in getting their rocks off rapidly!

    I notice that when I use soft, delicate tactile stimulation on my penis is very powerful. Since I have been circumcised most my life, my Glans is a prominent feature of my penis. It is absolutely wonderful when I use soft, delicate touches on my Glans especially on the rim or flange of my Glans corona and frenulear delta on the underside of my Glans. Now I would like to use similar touches on my cockshaft down to my cock root to my perineum or taint. Caressing my scrotum which contains the orbs of my testicle calls for very gentile tactile action. Now wonder athletes who play contact sports wear athletic cups!

    This sort of tactile exploration of one's genitalia can be time consuming, but is necessary when done lovingly.

    Like such touching is useful for sustained masturbation sessions which involve edging, riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability (PONR). Edging educates the male in developing control in his lovemaking. Edging does produce the best, more glorious ejaculatory orgasms!


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      Thanks for your post above. Like you my coronal ridge, sulcus, frenulear delta are highly highly highly erogenous, especially in conjunction with nipple play.

      Have you tried nipple engagement/nipple diddling/nipple play while gently massaging or gently tugging each of the erogenous areas mentioned above. It is heavenly and produces in me what I call instant orgasm even when flaccid.

      By the way, there is a book out there dubbed INSTANT ORGASM written by a husband and wife team. I think for myself, I have discovered instant orgasm which is certainly heaven sent and heaven allowed and for me, it is a spiritual experience and a time to thank the Almighty since the bliss and pleasure is so exquisite.

      Just wondering if you had discovered nipples plus the areas of our glans together in concert. Sheer bliss


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        I'm fully with you both, m-bc and BigGlansDC, I only like to add that sometimes the contrast intensifies the sensations even more. If you never tried a little self-spanking , then being patient enough to let the blood fully come back into your asscheeks only to next give them the most sensitive touching of your fingertips, but then suddenly hit your butt again to call the ultimate and pure bliss, the best is yet to come!

        Originally posted by Turnrow View Post
        [...]Nipples plus the areas of our glans together in concert. Sheer bliss
        Affirmative!!! And doing this form a ring closing thumbs with middle fingers.


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          Turnrow, I discovered my glans and its exquisite sensitivity at age four or five. But I did not discover the pleasure of diddling my nipples more than sixty years later. Your suggestion that I diddle my nipples while caressing one of my erogenous zones or my penis sounds very good.


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            • BigGlansDC

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              Today, 04:13 PM
              Turnrow, I discovered my glans and its exquisite sensitivity at age four or five. But I did not discover the pleasure of diddling my nipples more than sixty years later. Your suggestion that I diddle my nipples while caressing one of my erogenous zones or my penis sounds very good.

            We may never see you again as that type esctacy of nipples plus glans play will send you into an orbit yet unknown to you. Be sure to post about it if you reenter earths atmosphere anywhere around your D C apartment.


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              Turnrow, don't worry about me. Like everybody else, I have to face the realities of everyday life. I plan to be a part of this forum for some years yet!
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                I don't know where to begin as all the comments have been so insightful and right on. Over the last twenty years I have had Word Press Blogs, Blogs on SexForums, Dick Net and others under several different names. In all of them I wrote about my journey of sexual discovery that probably began in a modest way at puberty, but really engaged seriously in my mid 40s. In the early years it was entirely physical and in its physicality totally penis focused. There was an occasional foray into anal penetration with dildoes. Looking back I would describe those as pursuits of curiosity that were relatively inert in sensation or eroticism. Nipples weren't even on the radar screen. Relative to my sulcus and frenular triangle all they were was a fast track to ejaculation and my fascination with watching cum spew from my cock slit. There was an element of harmless (consensual) exhibitionism in the mix as well

