• latest encounter with Miss Helix

    So I got my new cock ring in. That 1/8" in diameter made all the difference. It is still small enough to keep my cock chubbed up some, my balls pushed up and out for a wonderful presentation but large enough to keep from getting cock locked when fully engorged and still helps to maintain that throbbing sensation. A side benefit I found is when I stack them the new one pushes out the smaller one enough to also keep from getting cock locked. I adore the way it feels. They are so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them till I see, read or think of something that excites me and my cock comes to life with a wonderful tingle as the rings tug on the skin of my perineum when my cock grows. I can see myself wearing these all the time but most likely won't wear stacked as the pleasurable sensation can be distracting and I must pay attention at my new job.

    4/12 I met up with an old friend last night. I spent some quality time with Miss Helix. She was the first to give me a super O but hasn't wanted to play with me in quite some time from lifes issues, but since having mostly gotten away from the stress I wanted to try to reignite our passion . We joined up around 10:45p. I crawled into bed getting on my left side around 11:15 to reacquaint our self's. I relaxed and cleared my head, waiting for the slightest tingle, an indication she still desired me, still wanted to pleasure me. Sometime around midnight she started to wispier to me and tickle me in all the right places. I could feel her moving slowly but rhythmically with each breath. I started to succumb to her. As the minutes passed I could feel her working that magic like only she can. The level of pleasure was rising so slowly that I didn't realize how high she was taking me, my head feeling light. My arms felt like whey were floating in mid air even though they were between the pillow and mattress. With the faintest whisper I thought I heard something but couldn't make it out. The next thing I knew I felt like I was floating above the bed, swinging back and forth, my head swirling around like I had way to much to drink. I could feel my lover gliding within me, making love to me, lifting the level of pleasure higher before slowing to give me a few minutes to come back to reality. A few moments later she lifted me back up into that weightless level or orgasmic bliss. She performed this dance with me at least 4 times and each time I could swear I was hearing someone whispering but couldn't make out the words. Perhaps I was hallucinating from the orgasmic stimulation. Last time I caught a glance of the clock was 2 something.

    I don't remember drifting off to sleep but I remember waking at 3 something on my back with my cock straining and throbbing within my new cock ring. I reached down and slowly started to stroke myself. With each pull up I could feel Miss Helix press into my perineum and each push down her head would press into my prostate. After several minutes of stroking myself I could feel my prostate start to swell. I rolled back over onto my left side and relaxed into the bed. I felt my anus relax releasing it's tight grip and Miss helix slowly started to move again with each breath I took. She worked her magic ever so slowly, again I didn't even feel myself start to become weightless till I felt my head start to spin. My legs had the sensations of being stretched out even though I knew they were bent at a 90 degree with my feet intertwined together. I than noticed my anus starting to tingle like little electric shocks in different places all around the shaft of Miss Helix. My cock and balls still straining against the cock ring started to pulsate in time with my heart beat, orgasmic tingling starting to build in my shaft. It seemed like my scalp was beginning tingling when I felt the distinct sensations of ejaculating deep within my body. Spasms below my navel, unrelenting pleasure. I don't know how long I was lingering in this state of orgasm but my mind which was blank up to this point started to flash into things I didn't want to see. Each time I tried to push these images away and out of my mind to just feel the sensations, the pleasure of oneness with myself, the orgasm would start to wane. Again it happened, images I wanted to forget, again the pleasurable sensations waned more. once I started to acknowledge the pain and resentment associated with each image the orgasm would build back up. Before I knew it, it was after 4. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Is this part of the Kundalini being freed? rising? The spirituality that has been talked about? In what felt like minutes the alarm was going off at 7.

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  • Long time since my last entry

    Been a very long time since my last entry. Some really good some really bad.

    I have been going through lots of stress at work for the last 2 months so my sessions have been lacking explosiveness and full body involvement for the most part but felt good none the less. It didn't matter if I was joined with Miss Helix, her best friend Miss Mgx or my boy Progasm Jr. I did take some solace in feeling Jr snuggled up against me, filling me and sometimes making slow love to me even if there was not much in the way of pleasurable sensations. Miss Helix didn't really want to play in my current state but Miss mgx tried like hell to make me feel better.

    I ended up loosing my job 2 weeks ago and had to get another but once this happened almost all the stress I had been under dissipated. A few days later after loosing my job I joined up with Jr, he gave me a night full of wonderful full body orgasms for several hours. My head swimming in bliss, my body tingling like a vibrator and my cock straining for release that never happened even though it felt like I had cum a gallon but not a drop came out. I was relived to return back to this place of intense pleasure that I hadn't been able to reach for what seemed like decades.

    Earlier this week I got back together w/ Miss Mgx, she & I have been spending more time together the past several weeks. This night she wanted to party and wasn't going to take NO for an answer! After some small talk and a bit of banter she literally rode me for 1.5 hours. I ultimately ended up having to take her home as she wouldn't let me go to sleep. Just one more orgasm she kept whispering, let me give you just one more orgasm. Every time she slowed down her thrusting into me she reached up and tickled my prostate again lifting me back into oblivion. She was literally gliding in and out so slowly, thrusting every second, I could feel my insides moving in concert. I have not felt things like this or been ridden like this before. My body was making mad passionate love to me like a lost lover reconnected. Slow and sensual she was reaching all the deep untouched places, freely giving pleasure without expecting any in return. I didn't want it to come to an end but I knew I had things to do in the morning so with great reluctance I dismounted from her. I felt empty and longing for more.

