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An enhanced Aneros Wiki, and "Cherry-picked," pinned posts

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  • An enhanced Aneros Wiki, and "Cherry-picked," pinned posts

    Hi guys,

    There has been much discussion on the Forum recently about having an enhanced, revised Aneros Wiki, with guys like @Crimsonwolf and @neros contributing to this enhanced, revised enhancement. I am all for it.

    Also I think that guys who have amazing Aneros treatises like @Crimsonwolf and @neros should also have separate pinned, "cherry-picked" posts on the Forum similar to Brian Mayfield's. Hence these treatises and others like it can be used for easy reference for beginner and advanced Aneros users. @rumel had used the term "cherry-picked posts" in Aneros Chat with me about a week ago. I believe that @G-Force had mentioned this suggestion recently too.


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    With the advent of the revised forum software I was able to re-instate the "Cherry Picks" community group which can be a repository for links to the very types of posts you are referring to.

    In my initial post to that group, I listed posts by the two authors you mentioned.
    Good Vibes to You !


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      rumel, thank you reinstating the "Cherry Picks" community group. I did find a post there that had close resemblance to Aneros "Directions for Use" of the recently retired web site. Tonight, it being the Memorial Day holiday, I will explore other links there. There is some really good stuff there. Thank you very much for your hard work! Also, am I one of the four members of this group?