AVN Fan Awards - Vote for the Helix Syn!

Hi Everyone,

In the runup to the 2018 AVN Awards, AVN is holding an online vote for a bunch of different categories, and the Helix Syn is one of the nominees for "Most Amazing Sex Toy". We'd greatly appreciate it if you would go to to cast your vote. You can even cast your vote daily. Voting runs from now until January 18th. Thank you!

The Aneros Team
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Nipple Stimulation

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    SOwithoutAneros I still can't believe the progress you have achieved in such a short period of time. I'm happy for you; you are a good example of what new members should look forward to. Keep sharing your experiences. Yes, life truly is wonderful!


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      GGringo , be sure, my experiences are still unbelievable to me as well. Today I searched some items on Amazon showing me that I had ordered my Nexus G-Rider in 2012!
      That means I have had this tool for four years now without any remarkable experiences to talk about. Only because I lately have read some stunning reports in this forum I took Aneros' Helix Syn and Eupho Syn for a second try to discover the described sweet prostate feelings I have been so jealous about. And with the help of little Eupho Syn these feelings finally DID go through the roof. To retrieve the Nexus' honor I hav e to admit that since re-wiring I have had some auspicious experiences using it and the fun with it might just have begun. But I never would have had any success without you and you and all of YOU, folks! Thanks for all your sharing! Thanks a lot!
      P.S.: My session today lasted FOUR hours, involving erotic hypnosis with binaurals, Eupho/Helix Syn, Nexus G-Rider and it was awesome, as you soon will read in my blog.


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        my Aneros sessions would not be half as pleasurable without my fondling, tweaking and teasing my nipples! They are an essential part of my blissful autoerotic lovemaking.