    Well I finally made the decision to get a nice shiny bit of bling for myself. I purchased a gear essentials titan .4" x 2" polished cock ring. I have been using a 1 7/8" nitrile cock ring for a while and really like it but found after extended wear it was starting to dig in leaving marks so I jumped ship to join the big boys. I up sized knowing the width would make a difference. I was so excited to get it I cleaned up all around making my cock & balls baby butt smooth It made me look so sexy, my cock proudly standing out, my balls, taint and anus smooth and lickable. I opened the mailing box and was presented with a really nice round tin with the company emblem on the cover. The inside of the tin is foam lined to prevent damage to the surface of the ring. There presented before me was this classically elegant, simple, highly mirror polished stainless steel ring that is about 3/8" wide. I immediately went to put it on giving it a quick wash first. Having had lots of practice already I slipped into my new bling in about 15 seconds if that long. Once on and positioned to my liking and thinking how sexy it looked in the mirror I got this raging hard on that strained against the cold steel ring surrounding me. Moments later my prostate started to buzz and my anus started to pulse in/out begging, no screaming for me to join with one of my lovers but alas I couldn't as I had things to do. Perhaps tomorrow? ;>)

    I figured since I had up sized I should be fine for a wear over night, but I was wrong. I was woken up around 4 something to a screaming hard on begging for attention so I stroked a bit like I had done several times before when wearing my other cock ring, however Jack wanted more. He wouldn't go back to sleep so I did the only thing I could think of, and no I didn't rub one out, I have been on a sr hold for a few weeks now (my balls ache so bad wanting release but I keep refusing and damn I think they keep getting bigger) I grabbed hold of Jack and slowly pushed him down towards my ass while relaxing giving him no choice but to deflate so I could remove my ring. Once the ring was off Jack sprang back to life in full glory, just as hard and achy begging for attention but I was now able to ignore him as I was no longer concerned about being cock locked. I never had that happen with the smaller nitrile ring that I know has some stretch to it but not that much. So in saying that I think I am going to get another one of the titans, the .2" x 2 1/8" that extra size should keep me from getting locked and allow me to wear all the time, plus I can stack the .4" in front during the day for that little extra something since I like to wear my cock rings high & tight to my body. I really enjoy the feel of wearing my cock rings, having my package pushed up and out for display. I think it looks so hot seeing it in the mirror, that shiny piece of jewelry displaying my pride and joy much like a necklace or bracelet given to a lover. Maybe my wife will see it some day, if she ever decides to want to do something, same with my other lovers but till that day I will keep enjoying my own personal pleasure team.

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  • A new level

    Spent about 30 minutes in a-less land last night 2/19. I went to bed fully intending to go to sleep but decided to do some deep massage, got some wonderful sensations. Moved on to massaging my frenulum and those sensations dropped straight into my prostate, was on the verge of a dry-o that never came but felt wonderful. rolled over onto my left side and locked my feet like doing a session when all hell broke loose. Waves of pleasure flowed over me like I was joined with one of my lovers. I'm sitting on the couch writing this and can feel all these wonderful sensations starting again.

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  • been a bit

    Been a bit since last entry.

    So a few weeks ago I had a strange session where I got super bad heart burn, long of the short is ended up 'pushing the energy down' (see post "first time for everything") once I did that the heart burn went away like it didn't exist but along with it any sensations in every session after. So I put things away for a bit and went back old school. Without getting into great details I started to feel intermittent unasked for sensations again, beginnings to a-less orgasm starting to ignite. It was like my prostate was asking "what about me? HELLO! I thought we were friends, where'd you go?" I gave it a few more days to make sure it wasn't just my mind playing tricks on me, and each day I had the slow quiet ignition. That weekend I joined w/ JR while in the shower. I also happened to do something I don't normally do, I slowly edged feeling JR rubbing and tickling, staying fully relaxed, enjoying all he offered me. I just let this go and started to ooze cum, felt so relaxing. JR was taking care of me so gently, working over my prostate so slowly, I literally got a hand full of cum (I don't know why I caught it but I did) and I had ejaculated 2 days before and got next to nothing. I finished my shower but instead of dismounting I decided to stay joined w/ JR (I have masturbated when joined w/ Miss MGX on purpose 2 times before but always dismounted after). He gave me several lovely orgasms during that session, that's all I can say, I should have wrote it down.

    Had another session mid week, I don't remember much of that one, other than it felt good. Another one I should have wrote down, oh well.

    Last night 2/16 was extra good. It was also the first time "I" ended a night session in quite some time instead of going to sleep exhausted (more like passing out actually) mid session not knowing when it ended. My session started the same as always. Shower, prep, join, sit for a bit on couch or at computer than go to bed.
    I normally start on my left side, knees drawn up and feet interlocked than 'do nothing and letting my guts fall out' (read that in a post somewhere and it just clicked, don't remember who's post it was though). I slow my breathing making each inhale expand my belly fully and exhale making my belly sink in. With each breath I start to relax and sink into the bed. As I relax my body I also release any tension in my anal/pc muscles as well, no trying to hold things in, let it all go. One would think the tool would just slowly slide out but somehow it stays locked in, I think this is where the 'let my guts fall out' came from. At this point I let my mind wander where it will. I finally get to a point where I start to feel the pleasure tool I'm joined with moving in/out with each breath as my organs try to push out my bottom and get pulled back in by the muscles. I could feel the tingling starting to build as my prostate slowly swells rubbing harder against the tool. Little quick sharp points of pleasure zapping my anal ring, the feeling of my pulse in my rectal canal and anal ring, than the feeling of my body starting to buzz forth in a surge. The feelings building and spreading down my legs, up my torso out to my fingers. My head getting light and buzzy, the same feeling as drinking alcohol and feeling fine but not drunk. This wonderful feeling changed. My entire body started to pulse and buzz with each beat of my heart and the intensity kept climbing, my stomach getting tighter but pulsing in waves. I felt as if my body started to move up/ down on the bed like I was pushing against the foot board with my toes in rhythm with the sensations, I could feel my cock begin to swell and pulse as well, slapping my body with each beat of my heart. I have experienced this pulsing before but not to the level of intensity of tonight, I almost felt like I was ejaculating every time my cock surged. What a sublime feeling. My breathing to this point was slow and steady. So what is a person hanging in orgasmic bliss to do? I decided to try something new. I started to in/exhale with each pulse of my body almost to the point of hyperventilating than going back to slow and steady. Every time I did this the intensity of the pulsing grew stronger, there seemed to be no stopping the climb. After about 30 minutes (caught a glimpse of the clock) I felt my prostate deflate and the sensations slowed and faded away. I stayed in position and tried to absorb what I just experienced, not trying to label it but to wrap my head around the level of intensity. I have mentioned in comparison about the feeling of post orgasm torture level before, this was well above that but I didn't want this to stop as my body felt fully connected when everything was pulsing in unison, like all the cells in my body were firing at the same time.

