Rumel`s Ruminations - Part III

The following is a copy of the Personal Message I try to send to new Forum members (updated March 3, 2019)
"Hi Guys,:)

Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. There is a wealth of information to be obtained on this website. If you are not familiar with the concept of multiple orgasms (dry-O's), I encourage you to view these two videos by Dr. Joy Davidson discussing "Ways for Men to Have Multiple Orgasms" (Part 1 & Part 2). While she doesn't mention the use of Aneros massagers as one of the methods a man may employ, the information presented was accurate and informative for men seeking this level of experience and is completely in line with the techniques we discuss on this Forum everyday.
Additionally, you may find these two videos (Learn to Do a Prostate Massage and Learn all the enjoyable things to do with his Prostate) taken from a DVD video, formerly available on the Aneros website, interesting and informative as well.

Finally, I encourage you to listen to the podcast #9: Prostate Massage & Super Orgasms (Seriously) with Forrest Andrews of Aneros.

Hopefully, you will be able to avail yourself of this knowledge by tapping these resources and won't be shy about posting your thoughts concerning Aneros use or asking questions that haven't been addressed in the Aneros WIKI or the threads listed below.
prostate imageprostate image
This image accurately depicts the proper insertion location of your Aneros massager. The tip of the Aneros (while inside the rectum) pushes against the prostate gland. The walls of the rectum are very flexible and elastic, they will easily stretch to accommodate the shape of the Aneros. When the anal sphincter muscles are contracted, the Aneros with its P-tab arm is pushed up into the prostate and thus massages it. The P-tab also acts as an anchor/fulcrum/pivot point. When the contraction takes place the Aneros will rotate slightly about the center point of the P-tab thus pushing the tip of the Aneros forward into the prostate for added massage action. With both the Helix & Eupho models it is not necessary (nor really practical) to attempt to insert all the way to the "T" junction.

Upon insertion of your Aneros:)the proper orientation occurs automatically and naturally. The Aneros are already designed with a forward canted shape to be directed at the prostate, the P-tab assures correct orientation and alignment. Pinpoint accuracy of prostate engagement is NOT necessary. It does NOT require much force or pressure to stimulate the prostate sufficiently to generate the P-Wave phenomenon. As you become more experienced with your massager you will find it requires less and less pressure to generate P-waves, to the point you will be able to generate them without the Aneros present at all.

Here's my spiel to newbie and/or first time posters, in hopes that it can 'jump start' your learning process and save you some frustration and disappointments :

A.) If you haven't already done so, I would recommend that you read The Sticky's – These are threads of ongoing relevance containing posts from many users with interesting ideas or experiences relating to Aneros use. Of particular importance to the 'newbie' user are @B Mayfield 's threads ”B's Keys to the Backdoor” & ”B's Best of the BEE-Line”, these threads contain many valuable tips, techniques and insights from an acknowledged expert on Aneros practice. You can access these anchored discussions on the upper portion of the General Discussion Forum Main Page. The Aneros WIKI – The core reference here, a wealth of knowledge and information distilled from diverse sources and extracted from the posts of veteran users and experts such as @B Mayfied, @darwin, @Pan, @artform, @Cockadoodle, @Unfug, @SOwithoutAneros myself and others. Of particular interest to new users are the "Aneros Basics", "Getting Started" & "The Super-O" sections, please take some time to familiarize yourself with these sections as they will answer many questions you have yet to formulate and save you a great deal of time during your learning process. You can access the Aneros WIKI by clicking on the WIKI button shown after mousing over the "LEARN" tab on the Main Menu bar.

B.) The Learning Center. There is an abundance of interesting information to be gleaned from reading all of the topics provided in the Learning Center pages. Please take some time to edify yourself with this information, it will enhance your appreciation and understanding of these marvelous little devices. Every new user is encouraged to first read the FAQ section before posting subsequent questions to the General Discussion Forum, your question may already have been answered in the FAQ section. Instructions – Basic instructions (actually introductory guidelines, definitely NOT RULES) may be found in the Aneros Learning Center pages. The instructions are a suggested list of beginner's guidelines for starting the learning process or "rewiring" as it is frequently referred to here on the Forum. The path/journey toward the Super-O is more than the attaining of a certain state of sensual/sexual/physical arousal. This process involves your "awakening" your prostate, listening to your body, becoming more attuned to the many subtle feelings being generated and then gently nurturing those feelings into heightened physical and emotional states. Each person is unique so the steps along the pathway will differ for each one of us, there is no ONE formula for progress.

