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    SOwithoutAneros I still can't believe the progress you have achieved in such a short period of time. I'm happy for you; you are a good example of what new members should look forward to. Keep sharing your experiences. Yes, life truly is wonderful!


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      GGringo , be sure, my experiences are still unbelievable to me as well. Today I searched some items on Amazon showing me that I had ordered my Nexus G-Rider in 2012!
      That means I have had this tool for four years now without any remarkable experiences to talk about. Only because I lately have read some stunning reports in this forum I took Aneros' Helix Syn and Eupho Syn for a second try to discover the described sweet prostate feelings I have been so jealous about. And with the help of little Eupho Syn these feelings finally DID go through the roof. To retrieve the Nexus' honor I hav e to admit that since re-wiring I have had some auspicious experiences using it and the fun with it might just have begun. But I never would have had any success without you and you and all of YOU, folks! Thanks for all your sharing! Thanks a lot!
      P.S.: My session today lasted FOUR hours, involving erotic hypnosis with binaurals, Eupho/Helix Syn, Nexus G-Rider and it was awesome, as you soon will read in my blog.


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        my Aneros sessions would not be half as pleasurable without my fondling, tweaking and teasing my nipples! They are an essential part of my blissful autoerotic lovemaking.