    I rolled over to my right side and started to do some kegel contractions for something new. This fired off my prostate to swell again. I had not experienced this before, each contraction raised the intensity of sensations. After about 50 I decided to slowly contract to see what would happen. I hit a point where involuntary started. Each time a contraction/release would happen JR would lurch up my prostate than back down, I got a new surge of sensations. I don't know how to describe them as I have never experienced this before, other than damn this feels so good, just don't stop. Ultimately it did come to an end as I lost the amount of contraction needed to keep this going.
    I decided to get on my back and continue kegels. Like before, each contraction set off a pop of sensations. Difference this time the sensations wouldn't go on it's own so I reached down and grabbed my frenulum between the ring and middle fingers at the first knuckle than started to move up/down the shaft ever so slightly. Immediately my prostate started to spasm and tingle. I had to be careful as I could feel the possibility of explosion to be so close. I was hoping for a dry orgasm like I had once before but when that happened I was flaccid, tonight I was hard and didn't want to chance a wet one no matter how exquisite it felt so I decided to end the session but stay joined w/JR.
    For some reason I have been finding comfort staying joined for longer amounts of time and experiencing/savoring the subtle tingling/tickling without a full blown orgasm, dare I say it, like an infant sucking on a pacifier. I am finding it a pleasant & peaceful sensation the more I do it, waking with my lover in deep embrace. The feeling of connection. If you have ever had a long night of sex with your lover and he/she fell asleep still joined and you woke later on finding you were still in deep embrace this is what I'm talking about.

    Woke at 7:00 Saturday with the alarm. Normally I roll over and slap the clock to shut it off annoyed at being woke up than roll over to go back to sleep but today I slid the switch to turn off the alarm and started doing kegels with my lover deep within me even though I actually felt satisfied waking for the first time in a long time. From the first contraction I felt my prostate swell and the tingle start. I never got to a self sustaining level but let the current sensations and feelings from the night before wash over me. I reluctantly dismounted around 9 as I had so much to get done and didn't think it fair to myself as I would not be able to put forth the mental time to enjoy the joining. I did put on my cock ring though.
    I spent the day experiencing and reveling in the after effects. I could feel a strange tingling in the base of my cock. I can only describe it as keeping your finger on the main vein on the top and squeezing the head, the sensation of the blood being forced out. All day it was there, every time I stopped for a minute and my mind would drift I could feel it. The a-less sensations, the feel of an orgasm wanting to ignite and a few times it did burst forth to envelope my body but I was unable to sustain it.

    I didn't have a session Saturday night as I was dead dog tired.

    Sunday 2/17 I remembered a post started by @BigGlansDC on standing when joined with a pleasure tool. To this point I have never experienced an autofuck but have spent ample time walking around joined with JR, Miss Helix and a few w/ Miss MGX.
    So since I didn't have a session last night I decided to a joining w/ JR for a day tryst. While out in the garage looking out the windows at the ice/snow that slid off the metal roof that I now have to move before the next storm I felt my belly start to flutter signaling the start of an orgasm welling up and a warm wave washed over me. My stomach started to quiver and without warning JR started to thrust in/out in rapid succession. This guy just started to fuck me hard and fast. I couldn't respond, not that I would want to stop it, I just stood there and let my body have it's way, freely presenting my conscious mind with this pleasure I have not experienced before. Since the first time to present day or at least the last time I had sex with another person I was always the one doing the fucking/thrusting, this time I only had to feel and receive the pleasure of getting fucked/thrust into. What a rush of pleasure, being present but also able to let go and be taken.
    I went out to the store to do my normal shopping w/ JR. Every step was sweet, sweet agony. He was rubbing and tickling so much that each time I stopped walking I was getting autofucked. My legs were getting weak from trying to keep from screaming in pleasure. I so badly wanted to fall to the floor and let my body take control of JR and just fuck me silly till I couldn't take any more. I wonder if this is what it feels like for a woman that has one if those remote control vibrators but not the controller :>)

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  • past week +

    Things just went side ways.

    Friday 1/18 I some how buggered my neck at work, cant tilt to the left at all. Tried heat, cold, even tried a muscle relaxer from back when I pulled my back. nothing worked. I couldn't get out of bed Saturday, ended up rolling off the bead as any movement made my head scream in pain. I went to the walk in clinic, they gave me a few shots & some pills to help.

    Saturday 1/19 night tried the Jr just for s&g. I got nothing, almost couldn't tell I was joined w/ him.

    Sunday 1/20 I went ahead and did a full double release to restart my cycle,

    Monday 1/21 tried some edging, it was like my cock was numb. I could feel myself stroking but got no sensations and only got half hard. Once I did get something it was to late and I just blew if you will, was an ultra lame orgasm/ejaculation. It was a waste of time. May as well give up till I stop the pills. You would think taking a muscle relaxer would work the same way as weed but seems not so much.