C.) The General Discussion Forum - The information from the posts of the users on this Forum will be enlightening, interesting, intimate, humorous, honest, open and occasionally irritating, it may range from the profane to the sacred all in one thread. This is the raw data from which most of our knowledge has evolved. Most new user's questions have been previously discussed on the Forum, taking some time to read through some of those threads will prove helpful as well as opening new avenues of thought and practice options. You are encouraged to make use of this expanding knowledge base as a resource. As you progress along your path, the questions you pose on the Forum may be answered by others who have shared your experience and can offer helpful advice to advance your learning. Especially note the responses by the Forum's 'Experts' (veteran and very knowledgeable users) such as 'B Mayfield', 'darwin', 'Pan', 'artform', 'rook', myself & several others. You may find attending the real time, live "Chat" sessions fun and helpful as well. Chat Sessions allow new users to get real time feedback and discussion of issues surrounding their Aneros practices as well as tips for improving their own personal sessions. You can access the Aneros CHAT by clicking on the CHAT" button shown after mousing over the "LEARN" tab on the Main Menu bar.

D.) The time frame for this process of "rewiring" can vary widely from individual to individual, some users have gotten to a Super-O almost immediately, others have taken more than a year or even two to reach that goal. Nearly a quarter of the men using the Aneros took longer than a year to get there (see the user Poll - ”HOW LONG BEFORE YOUR FIRST SUPER-O?”). In any case your journey is going to be unique for you, what you will be learning about yourself will be valuable and enjoyable, the process is very much worth the effort. You can find additional information about other members Aneros usage in the Community Polls, this is a collection of user generated polls covering a range of Aneros related topics. This is a good place to find out how you relate statistically to many of your fellow users in your practice. Go ahead and add your vote to a Poll and help us establish a good data base, add any comments you feel are appropriate and relevant.

E.) You should be aware as you start upon this journey towards the Super-O, the use of the Aneros can be very addictive once the “rewiring” begins. 'Mistress Aneros' siren call can torture you with pleasure during your journey while consuming large blocks of precious time as you remain under her seductive spell. If you are interested in learning about other members' individual journeys or wish to start documenting your own journey, read the Blogs. The Aneros Blogs are the written accounts of individuals thoughts, techniques and experiences related to their ongoing journey of learning. New users are encouraged to establish a personal Blog so you can record and chart your progress in this journey, not just for yourself but for the benefit of others to follow. Reading about the history of other users may spark ideas to help your own journey or let you know about techniques which proved helpful or counterproductive for others. You can access the Blogs by clicking on the BLOGS button shown after mousing over the "LEARN" tab on the Main Menu bar.

F.) Learn to relax both your mind and your body. The meditative practices of deep breathing, muscle relaxation and clearing/calming the mind will serve you well as you allow your subtle inner sensations to manifest themselves.

G.) The most important tip I can give is to suspend expectations of results, relax and enjoy the ride for the pleasing sensations you do receive. Be patient with yourself, open to the new feelings and nurturing in your attitude, these feelings and sensations can NOT be forced or otherwise coerced to occur. Give yourself permission to release egocentric mental control. "Just Let Go !" to allow your body to generate this phenomena for your pleasure and enjoyment, just "Go with the Flow !".:)

H.)"Tune In" to yourself, prostate massage leading to prostate orgasms is very different from traditional masturbation with your penis. The sensations initially generated by your massager are very subtle and easily overlooked or even dismissed as "nothing happening", this is a huge mistake. It is very important for you to tune into these subtle sensations, acknowledge and welcome them into your Aneros experience. these are the building blocks for all your future pleasures so the sooner you "tune in" the sooner you will get to the Super-O zone.

I.) Before asking for help on the General Discussion Forum, I suggest you check the (FAQ) section of the WIKI for some typical answer help. When asking for help via a posting it will aid your responders if you could provide answers to the questions posed at the beginning of the (FAQ) section. If providing this personal information seems too revealing, you may consider messaging privately with some of your fellow members. Private Messages – Registered users can send and receive Private Messages to each other. You have the option to have multiple members involved with these messages. To send or receive Private Messages click on the Messages button located just to the left of your thumbnail avatar at the top of the page.

Welcome to YOUR journey ! Enjoy the Ride !:)
P.S. You're automatically a member now of the "Super-O Society" for the pursuit of earthly pleasures via the Super-O (don't worry, your name is not put on any "list" and there are no dues or any obligations whatsoever). Finally, here's a little self-serving, crass commercialism, I invite you to sample my "HypnAerosession" guided Anerosession, (also available through the Aneros Web Site), it just might help propel your initiation into this wonderful new journey."

  • Congratulations R! Re-energizing your blog and incorporating your famous PM greetings/guide to newbies here is perfect!!! I look forward to your ongoing updates in Part II...

    This three part system is a great innovation too. Inspires me, as you have in other ways in the past, to think about some way to organize the materials and ideas in the chronological shambles of my blog...

    all the best with actively blogging here


  • Nice post! On target.

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A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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