• Full speed ahead

    Since I have written a long blog post and got logged out before it could be posted (my fault), I'll keep this post brief.

    Currently my sessions involve erotic audio (I find that soft sensual moans helps me to relax and drift into the right space), circling around but not directly on the nipples and lying on the back with knees pointing up position. It's been working well and my past 10 sessions or so have gotten increasingly and distinctly better each and everytime (hope I dont jinx this with the too much expectations haha).

    The pelvic muscles have gotten stronger, the prostate orgasms last much longer. I find that I can get into that orgasmic state much quicker too. At this point I can safely say the prostate orgasms are just as intense as regular TOs without the penis stimulation and ejaculation.

    With some mild clenching and letting the audio moans kick arousal into the prostate, I feel the unmistakable orgasm coming on and it does. At some points the orgasm gets so intense and the Aneros strokes the prostate so intensely I think it could hurt me but it never did! Sometimes there are large strokes and sometimes really small spasms when things get intense. The orgasms come in different lengths and intensities. There was once I came off an orgasm and I felt the Aneros stroke me, it felt exceptional and I started cumming again within 5 secs.

    I've just ordered the new Helix Trident Syn, so eager to try it out!!

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  • Taking off

    Phew, theres so much that has happened but I'll try to summarise the points. So recently my sessions have been exceptional, easily hitting 10 orgasms in each session. One thing I notice is that prostate orgasms can vary alot from mild pulses to really strong distinct PC contractions. Also, the amount of conscious contraction may hinder the orgasm.

    There was this point I had a prostate O fr 20 secs and it kept going. The pelvic floor started to really warm up. The arousal kept feeding itself with the Aneros stroking the prostate each time. It was automatic. I relaxed and let it take over. About 40 seconds in cumming non-stop, a huge wave of pleasure lit up my entite body like a full body orgasm, could be some kind of chemical release. The whole thing laster about a minute.

    I also tried a session on a really tired night and I was already half asleep. While my brain wasn't focusing much since I was super tired, the orgasms seemed to have kicked in easier. The orgasms kept coming one after another.

    I tried a short session with Aless and did some PC contractions, there were moments it felt exactly like a traditional O, with each pulse the flaccid penis got more and more erect. But when the penis got fully erect, the orgasm stopped. Maybe too much manual contraction.

    I tried a session with the helix trident, it was stiff compared to the syn, the trident seemed to get locked a little but the syn moves freely exactly to how the muscles contract. I'll be sticking to the syn for awhile.

    Sometimes the prostate Os get really intense and I feel really slight twitches in my thighs and or butt muscles.

    All kinds of orgasms, varying in intensity and length. Some pulsing quick and some slower. I have gained better control over the pelvic muscles and connection to the prostate. It's been a long time to get to this point and I'm glad to say this Aneros journey is really taking off!

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  • A short break helps

    It has been awhile since my last post, being distracted with work and perhaps trying too hard to meet expectations that I found my daily Anerosessions becoming fruitless. However, sometimes breaks actually help with progress and after a 2 week break I tried again.

    The first thing I noticed after insertion was that there was a pleasurable almost ticklish feeling that caused my belly to very lightly contract in response. Usually I'd have some form of nipple play or at least circing around the chest area but this session I tried something different. I kept my hands on the bed the entire time and it seems to help with relaxing and actually allowing me to focus even more on the prostate stimulation.

     This session I tried a a binaural audio track that included female moans. I let go and the body was aroused enough to react to each moan. With each reactionary contraction, the pleasure built up and my penis went from a flaccid to rock hard. This is the point where I usually get stuck and hit a plateau, however I managed to relax through the contractions and entered into orgasm territory. This time it was the audio that brought me over to the other side instead of the nipple stimulation. (I'm starting to believe those HFO audios work..)

    During this session there were many mini O's which I would describe as light contractions building up to a normal length climatic orgasm centered in the prostate, while some levelled out at a plateau.

    I noticed that there was a definite auto- movement of the Aneros. I was more aware of each stroke and it was more obvious than just a mild feeling. At one point there was a strong dry orgasm that pulsed straight through the penis. The audio helped to build arousal but eventually the pleasure created by the Aneros took over the main stage.