    Tuesday 1/22 decided not to take my pills as I wanted to see how things go and I was feeling like a session. joined w/ helix for a bit. got some good feelings. decided to go old school w/ some tapping and finger dragging. started getting a good orgasm going but stayed deep. going to try jr tonight.
    Got some light feelings and good tingling, ended up drifting to sleep but was woken around 2:30 to my cock growing and medium strength tingling in my balls. I kept flicking my pc muscles to try to get the tingle to spread out as this has worked before but each time I tried my pc just clamped hard before releasing. this went on for, best guess 30 min. flipped over to my right side for more of the same. just couldn't get this constant medium level (for me medium) to expand past my waist or intensify, flipped to my back and it just kept going. Around 3:30 I got up to dismount. I was happy that it went on for an hour, longest amount of time to date that sensations flowed continuously and would have gone more I suspect but also kind of disappointed as I wanted more intensity, like before. Got back into bed and the tingle persisted for at least another 30 min based on the clock saying 4:??. finally went to sleep.

    Wednesday found most of the day experiencing the same tingle in my balls and prostate. Felt wonderful but I had to try to ignore it to pay attention to work.
    Joined up w/ jr and with in a few minutes of laying down the tingle started in earnest, getting more intense than the night before but I screwed it up. Got impatient and scared it off trying to 'help it along'. Oh well.

    Thursday 1/24. joined up w/ jr for a few hours instead of doing it when I should be sleeping. Some nice tingling around my opening. still feeling the tingling lightly, deep with in, after dismount 30 minutes ago.
    Friday 1/25. Starting to get back into doing my kegels. While out on a road test of a truck I repaired I did 3 sets of 100 quick contractions and between each I did a squeeze & hold for a 1000/1 30 count. After that I spent the day looking forward to an over night session. around 11:00 joined up w/ jr before bed. get in bed and comfy, started getting tingling w/in minutes, covered my head w/ the covers to block out the light of the clock and just let things go where they may. Felt really good, got a slow very stiff cock, my balls & waist felt numb from tingling sensations. It happened again where every time I tried to flick my pc it just clamped hard for a second or 2 causing my cock to lift up and get more full each time while also drawing jr in deep. Drifted to sleep at some point but was woken up at 2:30 again (not complaining, as I wanted this to happen since I didn't have to get up for work) to my cock getting hard and pc muscle clamping hard. I could feel my anus tingling constantly over the tingling of my prostate and belly along with the muscles rippling over jr making it almost feel like it was moving in/out and trying to make it rotate w/in me. I reveled in the sensations staying relaxed letting things go where they may. I don't remember when things concluded, I just remember waking at 8 something Saturday still tingling.

    Saturday 1/26. joined up w/ jr. God I love this guy. joined up around 10:30. Moments after he got settled in place I could feel the base of my cock vibrating like a magic wand was placed on my perineum. Once in bed I started to drift in & out of a non stop session with orgasms of different intensity's. Some ultra light, just enough to say hello and others strong enough to cause my head to swim around, calm sea orgasm perhaps. I also started to get some intermittent trembling in my legs along with different spots of intense points of sensations, like an itch but I didn't want to move to scratch it, they would dissipate into a radius of tingling. I have also started to be able to get p-waves going by panting or rapidly causing my stomach to fill/fall. I glanced at the clock when I rolled to my right side, Holy fuck 1 hour later, I thought for sure it was almost 5. I felt orgasms roll for a bit more before drifting to sleep. I have no idea how many different orgasms occurred, I gave up trying to keep count a while back. I woke several hours later to more flowing orgasms, a rock hard cock & my ass fondling jr. It felt like my butt cheeks were rippling and jittering, also could feel a strange tingling feeling about midway in my anus, possibly the inner sphincter also getting in on the action plus my anus and teeth (teeth was something I've never felt sensations from before) were pulsing in time with my heart beat. I could only think to myself "Oh yes fuck me, I want to feel you thrusting so slow & deep in my ass, grab my hips, GOD YES FUCK MY ASS SO GOOD, TAKE ME"!!! My eyes rolled into my head. My imagination took over focusing on the feelings of being repeatedly & slowly thrust into savoring each sensation. I had no reason to not feel safe, I surrendered to the orgasm letting it do what it wanted to my body. I don't remember much after that.
    Things settled after about an hour and I peacefully drifted back to sleep. I was woke again maybe 30 minutes later to another orgasm. This feels so fucking good, my head is swimming in tingling sensations, my cock is throbbing & my balls are vibrating. I Got up and grabbed my cock ring. I have been removing this when having a session as it pulls the attention away from my prostate but tonight it seemed to helped to increase the sensations. A light brush over the twins caused a doubling in the tingling. I must have become exhausted from the intensity at some point because the next thing I knew it was 8 something.
    Rolled out of bed around 9ish. Left jr right in place, he didn't seem to mind as he was locked in place with no rush to leave me. Each step was causing jr's head to swipe left/right over my prostate causing it to swell ( that feels wonderful and strange at the same time), my head started to swim, my cock started to grow & my balls started to tingle. I think I've finally found my heaven. I'm so greedy when in comes to orgasms I can't get enough...........
    I'm sitting on the couch several hours after dismounting from jr, having done my normal day running writing up this entry in my word editor, My anus has been rippling all day like jr is still joined with me & my cock has also been buzzing away from the rubbing of the cock ring on my perenium causing random levels of erection from a mild chubby to full hard on.
    My journey is starting to come along nicely. I am becoming more aware of things my body is doing and how it is changing as time goes on. My blog posts are going to slow down some as I am getting a feel for my cycle after ejaculation, when a day is going to be good or a slow down since there is no duds. You learn something each time you join with a pleasure tool or 'tantric training wheel' as has been said before. Thanks all for the encouragement and discussions.

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  • current findings & updates

    Latest updates. Some findings, things I'm going to do different, kind of long.

