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    Its been a year in the making, but finally had my first super O today. I just wanna say I appreciate everyones advice and tips on this forum, cause they are extremely important in helping people try new things and stay focused on the prize. I know I've read a few posts where people just gave up after a few tries, so hopefully my post will encourage others to stick with it.As for the super O, I have come so close so many times. But this time was immensly different, and yeah, you know when you have one. Lately I had been using my helix as I seem to get better results with it, but today decided to pull out the progasm. About an hour and half into things started to feel different and wild. Eventually it felt like I needed to hold on for dear life, the progasm was pounding the hell outta me. It finally just became too much and felt my eyes close and darkness consume me, felt like riding on some sort of roller coaster twirling around, flipping upside down and all around. I really had no idea what to expect what the super O was, but now that I do, i can definately say its worth acheiving. I still feel kinda light headed and knocked off my game a few hours later. Im not sure if this had anything to do with it, but I have been abstaining from masturbation for a while, i guess 7 days almost, whereas I had been masturbating once a day. Whose to say for sure whether that helped or not, but I'm definately gonna stick with the abstinence and only masturbate once every 7 - 10 days from now on. Happy Trails everyone!

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    I just want to add, that normally after an aneros session, not out of frustration, but more of a desire from being so worked up and horny, i usually finish with off with a super T. Today was the first time I have finished a session and did not end with a tradiontal orgasm/ejaculation of any sort. I honestly felt no need to do so. I actually was satisfied. I was also reading someone's comments on another post about always "circling the drain" but never acheiving the super O. I have felt this for a long time, but today everything lined up just perfect i guess.


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      Wow! Congratulations, man! This calls for a celebration!


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          I'd like to join 'Keoke' & 'dingus' in wishing you congratulations!

          Congratulations on crossing into Wonderland. Your patience has been rewarded. I suspect your temporary abstinence did have something to do with it. Allowing time for your neurotransmitters to recharge your brain after ejaculatory orgasms deplete them is a positive step toward encouraging higher arousal levels.
          Good Vibes to You !


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            This has been a very inspiring read. Firstly, well done (inever) what a nice landing. Reading your post has reinforced for me, the trust needed for continuing the Journey Of Bliss and the joy in knowing that I too, will fly into orbit at some point. Currently, I'm happily circling the Globe, with each launch I find new ground, more intensity with deep mental satisfaction. I wake drunken from a trance and my glasses have taken on a rose colored tint. I LOVE my journey, it has been a long, long time coming, in fact I gave up years ago, I questioned the truth behind all these post, I found it a waste of my time, which in turn only rendered me negative and un-productive with Aneros.

            Today, I'm a new MAN, the turning point came quite recently by way of the Eupho. This is the one for me. I have the Pro/Helx/MGX and now the Eupho and The Syn. In hindsight, had I began with the Eupho, I probably would have cracked the stratosphere years ago. Upon first use, I instantly knew why this was working for me, (the P-tab) the position of tab, the tab is higher, more ridged and produces insane vibrations that seem to develop without conscience manipulation. I now know that my own Super Orbit is in the works, I will not rush its take-off and will remain strapped in ready for the countdown.


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              I think I've fallen onto another planet. Would someone please let me know if I'm on the right path. I will briefly describe:

              Suddenly, after years and years of 'forcing myself' to gain satisfaction, I'm now experiencing what seems like an out-of-body trance. Not only am I experiencing these trance-like conditions with my Aneros device, I'm able to engage similar sensations just by simply standing and thinking about my night before last, without insertion. Maybe I'm making up for lost time, but whatever it is, something big is happening.

              Upon insertion, I glow and grow, and grow and grow. Just last night, I maintained a full erection throughout my entire session that went from 2:am to 3:am. I twitch, first my face, neck and whole head, this moves down to my abdominal region, my balls quiver and as the vibration builds and dances inside like a rat-a-tat-tat ... I envision an invisible entity in my precence hammering away inside, causing me to shake all over without control and my sounds are so primal it is scary, (good scary) The hammering, albeit soft and EXTREMELY pleasant, feels like I'm being penertrated by a glorious finger allowing me to just sit back and enjoy the ride. I can't believe how my muscels have taken over and have decided what is best for me. The quivering, throbbing involuntary action has finally come to my party, and my question is: am I on course?


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                Sounds like the course you are on, wherever it may lead, is a pretty nice one. It will be fun to see where it takes you. Keep us informed!



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                  Vic: Oh yes! You're on your way. Relax and enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you.


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                    Yes indeed you are on course. For most users there comes a point when one develops a sense memory of the sensual pleasures of the Aneros. This sense memory is something that is involves body and mind and with it it is possible to have full on whole body MMO experiences. Certain fantasies are often very helpful in activating these responses. Interestingly enough the one that you related, of a "glorious finger" is something that other users have reported on as well. Sounds like you're making terrific progress.

                    Stay with only gets better

                    BF Mayfield


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                      Had my 2nd super O today, its only been 3 months since my last one. Wasnt sure if I would ever have another. Today was far more superior to my first in so many ways. I cant believe this just keeps getting better and better. Ive been using my eupho lately, well its actually new, love that thing, way better than my helix or progasm.


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                        Vic -- I have had many of the feelings you described: "
                        I twitch, first my face, neck and whole head, this moves down to my abdominal region, my balls quiver and as the vibration builds and dances inside like a rat-a-tat-tat ... I envision an invisible entity in my precence hammering away inside, causing me to shake all over without control ...." So far, I haven't encountered the involuntary primal scream, but the rest I have felt. It appears we are on the right track.