                Then approximately 13 years ago I stumbled (literally) onto Aneros while cruising the internet for Sexual Forums. The Aneros Forum came up. Once in the forum (pre chat) I met B Mayfield, Darwin, Arctic Wolf, Artform and others who were seasoned practitioners. After obtaining my Helix I ventured on the journey we all took to become anally orgasmic with their help and guidance. In 6 months I was there experiencing Super O's in rising and falling waves over the course of 30 minutes . That achievement was a turning point. I became a sensual man. For me that meant that sexual ecstasy moved from my erect penis to my brain; the sensation of erotic pleasure became an all body experience that awakened my nipples and my anal opening as orgasmic triggers. I was rewired. The full gamut of my sexuality was now opened up. I have characterized that turning point as opening Pandora's Box. Ever since that event I have been turning corners and unwrapping my biology discovering new things about my body and my sexual response, and new techniques as my pathway to erotic euphoria widened and deepened.

                Six months later I was inspired by posts in a thread of A - Less orgasms. So one night in a hotel in Poughkeepsie New York I literally stayed up all night (from 1 AM to 6 AM) trying to induce an A - Less Orgasm. It was around 5 AM when out of fatigue induced delirium and sheer determination I had my first A - Less orgasm. Although nipple stimulation was a part of my repertoire before it was that A Less that expanded the responsiveness of my nipples, their link to my prostate and their role as triggers in orgasm. A Less also taught me the intricate choreography of nipple stimulation, breathing and pressure on my sulcus and "forbidden" fantasy to extend super o's. What resulted is what many of us describe, a dance of sensual pleasure where I am enshrouded in creamy euphoria. The subtle and strong A Less orgasms were chains of body twisting spasms that lasted for hours not minutes. Heavy and lugubrious white hot ecstasy tugging on my cock, flooding my anal canal and inducing throbbing bliss, as out of body mental imagery causes my prostate to pump pre prostatic fluid and precum from my cock slit in a drooling stream.

                This has been a long response but it is intended to communicate that nipple stimulation has been a process for me that has been nuanced and extended over my sexual journey. More importantly as my command of my nipples grew so did their capacity to induce ecstasy.


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                  gnawdol, your description of how you discovered nipple stimulation or diddling and how it interacts with your Aless resembles very experience with both in the last year or so. Recently I have been waking up to a delicious tingling in my prostate and anal canal. Right now both are pulsating with pleasure which I can accentuate with my Kegels. Your writing style is very sweet!


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                    I didn't fully discover the wonderfulness of my nipples until I was in my early 20s. My adult Son, though, claims he was having orgasms just by stimulating his nipples when he was 14 or 15. Who knew.


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                      TabooSonDad, that's wonderful that you discovered the erotic power of your nipples in your early twenties. Did you discover that by yourself or have a buddy or girl show you that? As regards your adult son, I would like to know how old he was when he discovered masturbation and ejaculatory orgasm. Some guys are sexual precocious at a fairly young age when they discover masturbation and dry orgasms at eight or younger.
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                        Seems like my nipples came alive once I discovered prostate orgasms. Never was interested before. Now the wife can tease me to a stanch erection by just nibbling on my nipple.


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                          awired50 The same for my husband. Before Aneros his nipples were dead now they are as sensitives as mine.


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                            Wow I discovered my nipples at 11 or 12 and basically that's all I did because at that time I didn't know about masturbation. My penis would get hard and I had no idea I could put my hand on it and you know. Now I pump my nipples making them more sensitive and bigger which gives me incredible pleasure. I use a product called supple nips to pump them and sometimes I use them with the aneros and it's mind blowing.


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                              That is wonderful, Juanbeardy!


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                                I like others have always thought that nipple stimulation was just for women. Boy was I wrong! I learned about nipple stimulation about 6 months ago when I started using the Aneros at age 70. Sure wish I learned about it earlier. Now when I have an Aneros session I always start ticking, rubbing my nipples. I usually tickle them or put cold cream on them and rub the cream in. I have also tried rubbing them with nylon lace which automatically sends electrical pulses to my dick and testicles. It really helps when I insert the lubricated Eupho Trident into my rectum..
                                Try rubbing your nipples now and see what you feel. You won't be sorry!!