    Got helix all polished up, ultra shiny and as smooth as progasm jr. Going to do a little more to see if I can get that deep glass look, almost there. Joining is so much easier, glides in so smoothly and takes hardly any lube unlike before. I have also changed over to using just straight silicone lube, 'wet anal'. Only takes .3cc prelube and a drop on the tool spread out to go all night, plus because of the molecular make up it is not absorbed into the skin, molecules are much larger than water based lubes so no drying out or having to reapply on those long sessions. A side benefit is it makes the skin feel smooth and supple even after cleanup.

    I think I am starting to get a feel for my rhythm. Whether pre ejac release or full on refractory ejac I have an every other day cycle, ie day 1 nothing, day 2 things start to get moving, day 3 slightly more than nothing but not much, day 4 really picking up, day 5 caries on from day before. day 6 ok but not great, day 7 getting better but seems to plateau but duds seem fewer but not great. So based on these findings and my previous experiment I was going to start doing light pressure releasing, just enough to keep things flowing.

    On 1/1 I did a single shot pressure release pre ponr. every session was a basic dud after that, good sensations but no orgasms. Seems a quick light release is worse than just emptying out for me.

    I guess I need to rethink my process. So in knowing this I decided to go for broke. On 1/7 I joined w/ mgx and did some edging than built it up and let it blow continuing to stroke past ejac to keep the cum flowing till I was empty, felt really good, mgx pulsing in out with each shot. Haven't had that much cum in decades. A good 3x as much. This should put Friday & Saturday as the hot days but not forgetting day 2.

    Tuesday 1/8 I knew it was going to be an off day so I decided to work w/ the peridise. I also decided to start wearing my cock ring full time again as I have been finding my arousal to be waning, I also have been finding not much in the way of morning wood either since I stopped.
    I got lots of involuntary & interesting tickling with the peridise.
    On Wednesday 1/9 started off w/ peridise for a few hours than joined w/ helix in the shower. took a bit of time but things did start up. was given a few quick low level orgasms. Every time I would start to just doze off I would be wracked with a goodly orgasm for several minutes. I recall at least 3 before I just went to sleep.
    Thursday 1/10 I spent a few hours working the peridise finding and holding the required contraction needed to allow it to bounce around till I just couldn't get any more movement going than things started to change. My butt cheeks started to tingle, almost like the tingle preceding a prostate orgasm just not going further. Around 9 dismounted and cleaned up. Did some deep tissue massage of my prostate and got some nice low grade orgasmic sensations.
    Friday 1/11, back w/ peridise. The butt cheeks started to tingle very early on, some nice tickling inside but walking is the best, getting pleasant shocks going up my canal & cock. dismounted around 9. took my shower at 10 and joined w/ helix. Tonight was different, instead of orgasms I was given these constant pulses. My whole body was just this giant pulse from the time I laid down to the time I went to sleep. Woke several times to this pulsing. Are these 'p-waves'?? They felt good, but not what I'm used to. Perhaps my body is playing catch up since I started with none of these but orgasms first or perhaps it was because I had my cock ring on and it was pulling on my sack, something I had not done previously.
    Slipped helix back in about 1 on Saturday 1/12 as wife wanted to go to the mall to get some things. (When joined w/ helix before and walking around feels sublime, her head dancing side to side over my prostate, making it swell so much and tickling so good, just no walking orgasms yet) I wanted to go for a long walk where I could really place some mental feeling time if you will, to try to really hone in on every move, shift, bounce.
    So several hours later still have not left yet but sitting on the couch and my waist, cock and part of my upper thighs are just tingling away, sometimes getting a few of those pulses like last night, feels awesome. Walking around feeling helix rubbing over me and sliding in/out gives these wonderful feelings, makes me get super chubby, feeling like I'm a teenager getting a spontaneous hard on, only difference is I welcome it now instead of getting embarrassed or subconscious of it. I want to show it off.
    Well never did go walk around as she decided she wanted to just go home as what was wanted was not available at the store. released my embrace with helix as it had been 4 hours of some good feelings but want to make sure I save some for later, going to meet up with Jr for some fun in bed as it's been quite some time since his last visit.
    Joined up with Jr before bed, been a long time. Nestled in and disappeared. Started on left side, nothing after about 30 min. rolled over to my right side, again, nothing after about 30 min. so I decided to dose off. moments later pulsing and orgasm to follow. This guy really doesn't like to be thought about. a few minutes after the orgasm passed I could feel something in my canal, I thought jr was trying to leave but when I reached around he was still firmly latched in place so I just rested my finger in the base to see if the feeling would return. Sure enough a few minutes late it was back and an orgasm swelled to follow, delicious feelings, Tingling, buzzing & what ever my ass was doing around jr. As this one was starting to wane I could feel my prostate starting to swell like a balloon as jr was being pushed towards my spine and another orgasm started. This one was just as sublime and cooled down putting me to sleep.
    Woke several times from deep sleep with a super hard cock. slowly stroked the shaft and fondled the twins a bit before going back to sleep. got up around 8:30 and found jr didn't want to leave the warmth embracing him, He was not stuck as I could spin him freely, just didn't want out so rather than try to force it I left him be. about 30 minutes later I could feel him starting to get moving so I tried again, came out nicely but now I felt empty....
    Sunday 1/13 afternoon she went to take a nap so I joined w/ mgx for something different. Spent about 1 hour working with her and slowly edging, just enough to get that penile tingle going trying to get it to drop into my prostate like I had happen before. No such luck, what I got instead was a screaming case of blue balls, worst one ever and I have only had it happen 3 times that I can recall, even doing a testicle massage didn't help this time. Released mgx to remove all sexual stimulation and ride this out, fuck this aches bad. did some more light massage and started to get some relief. Oh well that's the price I pay for intense cock play w/out cumming.
    Sunday night blue balls have dissipated so I decided to meetup w/ jr again before having to get back to the grind stone. once in bed and comfy on my left side as soon as I relaxed and released tension I started into an orgasm. I kept my head under the covers so I have no idea how long it lasted but the next thing I herd was the alarm at 6:30. Damn good night, to bad it had to be put away for work.