    I guess the takeaway is that by taking a break and coming back during a less distracting time with no expectations, my involuntaries got even stronger and more distinct.

    On a separate note, in an earlier session I tried to manually contract the PC muscles and it felt pleasurable enough for me to contract my abs and the full body spasms ensued. I let the tension in the body go and the spasms start which involves thrusting the hips in the air. Kinda like in the videos... however with all the flopping about, it was decently pleasurable but not orgasmic. Maybe there were orgasms underneath all the movement but I'm not attuned enough to sense it, or is the high intensity movement drowning out the orgasm?

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  • Pleasure generating pleasure

    Recently, the Aneros stroking my prostate has been so pleasurable in itself that I haven't found the need for audio files like I always do in my previous sessions. The pleasure causes the PC muscles to contract and moves the Aneros to stroke the prostate and the cycle keeps on going.

    The pleasure from the Aneros combined with erotic fantasies and circling around my nipples has been enough to tip me over to orgasm. This lets my body determine when it wants the orgasm instead of letting the audio dictate when I should receive pleasure.

    I also noticed that my porn consumption has decreased because I realise that if I ejaculate, the session comes to an end. I would rather enjoy a longer and relaxing Anerosession than a rapid masturbation session and worry about ending it too quickly by ejaculating.

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  • Electrifying session

    I tend to use an Aneros model for a few sessions and then switching to another for another few sessions. It changes things up and the experience is always different everytime I cycle back to the same model.

    This round I just switched over to the Helix Trident and it was an electrifying experience! It was a good session and the new part about it is that I noticed everytime the Aneros nudged my prostate, there was this pleasure wave that shot up my belly and down to my thighs at the same time. It moved so fast it was like electricity, unlike the p-waves before that slowly radiated out.

    My senses were in a really heightened state. When I caressed my inner thighs, my lower abdomen began to shudder automatically and instantly, much like hitting a funny bone, I could not control the reaction. The spasms had little movement but were very strong and felt pleasurable.

    There is most definitely a connection between the inner thighs and lower abdomen. I plan to incorporate these erogenous areas alongside nipple play.

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  • Stroking to a dry orgasm

    I don't ever touch my penis during Aneros sessions, but after reading a post on the forums where the user was stroking the base of their shaft, I decided to give it a try mid-session with my helix trident inserted. I have had dry orgasms with Aneros models and vibrating massagers but this time it's quite a different experience when I am actively stroking the base of the penis.

    First up, I noticed that stroking the base of the penis and staying about half an inch away from the penis head doesn't build the pleasure anywhere as fast as stroking the head but it still feels good. By stroking low, it also engages the balls and perhaps stimulates the perineum area a bit. I noticed that when I started to stroke the base like in regular masturbation, the pace was fast and the pleasure was felt in the penis. Following this, I slowed down the pace and focused my attention deeper into the prostate. I think that because this builds arousal so slowly, it is easier to control the orgasm when it arrives.

    Not too long after stroking the base with the helix trident inserted, I had an orgasm that is exactly like my normal ejaculatory orgasm but without the ejaculate. I was stroking the base of my penis throughout the orgasm. When I was orgasming I looked at my penis and I noticed that it was throbbing as the PC muscles were squeezing super hard and I could feel the energy rushing through the penis with each very distinct pulse but nothing was coming out. This was truly a dry orgasm, if I weren't looking I would swear I just came! I suppose that the PC muscles were clenching down hard enough to prevent ejaculation because the orgasm was mostly felt in the penis just like in traditional orgasms.

    I tried to replicate this again, when the orgasm came, I managed to hold it in for a few pulses but I stroked too fast and let out 2 white drops of cum, but I clenched down on the muscles and the cum stopped flowing out. Thanks to Aneros, I have better control over my orgasms now. It is fascinating to see and feel a regular orgasm happen with no ejaculation occurring!

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  • 2nd super o

    It's been awhile since I've listened to that super o audio file by Shibby, which I have not orgasmed to yet. With all the progress made, this time the experience was so different I did manage a super o and a couple lesser orgasms.