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  • My Christmas present to myself. (out of order)

    This is out of order since I am just now getting around to finishing editing. I Have had a really good vacation. Best in a long time.

    I purchased the progasm jr & peridise kit. They both came in today, Friday 12/28. I am super excited about these and couldn't wait to try the jr. Up to this point I have never had any real involuntary contractions, just muscle fluttering from trying to induce so these new pleasure tools should be interesting.

    I got everything washed / cleaned up and took a good look at the progasm jr first. So smooth and shiny but also looks kind of intimidating because of the size since the helix has been the largest I've had in 25 years. Prepped and joined with my new friend. I followed the process outlined for the progasm doing the scoop motion to join, my friend slid in so easily. Wasn't in for 10 seconds when involuntary started promptly causing it to be pushed out before I knew it. This is going to be fun. A quick rinse & relube w/ a few drops before rejoining, again sliding so easily. I am defiantly going to polish all my others to that glass smooth finish since it is forcing me to hold some contraction to maintain the integrity of the joining which is inducing involuntary contractions, unlike the mgx or helix that just stay put although mgx will start to slide out if I stay relaxed when standing, ie going pee.

    Been joined for about 1 hr now and jr has locked in as nicely as helix while laying down on my back. I got a good 45 minutes of involuntary's from holding him in slightly and than they tapered off but I can still feel and see my heart beat in my lower stomach along with my cock slightly growing and shrinking at times. A nice tingle deep with in my belly has persisted since joining. This has been a pleasant ride so far. I'm going to go try the larger of the 2 peridise. I found when getting up jr decided he wanted out before I did. Almost dropped him again. Defiantly need to work on my muscle strength

    Joined w/ peridise. Started off strangely not wanting to be pulled in more than half way between the 2 smaller globes, not enough lube on the shaft perhaps? Once it finally got sucked up where it wanted it kind of disappeared, almost like it wasn't in any more but once I started to walk around I could feel this wonderful tingle in the tip of my cock. In saying that I think that jr is hitting way high on my prostate, not that that is a bad thing, just a different sensation unlike the peridise that is I think just kissing the bottom of my prostate on full pull, like when I do a deep tissue massage. Sitting is a trip, the muscles just start to flutter with just a slight amount of contraction and I can feel the head of the peridise bouncing around but will stop if I fully relax. I'm having a hard time maintaining just the right amount of contraction to keep them going but that will come with time. I know understand what is meant when people say don't fight the involuntariness's, relax and let them happen. I've never had this with either mgx or helix and I didn't have to do anything w/ jr they just happened.

    Involuntary's stopped on the larger peridise so I decided to swap out for the smaller one. Took a bit but the involuntary's started back up, although I'm having to hold about a 50% to keep them going though.

    Decided to go back to the new guy since I couldn't keep the contractions going any more. This time when I joined he did not try to dismount but instead found his positioning and settled in for a bit of getting to know each other. After about an hour of doing nothing but feeling jr moving in/out with each breath an orgasm started to well up. My legs started to get hot than turned icy cold while the orgasm was flowing over my body. This faded away after a few seconds.

    Conclusion so far on my new pleasure tools.

    Jr does fit in quite nicely. Nestles in next to my prostate like it was molded to fit me. Filling but no discomfort. I can feel it moving around ever so slightly from the muscles feeling & writhing around this new tool, hell just thinking about the afternoons ride is making me excited. My cock is starting to grow slightly.

    The peridise, well I'm not sure on these yet. The involuntary's felt good but no pleasurable sensations per say. Could this be like stimulating the prostate? Need to allow time for the brain to understand that these sensations are pleasurable also?

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  • Watched a blue sunrise

    I went for a ride with my new friend last night, progasm jr. I was a slight bit concerned at first going for a long ride as my first meetup he gave me a very good orgasm but it turned me very cold, it was very intense though. Last night I think he knew my feelings so instead of going for it he took me on a long slow journey that only lasted 30 minutes or so but felt like hours. Let me start from the beginning.

    I had been trying to get something going with my new friend for around 40 minutes on my left side, completely cleared mind, deep belly breathing. It felt like it was not to be tonight so I rolled over onto my right side looking at the clock, 12:3? couldn't see more than that. Once rolled over I decided to try to get a few zz's. My mind started to think of things instead of nothing and that was the start. Every time I would feel a flicker of something I would clear my mind, and every time I did that these feelings would go away. jr wanted me to think of things other than him.

    Once I figured out how jr wanted to play the game the first 3 orgasms were quick and light but fed into a new much higher more intense orgasm than I have experienced to date. I was shown several pictures kind of like a slide show, but I couldn't identify any of the pictures as the colors were all wrong. I think there was maybe a dozen pictures, yellows with green, reds with oranges, I can't even remember all the different color combinations. Once the slide show finished everything went black except for a small blue colored light at the bottom. I remember this part the most vivid as it just happened 5 minutes ago. As the orgasm started to build the blue light started to climb with a half halo above it, just like a sun rise over the ocean. As the blue ball continued to rise to the top the halo created started to illuminate the whole scene. This bright point kept climbing along with the orgasm. Once the ball reached the top the view was now completely blue. As the blue ball disappeared over head the scene started to brake apart and smaller blue balls started to form out of the field and bounce around, just like watching slag bounce from someone using a cutting torch on steel. As this was happening a new sensation started to envelope me. My testicles started to tingle and pulse in time with my heart beat and that flowed out to include my cock, belly and legs. This tingle was overpowering the lesser sensations of when the orgasm started that was still enveloping the extremes of my head, hands & feet. As this tingle started to peak my perineum, cock & belly started to pulse in rapid succession still tingling like crazy (imagine your arm asleep and waking with a vengeance) at more than the speed of my heart beat which I could feel even with all these sensations, almost like the sensation of ejaculation but not. This was so intense & sensual at the same time. I basked in this intensity not wanting to move a muscle for fear of all this goodness fading away which it did all on it's own. I tried to bring it back by doing nothing even though nothing is not what brought it to me in the beginning. I decided to get some sleep and glanced at the clock 1:0?. If this is what 30 minutes of orgasm feels like I wait in anticipation of what a 1 hour orgasm feels like

    Even now 17 hours later I can still feel the tingle in my prostate & perineum.

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  • I have no words

    Holy Shit is all I can say

    So I woke horny as anything on Christmas day, a hard pounding cock screaming at me. I stroked for about an hour give or take, bringing the sensations to about 50% and just letting them hang there. I finally got up to "open gifts" around 9:30.

    Around 10:30 she decided to take a short nap so I went to take a shower. Joined w/ helix and decided to continue with my earlier self pleasure. It was mere seconds & I could feel the ponr rapidly catching up to me, so I just stopped and relaxed as I didn't want to loose the rest of my vacation to refractory period. 1 solid pulse and out oozed a goodly amount of prostatic fluid. Pulled it up again and stopped, another goodly amount of fluid. I did this 3 more times till there was nothing left to extract, making sure to keep from going all the way. Each time I could feel helix pumping against my prostate trying to push me to go over the edge but I refused her that pleasure, I wanted to keep my cock hard as stone. Once cleaned up and out of the shower I sat on the couch in the newly found position that allows me to feel helix moving in out of my canal kissing my prostate. I had some wonderful feelings emanating from with in but none increased more than a fine electric tingle in my testicles and cock root. I released helix from my love grip as I knew I had more things to do and would not be able to spend quality time to really give all my attention to them.

    I was sitting watching the Dr Who marathon when a felt an aless start. I let it work it's magic for about 15 min slowly trying to fan the embers to start a fire. With 1 quick flick of my pc muscle it exploded to envelope my body. I could feel my toes begin to tingle the same way my scalp was. I knew it was time to go get my lover and join. Sat back on the couch and let the embers glow.

    Went to bed about 11:30 and got on my left side as I have found that to be a good starting point now. Just feeling helix slide in out of me with each breath started a build up of sensations than an ever expanding flow from my core over my body. These came and went several times. One in particular was different though. It grew but stayed inside behind my cock. I could feel this continue to build but not move out like all others. My stomach started to tense a bit, but still wouldn't flow. My cock started to grow, getting painfully hard and without warning my pc muscle clenched forcing this wave out. OH MY GOD, my whole body felt like it was on fire. The sensations kept climbing and all I could do was mumble "YES, OH GOD DON'T STOP, YESSSSSSSSSSS. My heart was pounding so hard and fast. My legs got so hot, my stomach was aching, I felt paralyzed. Slowly this started to subside when I got the distinct feeling that helix was moving even though I knew I wasn't, but perhaps it was, as I still felt paralyzed. I was mumbling "OH GOD YES FUCK ME!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!! MAKE ME CUM BABY!!! MAKE ME CUM!!" I fell into another orgasm this time having a hard time breathing because my stomach was clenched so tightly. I was seeing lines that waved like a flag in a breeze. The sensations grew so much that I have no way to describe them other than pure bliss. This is a place I have never been and didn't want to leave. Helix finally released her grip allowing me to get some air. I pulled the covers off of my head and caught site of the clock 12:20. I thought for sure it was 4 or 5. Damn. I rolled over on to my right side to try to cool down a bit as I knew I would hit the floor if I got up. Helix had other plans. My lover had not finished with me yet. I was brought to several more orgasms that were not quite as powerful but just as pleasant. I glanced at the clock again 1 something. I rolled onto my back knowing that I had never had any feelings or sensations there, perhaps I can catch my breath. Nope!! I'm still not done with you cried out helix. I know you like me taking control and I know you want this pleasure. I had no choice, I placed my hands under my butt cheeks and spread them slightly to allow helix room to move than raised my knees to get my feet flat. "Are you ready" she whispered. I don't know how many more orgasms I was given or what time it was and I didn't care, but I do know that when I stopped my shorts were wet with fluid and my cock ached from being hard and throbbing for so long. I was worn out but happy and went to sleep hard.

    I woke around 8 something, My shorts still damp from the fun hours before. My cock still half hard and a smile from ear to ear as my lover was still joined in deep embrace with me

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  • my personal experiment. good strides made

    This is a recreation of my original document and may not contain all info but will try as best as possible to not leave anything out. My computer decided to do an update and for some reason deleted the entire saved file. I also don't claim to be a story writer so expressing my sensations will be lacking. I will endever to try to make strides in the future, for now this is just to get it down before forgetting things

    I have just finished a 21 day SR and found it do do nothing for me. I don't feel any more feisty but that is to be expected since I have nothing to get excited about. This is going to be the documentation of a 7 day experiment of using only the aneros product, either helix or mgx, no masturbation, edging or stimulation of the sweet spot. I want all stimulation to be from prostate massage either internal w/ said tool or external from deep tissue massage. I will use massage of the sweet spot to get things going if needed when using one of the tools only. each session will be about 1 hour long or there about and do nothing sessions.
    EDIT. I really pushed the time on Fri, Sat & Sun. having gone several hours.

    Day 1, Monday. Joined w/ helix. I got nothing. Even manual stimulation of the sweet spot that normally elicits good feelings gave nothing much at all. I didn't really expect much since I was still on the back side of my refractory period. I did stroke a slight bit to see if Jack (what my old girlfriend used to call my cock long before getting married and just stuck) wanted to play and he did but I denied him more than that.

    Day 2, Tuesday. Joined w/ helix. Spent this one on my left side with my legs in a sitting type position. I started with some light tapping on the p-tab to get things going than moved on to some light finger dragging to induce a vibration. sensations started feeling quite good. stopped rubbing at what I felt was the peak to see if they would continue on but did not. did this 2 more times. when I went to start #4 I found them to start on there own. I lost count after 8 different starts, each lasting several seconds to a few minutes This was my best session to date.