    Following her guidance, I relaxed and tried to give up control. It seemed that the less control I tried to exert, the more pleasure I would receive. Eventually, the super o came and it was different from my first one which was felt mostly like a super dry orgasm. In this 2nd one there was a very strong sense of an orgasm throughout the body and not localised to the prostate. My whole body was cumming for about 30 seconds straight. I noticed that i was seeing flashes of red and blue. It could have been from my eyes trying to roll to the back of my head from all the pleasure and being in the afternoon, the red could have been some of the natural light that was entering my dim room.

    As the super o started to subside, I noticed that my orgasm started to slow down and pulse slowly. It was a slow orgasm! My hips were thrusting ever so slightly in tune with each contraction.

    Didn't feel the need to ejaculate immediately but I did edge for a short while to some porn. It took a lot of effort to not ejaculate! Looking forward to how this affects my next session.

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  • First super O

    Up till yesterday, I was managing dry o/mini os that would come and go and sometimes chain almost consecutively.

    The 2 days prior to this I had sessions that were so pleasurable I didn't feel the need to ejaculate like I usually do at the end of every Aneros session, I was more than satisfied. So technically at this point I was on day 2 of semen retention which is 1 day longer than my record for years haha.

    Last night was different, I was entering new territory. What started out as a typical dry orgasm which spread across the whole body didn't stop after the usual few seconds but kept getting stronger. It didn't break or chain into another O, it was a single orgasm that kept going. If a regular ejaculatory orgasm was on a scale of 1, this would be a 1 that grew into a 2 and 3 then 4. It lasted as long as 4 orgasms too.

    My body was super receptive and every part of my body felt so aroused. My hands circled from my chest down the sides of my belly and outer thighs but when they caressed the inner thighs, I felt a jolt of pleasure in the pc muscles and prostate. It was automatic and instant. I tried repeating the process like another 7 times and it worked everytime. This never happened before! I was so in tuned and content with my body.

    The orgasm did not involve thrashing or flopping uncontrollably around the bed, but was mostly lower ab and pc muscle contractions with the orgasm being felt everywhere.

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  • Another crazy session

    This session was really pleasurable. The Aneros was automatically pushing into my prostate and with every thrust I felt a p-wave emanate from the prostate. Unlike the previous session, this circle of pleasure kept growing bigger with each pulse and eventually spread out through the whole body.

    Theres so many kinds and levels of pleasure/orgasms/orgasmic pleasure that it really gets difficult to tell exactly happened during the session.

    After awhile I relaxed abit, my penis went flaccid but it felt like the Aneros was so deeply engaged with the prostate, that with each heartbeat I could feel the Aneros tapping on it, it was lightly pleasurable.

    The amount of pre-cum was unprecedented, I never had so much pre-cum that it dripped right off the penis! I lightly touched it and it was pleasurably electric, it was so sensitive I pulled away my hand just in case I ejaculated.

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  • Chain orgasm and p waves

    This session was by far the best one! I've been hopping between the various Aneros models and my current favourite is the Helix Syn because it bends well and the silicone feel is soooo good.

    It seems like everytime I change the model and come back to the same one, the experience is different but it gets better everytime. Maybe because of the progress being made and the break in between models keeps it from getting boring.

    I did the usual nipple circling without touching them directly and had a really good gentle femdom pegging audio running. The helix syn began stroking me nicely and swimming in pleasure, I lost track of exactly what was going on.

    All I know is that I was having orgasm(s) for 1-2 mins straight. It could have been a chain of dry Os. Some strong, some weaker, some pulsing slow and some faster. At one point I could feel the aneros thrusting inside of me - autofk as some would term it. Every thrust created this pleasurable warm wave that originated from the prostate and radiated out in a circle from there, up to the belly and down to the thighs. This was my first autofk and first time experiencing p-waves.

    I tried some light clenching of the pc muscles but that only seemed to hinder the process. When I fully released the muscles, the pleasure came back. The body seems to know what it's doing without needing any intervention.

    There is definitely alot of mental rewiring going on with this device. It's been 11 months since purchasing my first Aneros and I feel like I've just scratched the surface.

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A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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