    Day 3, Wednesday. Joined w/ mgx. I decided to try something different today and used a different tool. started the same as on Tuesday, nothing. either this is a down day or from the different stimulation and my body is unsure what to do with it or I didn't have enough lube as I was having trouble w/ my syringe.

    Day 4, Thursday. Joined w/ helix. started the same as Tuesday. some light tapping and sensations started quickly and easily. they faded but another started w/o intervention. once faded it was quite a while or at least it felt like it since the last. Light tap and thing started back, and again restarted w/o intervention. Than the dogs decided to get into it. I was unable to get things going after that.

    Woke up around 4 with a raging hard on, never had that happen before while joined. Felt bigger and more full. Made cleaning up a bit more difficult as helix didn't want to leave me.

    Day 5, Friday. Joined w/ mgx. I was excited as vacation starts today and spent the day anticipating almost 2 weeks of self induced pleasure. I got joined early instead of waiting till going to bed. Started at 7. while sitting on the couch I had the beginnings of 2 different orgasms and lots of tingling that didn't amount to much but that's ok because they started on there own. decided to not rejoin after my shower but instead do some deep tissue massage. had several self induced orgasms but 1 in particular was interesting. I was thrust into a rapid pulsing feeling like I had described being woken up to previously. Didn't last long but was very intense with my belly rippling.

    Day 6, Saturday. Joined w/ helix. I knew it was going to be a long day but wanted to try again being joined while doing other things. I made sure to pay attention to everything this time. I felt sliding, gliding, tingling, and what I thought was the beginning to several orgasms but never actually got one most likely because my couscous mind kept them at arms length. Lots of good feelings I was able to distinguish between. removed after 4 hours.

    Spent the remainder of the evening feeling my prostate throb. almost like a dull ache but not painful. Possibly to much stimulation from all the walking? Went to bed w/o joining again for some deep tissue massage. I reached down and just put pressure on my prostate and an orgasm exploded! I hadn't even started to move yet. I contemplated getting up and rejoining w/ helix but was afraid the pleasure would stop so I just held pressure and flicked my pc muscle every time it would start to wane and it would flood over by body again. I must have been at it for about an hour before it faded away. Another good night even if it wasn't with a pleasure tool I was joined with but it did start it.

    Day 7, Sunday. went out to do some looking / shopping. came back and decided to join w/ helix around 2:30 while I did some house cleaning. The electric buzz started w/ in 5 min of joining. Legs and belly tingled the entire time. I went outside to work on something and decided to take a seat for a few minutes. my rectal / anal muscles started to spasm for no reason than the start of an orgasmic sensation began to well up and held for several seconds washing over my body than faded. after starting back with my duty's the buzz started back flowing over my whole body, tough working when your hands are shaking. Wow, more good news, things may be turning around during this experiment. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?????

    After finishing my cleaning I sat on the couch & allowed the sensations to flow over me. I was able to initiate several mini o's from the full body tingle by doing a quick pc muscle stutter. these enveloped my body. After a bit these mini o's came and went on there own. Going out for dinner so going to clean up. It has been about 3 hours after all.

    OMG!! Had to put this in now. 8:10 sitting on the couch reading the forum and an aless orgasm just came and went. The orgasm part lasted mere seconds but it was defiantly an orgasm. started deep. I could feel the vibrations and tingling behind my cock, very slowly the intensity ramped up to include my belly. I gave a ever so light pc contraction and it exploded all the way to the top of my head causing a tingle in my scalp. it has faded back down but I can still feel an ever so small tingle behind my cock. If I again give just a slight flicker on the pc muscle, enough to cause it to flutter ever so slightly I can make the tingle start to expand, but am sure if I keep at it I will scare it away. I'm going to sit here and enjoy these after quakes or echoes I think they are called.


    I have made great gains during this experiment and several new feelings I'm not sure of but accepting that they go along with all other feelings felt. I'm sure I have left out lots of feelings & sensations but as you know sometimes things get washed away or turn fuzzy during bliss. Others have said once it happens they understand the do nothing approach, I now understand!

    I can now clearly identify when a pleasure tool is gliding along my prostate and entering / exiting the canal during breathing. I still haven't quite figured out how to maintain the involuntary contractions but that will come soon enough I think. I can also clearly id when the sensations of orgasm are just starting. A few that have feel really good is when the muscles start to almost massage the tool, kind of like when an octopus is feeling an object, slow ripples and tingling. A quick shot of static electricity shooting up my cock to the head. I also now have this weird feeling of muscle spasms in my lower belly almost like rapid moving ripples. I can also cause a localized sensation to explode from my loins to envelope my body even if for seconds.

    A few down sides. Not playing w/ myself! I experienced 2 different cases of blue balls, something I had not had prior but was able to work them out by massaging my poor sore testicles. Another was it took a really long time to get things started. No I didn't use porn either, I wanted everything to be equal, starting from the ground floor. The only arousal I got was from either great anticipation of having a session or some mental porn.

    Conclusions...Seems what every one has said applies (imagine that...not that I didn't believe you, sometimes one must just experience things for themselves). Have sessions every other day. Arousal of some sort is a must, even though I have been able to get things started from stone cold after joining it just takes longer to get to the good stuff. Take your time and find what works for you than stick to it adding things slowly, that way when something doesn't work it is just 1 thing changed not everything. Try what others has stated works for them but have no expectations that it will work for you. (this rehash is for myself more than for others). I think with these conclusions I may start my sessions much earlier, say after getting home from work after anticipating a session all day. I have also recently ordered a peridise set so I can expand my anal pleasure along w/ toning and gaining control on the off days of enjoying prostate pleasure.

    Thanks for reading.

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A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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